The Pretender

There are pretenders living among us. Pretenders have to ability to transform into any other person. Jarod is one of those beings.
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There are pretenders living among us. Pretenders have to ability to transform into any other person. Jarod is one of those beings.

Original Release

09/19/1996 on NBC

US Release




# Title Air Date
1 The World's Changing Saturday, 25 September 1999
2 Survival Saturday, 02 October 1999
3 Angel's Flight Saturday, 30 October 1999
4 Risque Business Saturday, 06 November 1999
5 Road Trip Saturday, 13 November 1999
6 Extreme Saturday, 04 December 1999
7 Wild Child Saturday, 11 December 1999
8 Rules of Engagement Saturday, 08 January 2000
9 'Til Death Do Us Part Saturday, 15 January 2000
10 Spin Doctor Saturday, 05 February 2000
11 Cold Dick Saturday, 12 February 2000
12 Lifeline Saturday, 19 February 2000
13 Ghosts from the Past Saturday, 26 February 2000
14 The Agent of Year Zero Saturday, 11 March 2000
15 Junk Saturday, 25 March 2000
16 School Daze Saturday, 22 April 2000
17 Meltdown Saturday, 29 April 2000
18 Corn Man Saturday, 06 May 2000
19 The Inner Sense: Part 1 Saturday, 13 May 2000
20 The Inner Sense: Part 2 Saturday, 13 May 2000


Frederick King Keller, Steven Long Mitchell, James Whitmore Jr., Terrence O'Hara, Chuck Bowman, Rodney Charters, Scott Lautanen, Michael Lange, Joe Napolitano, Michael Zinberg, Ian Toynton, Michael Klick, Krishna Rao, Vern Gillum, Jon Koslowsky, Jim Charleston, Jesús Salvador Treviño, Gabrielle Beaumont, Charles Siebert, Craig W. Van Sickle, Oscar L. Costo, Michael T. Weiss, Thomas J. Wright, David Jackson, Rick Wallace, Jon Gries, Anson Williams


Steven Long Mitchell, Craig W. Van Sickle, Juan Carlos Coto, Tommy Thompson, Mark M. Dodson, Harry Dunn, Daniel Truly, Lawrence Meyers, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Andrew Dettmann, Paul Jackson, Eric Morris, Tony Blake, Ethan Lawrence, Chris Ruppenthal, Tyler Bensinger, Kimberly Costello, Curt Johnson, Ivan Tell, Guy Zimmerman, Debra Pratt, Denise Dobbs, David Kemper, Dave Alan Johnson, Tommy Thompson, Michael Zand, Joel Metzger, Terri Treas


Craig W. Van Sickle, Steven Long Mitchell, Rick Wallace


Jon Gries Broots
Michael T. Weiss Jarod
Patrick Bauchau Sydney
Andrea Parker Miss Parker
Ryan Merriman Young Jarod
Richard Marcus Mr. Raines
Sam Ayers Sam the Sweeper
Harve Presnell Mr. Parker
James Denton Mr. Lyle
Paul Dillon Angelo
Alex Wexo Young Sydney
Pamela Gidley Brigitte
Ashley Peldon Young Miss Parker
Willie Gault Willie the Sweeper
Dennis Cruzado Little Jarod
Andrea Parker Catherine Parker / Miss Parker
Kim Myers Jarod's Mother
Jonathan Osser Younger Jarod
Jason Brooks Thomas Gates
Jeffrey Donovan Kyle



Scott Boyd, Barbara Gerard, Jon Koslowsky, Tanya M. Swerling, Lance Luckey, Scott J. Wallace

2000EmmyOutstanding Main Title Theme Music Nominated
1999EmmyOutstanding Sound Editing for a Series Nominated
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