Season: 1, 2


The Story Of God With Morgan Freeman



Tags: jerusalem, dome of the rock

Description: This is an epic new series that explores how religion has shaped the history of the world - and how it continues to mould the lives of every single one of us today, no matter what our faith - or lack of faith - may be. Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman travels to some of the holiest sites in the world - from the Pyramids of Giza and Buddha's Bodhi Tree to Mayan ruins and Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock. He meets people of all faiths and speaks to religious leaders, scientists, historians and archaeologists in an effort to understand how religion evolved and adapted as our society changed and, in turn, how religion transformed the evolution of society. Morgan attempts to shed light on questions that have puzzled, terrified and inspired us from the beginning, including the creation of the universe and the belief that the world will end in apocalypse. The Story of God with Morgan Freeman is a grand sweep through millennia of history, archaeology and theology. But it is also Morgan's personal exploration - through conversations with shamans, priests, imams and everyday believers - to discover what God means to all the people of planet Earth and to show that, despite our perceived differences, our beliefs are more alike than we think.

Genre: Documentary

Studio: Madman Entertainment

Rating: TV Rating

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