More Than an Athlete

# Title Air Date
1 Childhood Promises Tuesday, 20 November 2018
2 Decisions, Decisions Tuesday, 20 November 2018
3 Not About Us Tuesday, 27 November 2018
4 The Villain Tuesday, 11 December 2018
5 The Player's Agent Tuesday, 18 December 2018
6 Progress Over Pride Monday, 24 December 2018
7 Unfinished Business Monday, 31 December 2018
8 Just Getting Started Tuesday, 08 January 2019


Austin Peters



Connor Schell Executive Producer
Frank Scherma Executive Producer
Maverick Carter Executive Producer
Libby Geist Executive Producer
LeBron James Executive Producer
Dave Sirulnick Executive Producer
Victor Vitarelli Executive Producer
Devin Johnson Executive Producer
Rich Paul Executive Producer
Randy Mims Executive Producer
Patricia Mays Executive Producer
Rob King Executive Producer
Craig Lazarus Executive Producer
Brian D'Ostilio Producer
Jason Heilig Producer
Katy Murakami Producer
Kendra Darrow Producer
Max Knies Producer
Matt McIntyre Producer
Lindsay Panell Producer
Michael D. Perlo Producer
Ethan Berger Producer
C.E. Hardin Producer
Dahly McCormick Producer
Irving Gomez Producer


Kevin Filippini, Ted Feldman, Bipasha Shom, Steve Prestemon, Kevin Lavelle, Mark Imgrund

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