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The Adventures of Pete & Pete

Drama Comedy Family
  • 1992

The Adventures of Pete & Pete is an American comedy television series created by Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi for Nickelodeon. It centers around two brothers, both named Pete Wrigley, and their humorous and surreal adventures in suburbia among their equally eccentric friends, enemies, and neighbors.

Rikky And Pete

Comedy Action-Adventure Drama
  • 1988

A rebellious brother and his sister flee the big city hypocrisy of Melbourne for the untamed Australian outback in search for success and meaning in their lives.

Pete Holmes: Dirty Clean

Comedy Documentary
  • 2018

The stand-up special Pete Holmes: Dirty Clean finds Holmes confronting personal truths about the mechanisms of consciousness, the afterlife and Elon Musk, as well as sharing a few thoughts on being a new dad. The exclusive presentation is directed by Marcus Raboy, who also directed Holmes’ first HBO special, 2016’s Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds.

Hatching Pete

Family Comedy
  • 2009

The true identity of Brewster High's mascot, The Chicken, is the big mystery. Cleatus (Mitchel Musso) can't quit being the mascot even though he's allergic to the suit, so he convinces his best friend Pete (Jason Dolley) to secretly fill in. Although Pete is kind of shy in real life, he's outrageously funny behind the beak. And when The Chicken becomes a huge celebrity—not to mention a chick magnet—Pete must decide if and when he's ready to break out of his shell.

Pete & Cleo

Drama Comedy
  • 2010

Pete & Cleo is a 2010 independent comedy-drama film written and directed by Holt Hamilton.

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