VideoDetective FAQ

Last revised: May 26, 2021

What is VideoDetective? is one of the oldest movie/TV/game websites around. Started in 2004, its goal is to help people connect with the content they want to watch or play. We do this by providing our visitors the data, images and trailers to make informed decisions and get them excited about a title use VideoDetective as their guide on what to watch or play today. We also provide direct links to the legal content for viewing on streaming providers.

Where do you get your information for your site?

VideoDetective and its parent company Internet Video Archive work with hundreds of content creators from around the world to get the information right from the source. We have a team of dedicated acquisition people who are constantly adding all the latest and greatest titles across the media landscape.

I am a movie, TV or game creator/distributor/agent and want to get my content on VideoDetective. How do I submit my content’s information and trailer?

We would love to add your content to our database! Click on one of the links below based on the type of content you want to upload. You must be the copyright holder to upload your data and agree to our terms and conditions upon submission.


TV Show


I am a movie or TV contributor/performer/director? Why is there a page with my name on it and a photo on it?

We receive contributor information on movies and TV shows and from that, create a filmography on the millions of people who have acted, directed, produced or written content for movies and TV shows. We also aggregate publicly available information to get any other details about the people in our database. If we receive press photos, we use content recognition software to identify people who we can and add their photos. If you were involved in a production and listed as a cast member, this is a fact and we do not remove facts from our pages.

I would like to submit information about me or change that information on your contributor pages.

We always strive to maintain accurate information. Our policy is to never remove factual information (see question above) but if you spot inaccurate information or have additional metadata to supply, please email us at

Can I submit my headshot to be added to your contributor pages?

At this time, we cannot add headshots.

I see a star and a number by it on your pages for titles and contributors. What is that and why does the number sometimes change?

VideoDetective has created its own rating system to help us sort content and show you what we see as best. We do this by looking at several factors such as contributors to a title and their past successes, box office performance, awards, countries it is opening in, number of seasons a show ran for, marketing push for that title, trailer plays, social media presence, and more. If a movie is in a theatrical run, you might see a lower number until more marketing materials are made available and it starts having box office numbers and later awards. For a new TV show, the number might move if it starts trending, new seasons are announced, and it is nominated or wins awards.

How do you know what is trending?

We look at titles that are popular across social mediabased on its trailer plays, lists on OTT and publisher sites, etc. and then put all those numbers into our algorithm to see what is most popular. We update this information several times a day so you can always see the hottest titles.

Can I place ads on your site?

We are happy with our ad implementation currently. Contact us at ( if you have an unbelievable deal for us or want to run ads for movies, TV or game content since those ads are what our audience would be most interested in seeing.

Can I download movies or shows from your site?

No. We do not have full length movies or shows, just trailers and previews. Use one of the availability links displayed on a title page to watch the movie or show from one of the streaming platforms.

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