Season: 6, 9

Episode: 1


Season 9




Tags: health, medical, band-aid

Description: Untold Stories of the ER is an inside look at some the craziest stories and cases to enter an emergency room ... Discovery Fit & Health pulls back the curtain to expose more outrageous medical situations when UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER returns to the network in July. In an environment where everything can change as quickly as the rip of a Band-Aid, prepare to witness the true, dramatic nature of medicine practiced under pressure – where nothing about the situation is routine and doctors have mere seconds to answer life-or-death questions. Who is treated first when two people are impaled together on a fence post due to a freak skydiving accident? How did a man wind up with a cleat in his head and a hook in his leg? What is causing a patient to inexplicably turn blue – or purple? Your move, Doc. Each hour-long episode of UNTOLD STORIES OF THE ER features emergency physicians revisiting the cases they weren’t exactly taught in med school and highlights how a doctor's personal blend of expertise, coolness under fire, and decision-making ability are challenged by unpredictable circumstances. Breaking open the secret world of emergency rooms, doctors and patients retell their greatest moments

Genre: Reality-TV

Studio: Discovery Fit & Health

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