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Action-Adventure Crime Drama
  • 1975

An L.A. police detective (Joe Don Baker) unravels a deadly heroin-importation scheme. The cast of this guilty-pleasure action flick includes Martin Balsam, Linda Evans and Merlin Olsen. Told to lay off a case involving an attorney who shot an intruder in his home, headstrong police detective Mitchell ignores the order – and proceeds to get tangled up in an investigation that connects the lawyer (John Saxon), the head of an import racket (Martin Balsam) and a scheme to unload a million-dollar cache of stolen heroin. Baker, who made a name for himself as club-wielding sheriff Buford Pusser in the drive-in classic Walking Tall and whose later credits include a notable performance in 2013’s Mud, plays the title role in an action film that’s gained a following among connoisseurs of guilty pleasures. At the center of all the action, of course, is Mitchell, giving as good as he gets in pell-mell sequences involving shootings, brawls, car chases, suicidal dune buggy jousts and a rappel from a police helicopter onto the racketeer’s speeding getaway boat.

New York Prison Break the Seduction of Joyce Mitchell

Drama Crime
  • 2017

"NY Prison Break: The Seduction of Joyce Mitchell" tells the real-life story of how Mitchell, a prison tailor, got swept up in the fantasy that two convicted murderers were in love with her — and then helped them escape from an upstate New York prison.

That Mitchell and Webb Look

  • 2006

That Mitchell and Webb Look is a British sketch comedy television show starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. As well as Mitchell and Webb themselves, the writers include Jesse Armstrong, James Bachman, Sam Bain, Mark Evans, Olivia Colman, Joel Morris, John Finnemore, and others. It was produced by Gareth Edwards. Colman, Bachman, and Evans were also members of the cast, alongside Gus Brown, Sarah Hadland, Daniel Kaluuya and Paterson Joseph. The first two series were directed by David Kerr, and the third and fourth series were directed by Ben Gosling Fuller.

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