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Family Game Show
  • 1967

Personality is an American game show produced by Bob Stewart and hosted by Larry Blyden which ran on NBC from July 3, 1967, to September 26, 1969, at 11:00 AM, EST.

Split Personality

  • 1967

Split Personality was an Australian television series which aired in 1967. A game show, it was hosted by Terry Dear and aired on the 0-10 Network. An article in the 21 January 1967 edition of Sydney Morning Herald suggests the format was based on identifying famous people based on their hair, eyes and lips.

Personality Kid

Drama Romance
  • 1946

Personality Kid is a 1946 American film.


Crime Drama Mystery
  • 2018

Şahsiyet (Persona) is a Turkish crime drama TV series written by Hakan Günday and broadcast by puhutv. There are 12 episodes, roughly 60 minutes each.

The Personality Kid

  • 1934

The Personality Kid is a 1934 American film starring Pat O'Brien as a flamboyant boxer, Glenda Farrell as his bride, and Claire Dodd as the other woman. The movie was directed by Alan Crosland.

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