Gold Rush

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Follow the lives of ambitious miners as they head north in pursuit of gold. With new miners, new claims, new machines and new ways to pull gold out of the ground, the stakes are higher than ever. But will big risks lead to an even bigger pay out? Gold... read more
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Follow the lives of ambitious miners as they head north in pursuit of gold. With new miners, new claims, new machines and new ways to pull gold out of the ground, the stakes are higher than ever. But will big risks lead to an even bigger pay out? Gold mining is a risky business – where one wrong move can cost a crew millions of dollars. As another Klondike winter thaws, this season the miners will take on even greater risks in hopes of finding more gold than ever before. But not every gamble always pans out with massive profits. Returning from a record-breaking gold mining season is 21-year-old miner Parker Schnabel. It’s a sad start for Parker after losing his beloved grandfather and mentor John Schnabel. Parker’s leadership will be tested more than ever as he navigates the many changes in his life. This year, he makes the biggest investment in the history of his operation by ordering a customized $600,000 washplant. But will it be enough to beat out his archrival Todd Hoffman? With a new girlfriend from Australia, Ashley Yule, joining him in the Klondike, it will be a season like no other for Parker. His gold mining plan is to go lean and mean in an attempt to make his biggest profit yet. Meanwhile, Todd Hoffman takes the biggest gamble of his life, turning his back on the Klondike and moving his entire operation to Oregon. Todd is on a quest for huge nuggets at the High Bar mine, located high up in the mountains. It’s a bold move – with Todd so confident that he sets an ambitious 5,000 ounce goal – more than 2,000 ounces than his best-ever total. But with the first Oregon clean ups way below expectations, Todd begins to wonder if he’s made a massive mistake. Could this season mark the end of the Hoffman crew? Legendary Klondike miner Tony Beets, aka “The Viking,” is back and doubling down by investing $2 million in resurrecting a second historic gold dredge - twice as big as his first. Last year, people thought he was crazy for investing in his first ancient dredge. But Tony is hoping that once again he can accomplish the impossible. But first, he must transport the 75-year-old abandoned dredge from a remote spot 150 miles down-river. He’ll need his family to step up to the plate and run the rest of his gold-mining empire. But when his first dredge sinks within days, Tony’s son, Kevin, finds himself in his father’s firing line.

Original Release

12/03/2010 on DISC



# Title Air Date
1 The Perfect Storm Friday, 23 October 2020
2 Promised Land Friday, 30 October 2020
3 The Fast and the Furious Friday, 06 November 2020
4 Breaking the Piggy Bank Friday, 13 November 2020


Tom Whitworth, Edward Gorsuch, Justin Kelly, Tim Dalby, James Levelle, Gavin Campbell, Christina Bavetta, Peter Gauvain, Jonathan Stiasny, Chris Muckle, Jamie Berry, Jo Locke, Matt Nicholson, Tom Peppiatt, Max Jourdan, Nick Norman-Butler, Max Baring, Jonathan Hales, Neil Macdonald


Ginita Jimenez



Dimitri Doganis Executive Producer
Christo Doyle Executive Producer
James Bates Executive Producer
Sam Maynard Executive Producer
Carter Figueroa Executive Producer
Justin Kelly Executive Producer
Carter Smith Executive Producer
Tim Pastore Executive Producer
Matt Vafiadis Executive Producer
Mary Clare Baquet Executive Producer
Matt Katzive Executive Producer
David Lawrence Executive Producer
Meagan Davis Executive Producer
Tom Peppiatt Executive Producer
Max Jourdan Executive Producer
Salli Frattini Executive Producer
Al Berman Executive Producer
Bill Howard Executive Producer
Edward Gorsuch Producer
Carter Smith Producer
Ronan Browne Producer
Greg Wolf Producer
Max Bourne Producer
Meagan Davis Producer
Tom Whitworth Producer
Darcie Profeit Producer
Chris Rantamaki Producer
Tim Dalby Producer
Sam Brown Producer
Tommy Douglas Producer
James Olav Hill Producer
Tom Fulford Producer
Molly Wilson Producer
Justin Kelly Producer
James Bates Producer
David Lawrence Producer
Matt Nicholson Producer
Jason Giberti Producer
Simon Everson Producer
Tom Hutchings Producer
Rob Sixsmith Producer
Marc Heffernan Producer
Jos Cushing Producer
Ali May Producer
Keith McCormick Producer
Oliver Wilson Producer
Tom Peppiatt Producer
Gavin Campbell Producer
Carolina Barros Producer
Joe French Producer
Helen Kelsey Producer
Craig Blackhurst Producer
Cara Bowen Producer
Matthew Testa Producer
Jonathan Stiasny Producer
Weston Owens Producer
Lizzie Turkevich Producer
Tom Sheahan Producer
Keith Jodoin Producer
Jo Locke Producer
George Pagliero Producer
Max Jourdan Producer
Ginita Jimenez Producer
Rob Kelly Producer
Rachel Carmichael Producer
Christina Bavetta Producer
Kyle Ham Producer
Alyssa L. Wittenberg Producer
Renee Deluga Producer
Peter Gauvain Producer
Michal Porecki Producer
Dayve Hillman Producer
Miles Carter Producer
Tim Gaunt Producer
Matt Waddleton Producer
Kyle Prince Producer
Will Stanbridge Producer
Patrick Weir Producer
Amanda Pisetzner Producer
Alex Nott Producer
Charlie Clayton Producer
Nick Hardie Producer
Fraser Mullen Producer
Jamie Berry Producer
Moby Longinotto Producer
Sharon Manente Producer
Hannah Richardson Producer
Ben Allen Producer
Christo Doyle Producer
Doug Nelson Producer
Joanne MacGregor Producer
Nick Norman-Butler Producer
Max Baring Producer
Alex Emanuel Producer
Sam Elvin Producer
Jonathan Hales Producer
Mackenzie Hunkin Producer
Jim Nally Producer
Sam Curtis Producer
Trevor Hudson Producer
Paul Trevor Producer
John Milmo Producer
Alisyn Ghivizzani Producer
Neil Macdonald Producer
Dane Moreton Producer
Calum Bowen Producer


Gabriela Miranda Rodriguez, Weston Owens, Yulia Martynova, Andrew C. Evans, Kevin McCarthy, David Ellis, Nicole Haddock, Simon Warner, Alasdair Bayne, Duncan Moir, Phil Bowman, Sean Davison, Luke Flight, Jacob Thomson, Tim Dalby, Kyle Ham, Chris Muckle, Jos Cushing, Carter Smith, Timothy McGonagle, Tim Arrowsmith, Jayesh Lathia, Helen Lindley, Tom Deverell, Steve Clark, Carol Slatkin, Duncan Buchanan, Ron Winkler, Caroline Allnutt, Alex Esteves, Anne Tillyer, Michael Jennings-Offen, Joi Shilling, Dan Stewart, Andy Richards

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