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Liner Notes

  • 1984

Sky Liner

Drama Thriller Crime
  • 1949

An FBI man (Richard Travis) and a stewardess (Pamela Blake) solve a spy murder on a crowded flight.

Ocean Ave.

Drama Romance
  • 2002

Ocean Ave. was a Swedish-American low budget daytime soap opera, produced by the Swedish production company, Kajak, and filmed at the Florida-based, Dolphin Entertainment. It was set and filmed in Miami, Florida between 2002 and 2003. The series was made for Swedish TV4 where it was moved from early prime time to middays due to bad ratings. No American or international network or channel picked up the series. The main cast included only five Swedish actors, two other Swedish actors were seen in minor roles. Dialogues were shot in both Swedish and English with hopes to sell the series internationally. Onehundred and thirty episodes were filmed but TV4] cut it into 260 episodes. Ocean Ave. received bad reviews from the start.


  • 1974

Endless Ocean

  • 2008

Endless Ocean is an underwater exploration through the pristine waters of fictional Manoa Lai Island. From the moment players experience their first dive, they’re introduced to a magnificent world of sun-pierced water, vibrant color, and flourishing sea life. With no time limits, point systems or possibility of failure, it’s a pick-up-and-play game for the entire family to enjoy. Intuitive controls and the game’s encouraging “explore at your own pace” approach create a momentary retreat.

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