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Comedy Musical Western
  • 1935

Two of the most popular entertainers of all time, Bing Crosby and W.C. Fields, pair up for the musical comedy Mississippi . Set in the Old South, a gentleman (Crosby) loses his honor and the respect of his fiancé after he refuses to engage in a duel. After taking a singing job on a riverboat, he must learn to regain his confidence with the help of a quirky captain (Fields). Also starring Joan Bennett, this classic favorite features unforgettable songs by Bing Crosby including “Soon”, “Down by the River” and “It’s Easy to Remember (And So Hard to Forget)”.

Mississippi Damned

  • 2009

Mississippi Damned is a 2009 American drama film directed by Tina Mabry. The drama features Tessa Thompson, DB Woodside, Malcolm Goodwin, Malcolm David Kelley and Michael Hyatt. The film was written and directed by Tina Mabry, based on her life growing up in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Mississippi Rhythm

Action-Adventure Musical
  • 1949

Mississippi Rhythm is a 1949 American musical film directed by Derwin Abrahams and written by Gretchen Darling. The film stars Jimmie Davis, Veda Ann Borg, Lee White, Sue England, James Flavin and Paul Maxey. The film was released on May 29, 1949, by Monogram Pictures.

Mississippi Shakedown

  • 2014

Business deals in Mississippi are conducted through gun toting, double crossing strippers, who will do anything for money. Sip,(Mando Allen), a born hustler, leaves remains of those who cross The Sip Boyz. Things turn sour when they unknowingly steal from a Baton Rouge drug lord. Little do they know, the man sent Black,(Dewey Allen), a heartless hit man in for retribution. Mississippi Shakedown takes you into the shady underground world of drugs, money and women.

Mississippi Burning

Drama Thriller Crime
  • 1988

The summer of 1964... Two FBI agents--one a tight-jawed, by-the-book type, the other an experienced Southern lawman who knows how to handle people--head the government's investigation into the disappearance of three civil rights activists in East Mississippi.

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