John Doe

John Doe is an American science fiction drama television series that aired on Fox during the 2002–2003 TV season.

John Doe is an American science fiction drama television series that aired on Fox during the 2002–2003 TV season.

Original Release

09/20/2002 on FOX

US Release



# Title Air Date
0 Pilot (Unaired)
1 Pilot Friday, 20 September 2002
2 Blood Lines Friday, 27 September 2002
3 Doe Re: Me Friday, 04 October 2002
4 Past Imperfect Friday, 18 October 2002
5 John Deux Friday, 25 October 2002
6 Low Art Friday, 01 November 2002
7 Mind Games Friday, 08 November 2002
8 Idaho Friday, 15 November 2002
9 Manifest Destiny Friday, 06 December 2002
10 The Mourner Friday, 13 December 2002
11 John D.O.A. Friday, 10 January 2003
12 Tone Dead Friday, 17 January 2003
13 Family Man Friday, 31 January 2003
14 Ashes to Ashes Friday, 14 February 2003
15 Psychic Connection Friday, 07 March 2003
16 Illegal Alien Saturday, 15 March 2003
17 Doe or Die Friday, 21 March 2003
18 Save as... John Doe Friday, 28 March 2003
19 Shock to the System Friday, 04 April 2003
20 Remote Control Friday, 18 April 2003
21 The Rising Friday, 25 April 2003


Mimi Leder, Henry Bronchtein, Ian Sander, Bryan Spicer, Keith Samples, Dwight H. Little, Félix Enríquez Alcalá, Paul Shapiro, Bobby Roth, Michelle MacLaren, David Manson, David Straiton, Randy Zisk, Leslie Libman, Frederick King Keller, Bill Norton


Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson, Russel Friend, Garrett Lerner, Aaron Harberts, Gretchen J. Berg, Michael Berns, Geoffrey Neigher, Matt Pyken, David Manson, Gardner Stern, Adele Lim, Timothy J. Lea


Mike Thompson, Brandon Camp



Mimi Leder Executive Producer
Mike Thompson Executive Producer
Brandon Camp Executive Producer
Carol Dunn Trussell Executive Producer
Geoffrey Neigher Executive Producer
Gardner Stern Executive Producer
Steven Heth Producer
Maggie Murphy Producer
Gretchen J. Berg Producer
Michael Berns Producer
Aaron Harberts Producer
Martin Nicholson Producer
Timothy J. Lea Producer
Margaret French-Isaac Producer
Garrett Lerner Producer
Russel Friend Producer
Matt Pyken Producer
David Manson Producer
Steven R. McGlothen Producer


Martin Nicholson

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