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Tokyo Fist

Action-Adventure Drama Romance
  • 1995

Tokyo Fist is a 1995 Japanese film. It was directed by Shinya Tsukamoto, who also stars in the film along with his brother Kôji Tsukamoto and Kahori Fujii. The film had its premier in September 1995 at the Turin Film Festival in Italy.

Tokyo Xanadu

  • 2017

10 years ago, a colossal earthquake devastated Tokyo and changed the lives of its inhabitants forever. The city has since been rebuilt and life has slowly returned to a semblance of normalcy. However, behind the veil of this newly rebuilt metropolis lies another world, one with a sinister secret. The earthquake that originally destroyed Tokyo was actually caused by the emergence of a mysterious and lethal shadow world known as Eclipse. Now, action must be taken to thwart the legions of Eclipse and ensure the protection of peace!

Tokyo Trial

  • 2016

Tokyo Trial is a Japanese four-part historical drama miniseries that depicts the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. The series was co-directed by Pieter Verhoeff and Rob W. King, and produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK in a co-production with FATT Productions of the Netherlands and Don Carmody Television of Canada.

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