The New Leave It to Beaver


Original Release

03/19/1983 on TBS


# Title Air Date
1 Gosh, Wally Sunday, 02 October 1988
2 The Great Debate Sunday, 09 October 1988
3 Family Scrapbook II Sunday, 16 October 1988
4 A Casual Affair Sunday, 23 October 1988
5 Cursed Again Sunday, 30 October 1988
6 Hook, Line and Sinker Sunday, 06 November 1988
7 Inside Eddie Haskell Sunday, 13 November 1988
8 Chew Slowly Sunday, 01 January 1989
9 First Down Sunday, 08 January 1989
10 Beyond the Sandbox Sunday, 15 January 1989
11 Party Line Sunday, 22 January 1989
12 On a Roll Sunday, 29 January 1989
13 Road Trip Sunday, 05 February 1989
14 Still the New Leave It to Beaver Sunday, 12 February 1989
15 And Freddie Makes Three Sunday, 19 February 1989
16 What If? Sunday, 26 February 1989
17 Darkness on the Edge of Mayfield Sunday, 19 March 1989
18 Rockets Red Glare Sunday, 26 March 1989
19 The Return of the Monster in the Closet Saturday, 08 April 1989
20 What Has Four Legs and Flies? Sunday, 09 April 1989
21 A Day at the Mall Sunday, 30 April 1989
22 Shortcuts Sunday, 07 May 1989
23 Man's Greatest Achievements Sunday, 14 May 1989
24 Brother vs. Brother Sunday, 21 May 1989
25 Dads and Grads: Part 1 Sunday, 28 May 1989
26 Dads and Grads: Part 2 Sunday, 04 June 1989


Brian Levant, Roger Duchowny, Bob Claver, Frank Saperstein, Nick Abdo, Jeffrey Ganz, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers, Jeffrey Pohn, Walter von Huene, Norman Abbott, Janice Kent, Mel Ferber, Peter Smokler, Jan DeWitt, Tony Singletary, Jerry Hopper, Steven Hilliard Stern


Brian Levant, Paul Diamond, Lawrence Gay, Richard Gurman, Fred Fox Jr., Cindy Begel, Lesa Kite, Michael J. Di Gaetano, Jeanne Baruch, Tom Lavagnino, Bob Mosher, Joe Connelly, Earl Kress, Alan Moskowitz, David Leaf, Tony Dow


Joe Connelly, Bob Mosher


Sabrina Lloyd Molly
Erika Eleniak Lynn
Brian Austin Green Jason
Heather O'Rourke Heather
Leaf Phoenix Kyle Cleaver
Barbara Billingsley June Cleaver
Jerry Mathers Theodore Cleaver
Kipp Marcus Ward 'Kip' Cleaver
Twink Caplan
Tony Dow Wally Cleaver
Janice Kent Mary Ellen Cleaver
Frank Bank Clarence Rutherford
Kaleena Kiff Kelly Cleaver
John Snee Oliver 'Ollie' Cleaver
Ken Osmond Frederick 'Freddie' Haskell
Giovanni Ribisi
Troy Davidson Kevin Cleaver
Ellen Maxted Gertrude 'Gert' Haskell
Eric Osmond Frederick 'Freddie' Haskell
Giovanni Ribisi Duffy Guthrie (as Vonni Ribisi)



Gael Chandler, Herbert H. Dow, Jay Scherberth, Dann Cahn

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