The Undateables

The Undateables is a British TV documentary series that follows a range of people on dates who have long term conditions, including: disabilities, developmental disorders, and learning difficulties. The series works in conjunction with the dating... read more

The Undateables is a British TV documentary series that follows a range of people on dates who have long term conditions, including: disabilities, developmental disorders, and learning difficulties. The series works in conjunction with the dating agency, Flame Introductions, and is broadcast on Channel 4. Flame Introductions head office is in Richmond, London, but they cover the whole of the UK with their services.

Original Release




# Title Air Date
1 Nicholas, Sam and Shantae Wednesday, 11 March 2020
2 Sam, Jodie and Hannah Wednesday, 18 March 2020
3 Rory, Lily, Jordan and Nicholas Wednesday, 25 March 2020
4 Charlotte, Richard, Alex and Sam Wednesday, 01 April 2020
5 Michael and Zena Thursday, 09 April 2020


Cara Bowen, Oliver Barber, Matt Margrett, Eddie Lewis, Alice Wheater, Tara Nolan, Tim Taggart, Caroline O'Shaughnessy, Sophie Jones, Trevor Docksey, Jermaine Blake, Sam Ornbo, Paul Bithrey, George Vernon, Alice Wylie, Jessica Reid, Emma Worgan, Miriam Lyons, Danny Beck, Kaaj Mehta, Jon Crisp, Sabeh Bali, Sean Lewis, Guy Gilbert, Rosie O'Connor, Chris McLaughlin, Jaclyn Parry, Carla Berzon, Luke Sewell, Christian Watt, Kieran Carruthers, Al Edirisinghe, Michael Leondis, Lizzie Hardy, Lucy Bauckham, Abigail Priddle, Nick Poyntz, Kathryn Tregidgo, Jessica Honeyball, Holly Moy, Rob Gillies



Ian Carre Executive Producer
Maria Sharman Executive Producer
Sarah Spencer Executive Producer
Jessica Orr Executive Producer
Jenny Midl Executive Producer
Chantal Boyle Executive Producer
Kathleen Larkin Executive Producer
Victoria Hamburger Executive Producer
Amelia Hann Executive Producer
Isobel Nicholson Producer
Matt Margrett Producer
Alice Wheater Producer
Rosie O'Connor Producer
Martha Constable Producer
Nina Kästner Producer
Jessica Fleetwood Producer
Charlie Baxendale Producer
Katie Loweth Producer
Tim Taggart Producer
Zinia Scroggs Producer
Holly Moy Producer
Oliver Barber Producer
Patrick Phillips Producer
Dave Parsons Producer
Cara Bowen Producer
Alex Raw Producer
Jessica Orr Producer
Sophia Burton Producer
Eddie Lewis Producer
Lucy Bauckham Producer
Emma Parsons Producer
Paul Shenkin Producer
Frank Driver Producer
Rosie McGuiness Producer
Michelle Darling Producer
Jenny Midl Producer
Carla Berzon Producer
Daniella Berendsen Producer
Elena Calabro Producer
Lorraine O'Donovan Producer
Robyn Stephenson Producer
Alex Warman Producer
Caroline O'Shaughnessy Producer
Sophie Jones Producer
Hannah Assenza Producer
Ffion Lewis Producer
Jen Cockburn Producer
Kathryn Parker Producer
Charles Crich Producer
Anna Sills Producer
Nick Little Producer
Elspeth Fisher Producer
Beth Read Producer
Tara Nolan Producer
Simon Bowyer Producer
Elizabeth Hardy Producer
Paul Bithrey Producer
Charlotte Watmuff Producer
Sabeh Bali Producer
Albertine Rae Producer
Suzie Samant Producer
George Vernon Producer
Alice Wylie Producer
Lewis Read Producer
Alannah Richardson Producer
Molly Sayers Producer
Felipe Herrera Producer
Lynda Maher Producer
Tom Stoker Producer
Jessica Reid Producer
Emma Worgan Producer
Luke Farrell Producer
Charlene Osuagwu Producer
Miriam Lyons Producer
Kieran Leahy Producer
Al Edirisinghe Producer
Danny Beck Producer
Elaine Arthur Producer
Kim Duke Producer
Frankie Mensah Producer
Kaaj Mehta Producer
Jon Crisp Producer
Sam Ornbo Producer
Lucy Leveugle Producer
Elena Mourey Producer
Ashok Prasad Producer
Malcolm Donkin Producer
Claire Castle Producer
Jermaine Blake Producer
Chitsidzo Kurangwa Producer
Trevor Docksey Producer
Rob Gillies Producer
Edward Anderson Producer
Alexander Gray Producer
Clare Bradbury Producer
Chris McLaughlin Producer
Sarah Jones Producer
Jaclyn Parry Producer
Caroline Austin Producer
Jordan Maloy Producer
Sam Grocott Producer
Jessica Spencer Producer
Claudia Webster Producer
Tess Mawle Producer
Arabella Newnham Producer
Kristian Dooley Producer
Christian Watt Producer
Liza Chambers Producer
Michael Leondis Producer
Lewis Price Producer
Piers Gerber Producer
Lizzie Hardy Producer
Samuel Davis Producer
Charlotte Keel Producer
Max Surridge Producer
Alana Moreno Producer
Jenny Evans Producer
Saskia Wilson Producer
Juliet Singer Producer
Abigail Priddle Producer
Emily Flack Producer
Clare Hodgkinson Producer
Kieran Carruthers Producer
Norah Quartey Producer
Helen Seaman Producer
Angela Byrne Producer
Jo Woolf Producer
Luke Sewell Producer
Kathryn Tregidgo Producer
Marvyn Benoit Producer
Diene Petterle Producer
Jessica Honeyball Producer
Osca Humphreys Producer
Will Parry Producer
Jenny Dames Producer
Michaela Moir Producer
Jess Orr Producer
Louisa Gray Producer
Marianne Lueck Producer
Sarah Spencer Producer
Lucy Morgan Producer
Tara Nolan Producer


Rupert Sewell, Kel McKeown, Weston Owens, Elliot McCaffrey, Jim Hillier, Simon Hall, Lucas Friedmann, Duncan Sutton, James Dowd, Jules Cornell, Hugo Fowler, James Selby, Mark Goldie, David Moon, Michael Ian McGill, Holly Lubbock, Greg Ayles, Noel Deiton, James Amos, Katie Denham, Nicholas Zimmerman, Michael Harte, Kevin Austin, Jacob Proctor, Jeremy Brettingham, Stuart Davidson, Dan Smith, Jason Cuddis, Vicky Hart, Felix Buckley, Dylan Chase, John Waters, Lex Nichol, Tris Harris, Nicole Mony, Ric Lindley, Philip Diprose, Dan Wilkes, Sam Pescot-Frost, Ian Hughes, Samuel Lee-Redman, Jamie Heath, Ben Hills, Kate Flynn, Tim Clack, John Rosser, Belle Borgeaud, Liz Roe, Patrick Owen, Ryan Lee Driscoll, Roy Williams, Hal Watmough, Alex Fry, Chris Duveen, Dermot O'Brien

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