The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

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Morgan Freeman seeks to understand how faith has shaped our lives.
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Morgan Freeman seeks to understand how faith has shaped our lives.

Original Release

03/11/2016 on NGEO



# Title Air Date
1 Search for the devil Tuesday, 05 March 2019
2 Gods Among Us Wednesday, 13 March 2019
3 Visions of God Tuesday, 26 March 2019
4 Deadly Sins Tuesday, 26 March 2019
5 Divine Secrets Tuesday, 02 April 2019
6 Holy Laws Tuesday, 09 April 2019


James Younger, Frank Kosa, Scott Tiffany, Lisa Michelle Singer



Lori McCreary Executive Producer
James Younger Executive Producer
Morgan Freeman Executive Producer
Kelly Mendelsohn Executive Producer
Mike J. Miller Executive Producer
Geoffrey Sharp Executive Producer
Claudine Magre Executive Producer
Matt Short Executive Producer
Simon Andreae Executive Producer
Robert M. Wise Executive Producer
Erika Schroeder Executive Producer
Alexandra Reynolds Executive Producer
Savas Georgalis Producer
Anurag Anand Producer
Gayle Lynn Fields Producer
Brandon Fibbs Producer
Nadia Nikolic Bowen Producer
Frank Kosa Producer
Lindsay Webster Producer
Kelly Mendelsohn Producer
William Hoppins Producer
Scott Tiffany Producer
Pooja Moorthy Producer
Jesse Edwards Producer
Maria Bohe Producer
Stephanie Stoltzfus Producer
Emily Butali Producer
Reza Riazi Producer
Matt Short Producer
Lisa Michelle Singer Producer
Peter Karp Producer
Mora Walker Producer
Andy DeJohn Producer
Nazli Yalcin Producer
Charlie Aspinwall Producer
Tony Lund Producer
Janet Ginsburg Producer
Jeremiah Cromwell Producer
Kevin Tao Mohs Producer
Josh Veselka Producer


David Isser, David LaMattina, Lance Larson, Mark C. Baldwin, Corey Becker, J.D. Sievertson, Phil Habeger, Paul Marengo, Charles Donohoe, Renaldo Romero, Aaron Merrill, Phillip Lefesi, Niccolo Roveda, John Dentlinger, Avo John Kambourian, Kazem Roghani, Freddy Harris, Derek McCants

2016 Emmy Outstanding Informational Series or Special Nominated
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