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RPG Maker MV

  • 2019

An epic journey begins… with YOU! Become a master game developer with RPG Maker MV. With an arsenal of tools at your fingertips create elaborate, exciting, and memorable video games straight from your console. Then, share your adventures online with other players, who can enjoy your epic chronicles. The possibilities are endless with the latest and greatest RPG Maker software. With hundreds of assets and an infinite number of ways to create your game, turn your dream tale into the next greatest video game.


  • 1985

Crazy In Alabama

Drama Crime Comedy
  • 1999

Antonio Banderas' directorial debut opens in the sweltering summer of 1965, and everyone in Alabamahas gone completely crazy, especially 12-year-old Peejoe's glamorous Aunt Lucille (Melanie Griffith). Deciding not to let her abusive husband stand in the way of her dreams of television stardom, shegets rid of him in a most unusual way and leaves Peejoe (Lucas Black) with lots of questions and one explosive secret. Accompanied only with her hatbox and its mysterious contents, Lucille tries to evade both the cops and her demons on her hiliarious journey to Hollywood, while Peejoe is left behind with his uncle (David Morse) in Alabama. And as he tries to steer clear of the cunning Sherriff John Doggett (Meat Loaf Aday), Peejoe learns which secrets to keep and which ones to tell in this poignant comedy about the price of freedom and why it's always worth it, whatever the cost.

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