Series: Hell Girl

Season: 3



Tags: hell, soul, hell girl, ai enma

Description: Whenever there has been Hell to pay, Ai Enma has been the collector. Whatever damnation you wish on another, she can deliver. At the cost of your own soul, of course. This is why she is known as the Hell Girl. Remorseless and implacable, she is the physical embodiment of revenge. But now, after endless years serving the depraved demands of vengeance obsessed mortals, cracks have begun to form in her once emotionless fa‡ade and she must take a journey she never expected, to answer the question she's never dared to ask before: when you're already in Hell, are you allowed to die? The volatile emotions that Ai has kept entombed in her soul have begun to exhume themselves and the answer lies buried in HELL GIRL - TWO MIRRORS!

Genre: Animation

Studio: Section 23

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Rating: TV Rating

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