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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

  • 2003

During a normal day of royal duties, Princess Peach meets with the ambassador of the neighboring Beanbean Kingdom. However, an act of amnesty turns into an act of theft! The evil Cackletta and her awful assistant, Fawful, disguised themselves for the chance to steal Princess Peach's voice. Before the Mushroom Kingdom can fall under Princess Peach's despair, Mario and Luigi will need to work together as they cross the border to the lands of Beanbean Kingdom.

Life with Luigi

  • 1952

Life with Luigi is an American radio situation comedy series which began September 21, 1948, on CBS Radio and broadcast its final episode on March 3, 1953.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

  • 2015

The Mario & Luigi series takes a page from Paper Mario—literally—in this fun and quirky new adventure.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

Family Fantasy
  • 2017

Welcome to Mr. Lemoncello’s library… where the books come to life! Based on the best-selling novel, follow twelve kids as they enter a world beyond their imaginations where they must solve puzzles, find clues, and outrun danger at every turn as they try to win at the ultimate game — escaping from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library!

The Taking of Power by Louis XIV

Drama History Biography
  • 1966

Filmmaking legend Roberto Rossellini brings his passion for realism and unerring eye for the everyday to this portrait of the early years of the reign of France’s “Sun King,” and in the process reinvents the costume drama. The death of chief minister Cardinal Mazarin, the construction of the palace at Versailles, the extravagant meals of the royal court: all are recounted with the same meticulous quotidian detail that Rossellini brought to his contemporary portraits of postwar Italy. The Taking of Power by Louis XIV dares to place a larger-than-life figure at the level of mere mortal.

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