National Geographic Explorer

National Geographic Explorer is an American documentary television series that originally premiered on Nickelodeon on April 7, 1985, after having been produced as a less costly and intensive alternative to PBS's National Geographic Specials by Pittsburgh station WQED. read more

National Geographic Explorer is an American documentary television series that originally premiered on Nickelodeon on April 7, 1985, after having been produced as a less costly and intensive alternative to PBS's National Geographic Specials by Pittsburgh station WQED. The first episode was produced by WQED and featured long-time Explorer camerman Mark Knobil, who is the few staff members with the franchise during all 24 seasons. The program is the longest-running documentary television series on cable television. Presented every Sunday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, the original series was three hours in length, containing five to ten short films. Although the National Geographic Society had been producing specials for television for 20 years prior to Explorer, the premiere of the series required an increase in production from 4 hours of programming a year to 156 hours. Tim Cowling and Tim Kelly were the executive producers for the series during this transition.

Original Release

04/07/1985 on TBS



Lisa Ling Host
Salvatore Vecchio Narrator
Peter Coyote (voice)
Gerald Durrell Himself
Peter Coyote Himself / Narrator
Lisa Ling Herself - Host
Lee Durrell Herself
Peter Coyote Narrator
Peter Coyote Himself - Narrator
Salvatore Vecchio Himself - Narrator
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# Title Air Date
1 Brain Games: Watch This! Sunday, 09 October 2011
2 Brain Games: Pay Attention! Sunday, 09 October 2011
3 Brain Games: Remember This! Sunday, 09 October 2011
5 The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden Sunday, 06 November 2011
6 JFK: The Lost Bullet Sunday, 20 November 2011
7 How to Build an Ancient Man Wednesday, 23 November 2011
8 To Catch a Smuggler Sunday, 27 November 2011
9 Hitler's G.I. Death Camp Sunday, 18 December 2011
10 400 Million Dollar Emerald Sunday, 29 January 2012
11 The Man Who Can Fly Sunday, 12 February 2012
12 Moon Rock Heist Sunday, 04 March 2012
13 Finding the Lost da Vinci Sunday, 18 March 2012
14 Under Cover: Tennessee Dog Fighting


Peter Yost, Pamela Caragol Wells, Mark Mannucci, Tony Gerber, Philip Day, Anna Fitch, Noel Dockstader, Bonni Cohen, Ron Bowman, Max Salomon, Geoffrey Luck, David Meyer, David Shadrack Smith, Ray Telles, Gareth Harvey, Jeanine Isabel Butler, J.J. Kelley, John Rubin, Jon Else, Kirk Wolfinger, Paul Raimondi, Jonathan Halperin, Patrick Prentice, Marc Hoeferlin, Steven Hoggard, Ian Denyer, Jeff Morales, Dana Kemp, Lisa Quijano Wolfinger, William Canning, Jonathan Grupper, Jackie Mow, David Elisco, Thomas Lucas, James Lipscomb, Jonathan Gruber, Nick Broomfield, James Donald, D.J. Roller, Adrian Brenard, Ayse Toprak, Simon V. Kurian, Chris Lethbridge, Gavan Daws, Hank Nelson, Andrew Pike, Kevin A. Peer, Wynette Yao, Bob Landis, Dave Linstrom, Michael Davie, Todd Wendel, Tria Thalman, Tucker Bowen, Chris Sondreal, William Martens, Marc Shaffer, Barney Broomfield, Juan Reina, Bruno Cusa, Paul Vander-Molen, William Livingston, Elli Dutcher, Jean-Paul Janssen, Evy Barry, Dennis Kibby, Gregory Reading, Charles Patey, Justin Milne


Max Salomon, Peter Yost, Charles Poe, Pamela Caragol Wells, Mark Mannucci, David Hamlin, Steven R. Talley, Robert Zakin, Patrick Prentice, Anna Fitch, Jonathan Halperin, Ron Bowman, Clare Nolan, Philip Day, Noel Izon, Quinn Kanaly, Jaime Bernanke, Gareth Harvey, Jeanine Isabel Butler, Toby Beach, Geoffrey Luck, Ray Telles, Jody Schiliro, Nancy Donnelly, Alan Tomlinson, Tony Gerber, David Elisco, John Haptas, Jonathan Grupper, Thomas Lucas, Holly Taylor, Noel Dockstader, Aidan Pickering, Ed Fields, Andrew Paterson, Bonni Cohen, Scott Bronstein, Sue Houghton, Steven Hoggard, Ian Denyer, Tony Long, Martin Koughan, Simon Boyce, Eric Strauss, Kevin McCarey, Nancy LeBrun, Dana Kemp, Michael Winship, Jackie Mow, Paul Spillenger, Jonathan Wickham, Eleanor Grant, Gary Parker, Paul Gasek, Michael Watchulonis, James Lipscomb, Jonathan Gruber, James Barrat, Rodney Fox, Lisa Ling, Andy Mitchell, Tom Jennings, Michael Dolan, David Keaton, Gavan Daws, Hank Nelson, Andrew Pike, Ann Hayward, Todd Wendel, Audrey Salkeld, Bob Landis, Charley Miller, Carrie Regan, Tria Thalman, Tucker Bowen, Kim Woodard, Kate Culpepper, Kevin Whelan, Ann Carroll, Chris Sondreal, Gail Flannigan, William Martens, Marc Shaffer, Michael Welsh, Jennifer Beman, Mike Welsh, Anna Auster, Jeanne Rawlings, Elli Dutcher, Peter Bricca, Gary Kinder, John Rember, Dennis Kibby, Kris Kral, David Shadrack Smith, Alex Verville, Jim Schaal, Justin Milne


Lisa Ling Host
Salvatore Vecchio Narrator
Peter Coyote (voice)
Gerald Durrell Himself
Peter Coyote Himself / Narrator
Lisa Ling Herself - Host
Lee Durrell Herself
Peter Coyote Narrator
Peter Coyote Himself - Narrator
Salvatore Vecchio Himself - Narrator
Lisa Ling Herself - Correspondent
Jong-il Kim Himself (archive footage) (as Jong-il Kim)
Rodd Houston Himself - Narrator
Kim Jong-il Himself
Patrick Hare
Richard Muller Himself
Rodd Houston Narrator
Francesca Fiorentini Herself
Salvatore Vecchio Himself / Narrator
Salvatore Vecchio (voice)


Jonathan Halperin Executive Producer
Kathleen Cromley Executive Producer
Charles Poe Executive Producer
Robert Zakin Executive Producer
John Bowman Executive Producer
David Royle Executive Producer
Tim Kelly Executive Producer
Tim Cowling Executive Producer
Howard B. Swartz Executive Producer
Michael Rosenfeld Executive Producer
Dan Korn Executive Producer
Thomas Skinner Executive Producer
Steven Hoggard Executive Producer
Robert Palumbo Executive Producer
Noah Morowitz Executive Producer
Madeleine Carter Executive Producer
Keenan Smart Executive Producer
Colin Low Executive Producer
Anthony Issacs Executive Producer
Daphna Rubin Executive Producer
John Mernit Executive Producer
Malvina Martin Executive Producer
Dennis B. Kane Executive Producer
Max Salomon Producer
Jonathan Halperin Producer
Robert Zakin Producer
Kathleen Cromley Producer
Charles Poe Producer
Steven R. Talley Producer
John Bowman Producer
David Royle Producer
Peter Yost Producer
David Hamlin Producer
Hilary Burke Producer
William F. Swift Producer
Tim Kelly Producer
Tim Cowling Producer
Philip Day Producer
Maggie Burnette Stogner Producer
William Martens Producer
Abigail Rodriguez Producer
Ashley Bloom Producer
Kate Sweeney Producer
Pamela Caragol Wells Producer
Korin Anderson Producer
Mark Mannucci Producer
Grenda Norris Producer
Quinn Kanaly Producer
Todd Wendel Producer
Frauke Levin Producer
Tony Gerber Producer
Howard B. Swartz Producer
Holly Taylor Producer
Anna Fitch Producer
Ron Bowman Producer
Clare Nolan Producer
Jonathan Grupper Producer
J.J. Kelley Producer
Daniele Anastasion Producer
James Donald Producer
Katy Jones Garrity Producer
Jennifer Lucene Producer
Charley Miller Producer
Nancy Donnelly Producer
Patrick Hare Producer
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Drew Pulley Producer
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Edna Alburquerque Producer
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Cara Balog Producer
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Jeff Swimmer Producer
Jonathan Gruber Producer
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Kris Kral, Anna Auster, Salvatore Vecchio, Andrea Barrick, Tracy Baumgardner, Mick Kaczorowski, Christine Jameson Henry, Emmanuel Mairesse, Christopher Tuss, Tal Ben-David, James M. Felter, Penny Trams, Barbara Ballow, Lars Woodruffe, Don Bernier, Jared DuBrino, Toby Hayman, Cindy D'Agostino, Leila Garcia, Mickey Green, Ann Goetz, Cindy Kuhn, A.C. Warden, Gary Meyers, Francesco George, Stephanie Munroe, Pax Wassermann, Jennifer Beman, Colin Hargraves, John Haptas, Toby Roberts, Tony Bacon, Ted Remerowski, Ruckus Skye, Arthur F. Binkowski, Tim Lewiston, Aaron McAdams, Daniel Sheire, Jay Danner-McDonald, Max Salomon, Jeremy Siefer, Tom Patterson, Richard Hindley, Catherine Shields, Ash Jenkins, Lizzie Donahue, Lyman Smith, Sam Morrison, Adam Eisenberg, Christina Schwerin, Glenn Farr, Gail Huddleson, Erik C. Andersen, K.M. Kral, Melanie Soich, Patrice Shannon, Ralph Fasano, Sam Greene, Kathy Sheets, Gerald Goldman, Darren Costello, Leslie Atkins, Pip Guy, Gilbert M. Grosvenor, Beat Roth, Dale Johnson, Carolline Allnut, Mathieu Borysevicz, Daryl Ondatje, Bonnie Cutler-Shear, Julie A. Naff, Barbara Burst, Wendy Wank, Connie Rinehart, Kristen Huntley, David Ewing, Jeremy Carr, Darryl Ondatje, Andrew Ellis, Nick Yardley, Pippa McBride, Ariel Semmel

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