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Blind Spot

  • 2018

Blind Spot (Norwegian: Blindsone) is a 2018 Norwegian drama film directed and written by Tuva Novotny. It is one of three films shortlisted to be the Norwegian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards.

Blind Spot

  • 2002

John Glueckstadt

  • 1975

John Glückstadt is a 1975 German drama film directed by Ulf Miehe. It was entered into the 25th Berlin International Film Festival.

John And Mary

Drama Romance
  • 1969

John and Mary is a 1969 American romantic drama film directed by Peter Yates. It stars Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow in the title roles, directly on the heels of Midnight Cowboy and Rosemary's Baby, respectively (as well as Bullitt for Yates). The screenplay was adapted by John Mortimer from the Mervyn Jones novel. It was released theatrically in North America on December 14, 1969. It received an R rating upon its original release, which was later downgraded to a PG rating.

Dear John

  • 1988

Dear John is an American sitcom that aired on NBC from 1988 to 1992. It was originally based on the British sitcom of the same name. It was retitled Dear John USA when it was shown in the UK. During its four-season run, it was bounced to and from various time periods on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. It moved from its post-Cheers slot on Thursdays to a post–Night Court slot on Wednesdays in 1990.

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