• Genre(s): Comedy
  • Release year: 2013

Original Release


US Release



# Title Air Date
1 Beauty and the Beach Tuesday, 02 January 2018
2 Driver's Ed Tuesday, 02 January 2018
3 Julie's New Husband Tuesday, 02 January 2018
4 Mufasa's Boy Tuesday, 02 January 2018
5 Park-ing Tuesday, 02 January 2018
6 Hands Off Tuesday, 02 January 2018
7 Music, Virgins, and Prawns Tuesday, 02 January 2018
8 Seven Minutes in Heaven Thursday, 02 August 2018
9 The Morning After Wednesday, 31 January 2018
10 Simba's Song Tuesday, 02 January 2018
11 Kofi's Choice Tuesday, 02 January 2018


Oscar Rene Lozoya II, Tory Nelson, James R.W. Hiatt, Erin Brown Thomas


Jeffrey Larson, Erika Solsten, Barnabas Prontnicki, Tim Olshefski, Jake Thomas



Jeffrey Larson Executive Producer
Erika Solsten Executive Producer
Cameron Joyner Executive Producer
Lida Juro Executive Producer
Lauren Reid Brown Executive Producer
Zeke Hanson Executive Producer
Lois Olson Executive Producer
Tim Olshefski Executive Producer
Genoveva Winsen Executive Producer
John K. Bucher Jr. Executive Producer
John Rozear Executive Producer
Redd Kaiman Executive Producer
Victor Sarmiento Executive Producer
Suzie Thomas Executive Producer
Jarrod Gayer Executive Producer
Caleb McAlpin Executive Producer
Suzie Thomas Executive Producer
Barb Hillyer Executive Producer
Cariba Heine Executive Producer
Trey Coe Executive Producer
Luke A. Kephart Executive Producer
Chris Harrell Executive Producer
Jordan Born Producer
Dave Haas Jr. Producer
Meg Dumangas Producer
Zeke Hanson Producer
Lida Juro Producer
Erika Solsten Producer
Jeffrey Larson Producer
Chanuk Algama Producer
Matt Hillyer Producer
Lois Olson Producer
Joshua Ferdinand Producer
Marissa Horntvedt Producer
Kandice Groth Producer
Justin Hobbs Producer
Rob Jacobs Producer
Cameron Joyner Producer
Melissa Knot Producer
James Pratt Producer
Victor Sarmiento Producer
Angelo Salvatore Restaino Producer
Oceane Bucaille Producer
Donna Siebert Producer
Robin Sateriale Producer
Bradley James Skoog Producer
Kevin Kelly Producer
Nikole Stevenson Producer
Katherine Kelly Producer
David Sauers Producer
Genoveva Winsen Producer
Kevin Bryerton Producer
Chadwick Hopson Producer
Aaron Sorbel Producer
Amanda Reed Producer
Jeremy Doyle Producer
Vijay Varman Producer
Lara Sumera Samms Producer
Kristi Meyers Producer
John Rozear Producer
Steven Dengler Producer
Ben Kraft Producer
Oscar Rene Lozoya II Producer
Barnabas Prontnicki Producer
Renee Mansoori Producer
Romie Sumera Producer
Melissa Smith Producer
Brandt Sorbel Producer
Caleb McAlpin Producer
Jeanette Wilkinson Producer
Karen Hood Producer
Phil Larson Producer
Michael Kreklau Producer
Joel Millage Producer
Jeff Solsten Producer
Stephanie Sorbel Producer
Jill Westman Producer
Caitie Morris Producer
Jarrod Gayer Producer
Annette Shon Producer
Ryan Wall Producer
Keri Ohren Producer
Diane Shreve Producer
Terra Lawman Producer
Darcy Bedford Producer
Michael Lehrman Producer
David J. Dardzinski Producer
Ryan Lucchesi Producer
Dominic Domingo Producer
Alejandro Guillú Mendoza Producer
Rachel Eastman Producer
Jennifer Wenger Producer
Carly Marconi Producer
Suzie Thomas Producer
Michael Huntsman Producer
Michael Huntsman Producer
Ron Allchin Producer
Jake Thomas Producer
Jennifer Wenger Producer
Tim Olshefski Producer
Aaron Rogers Producer
Henning Juhl Producer
John K. Bucher Jr. Producer
Lauren Reid Brown Producer
Redd Kaiman Producer
Benjamin James Producer
Charlie Rasmussen Producer
Cassandra Boettcher Producer
Karyn Sarganis Fritz Producer
Suzie Thomas Producer
Jim Thomas Producer


Oscar Rene Lozoya II, Stephen Kaiser-Pendergrast, Cortney Matz, Ash Steele

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