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Talk Show
  • 1994

Who Is KK Downey?

Comedy Romance
  • 2008

Who Is KK Downey? is a 2008 comedy film produced in Montreal, Canada. The plot revolves around two hipster friends who pretend to be a writer with a troubled girl friend. The film was written and directed by members of the Montreal comedy troupe Kidnapper Films. Several members also act in the film.

Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie

  • 2013

Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie is a 2012 documentary film that chronicles the history of The Morton Downey Jr. Show and Downey's influence on "trash TV." The film also looks at Downey's relationship with Al Sharpton and other important 1980s figures, as well as Downey's role as a predecessor for conservative commentators like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

Robert et Robert

Comedy Drama
  • 1978

Two misfits meet at a dating agency and breakthrough in the social world in ways they never imagined.

Robert and Beltran

  • 1915

Robert and Bertram is a 1915 German silent comedy film directed by Max Mack and starring Eugen Burg, Ferdinand Bonn and Ernst Lubitsch. It is based on the 1856 Gustav Räder play Robert and Bertram about the adventures of two wandering vagrants, which has been turned into films on several occasions.


  • 2015

After Paul and Jenny part company with their sinister housekeeper Agatha, the disgruntled former employee gives a vintage doll called Robert to their son Gene. Soon after Agatha's departure, strange events begin plaguing the household. Furniture is vandalised, objects are thrown around and maniacal giggles echo through the house in the middle of the night. Nobody believes Gene when he claims Robert is to blame for the disturbances. Paul and Jenny consider the possibility that a supernatural force has taken over their home, but as the occurrences escalate, they discover that it's not the house that's haunted... it's the doll.

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