Dante J. Pugliese

Executive Producer · Producer · Director
IVA Star Rating : 30

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Director Filmography

Producer Filmography

Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical History - 1970's 2009
Hollywood Singing & Dancing: A Musical History - 1960's 2009
Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History 2008
Shemp Cocktail: A Toast to the Original Stooge 2008
Cutting Edge Comedians of the '60s and '70s 2007
Jazz Giants of the 20th Century 2007
King: Man of Peace in a Time of War 2007
The Who: The Vegas Job 2006
Hollywood Rivals: Chaplin vs Keaton 2006
One for the Money: The Birth of Rock N' Roll 2006
Striptease: The Greatest Exotic Dancers of All Time 2004
Taboo: The Beginning of Erotic Cinema 2004
Johnny Cash Singing at His Best 2004
The Passions of Howard Hughes 2004
Rock 'n' Roll Greats: Iron Butterfly 2004
Rock 'n' Roll Greats: Starship Featuring Mickey Thomas 2004
The 50 Worst Movies Ever Made 2004
Becoming Queen 2004
The Led Zeppelin Story 2004
Pearl Harbor: A Day of Infamy 2004
Nat King Cole: Encore 2004
The Blues Greats 2004
Fleetwood Mac: Unbroken Chain 2004
Bettie Page: The Girl in the Leopard Print Bikini 2004
TV in Black: The First Fifty Years 2004
Inside John Lennon 2003
Christmas from Hollywood 2003
Oscar's Black Odyssey: From Hatte to Halle 2003
A Century of Black Cinema 2003
Dorothy Dandridge: An American Beauty 2003
Dean Martin: Memories Are Made of This 2003
Inside the Marx Brothers 2003
The Van Halen Story: The Early Years 2003
The Definitive Elvis: The Memphis Years 2002
The Definitive Elvis: Elvis and the Colonel 2002
The Definitive Elvis: The Television Years 2002
The Definitive Elvis: The Hollywood Years - Part I: 1956-1961 2002
Clint Eastwood: Star Power 2002
The Ocean's Eleven Story 2001
Hollywood Rivals 2001
Ronald Reagan: The Hollywood Years, the Presidential Years 2001
The Unbeatable Bruce Lee 2001
The Many Faces of Zorro 2000
The Remarkable 20th Century 2000
Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston: Hollywood's Couple of the Year 2000
Hollywood Remembers 2000
Close Encounters: Proof of Alien Contact 2000
Hollywood Rocks 'n' Rolls in the '50s 1999
The Best of Film Noir 1999
The Best of Hollywood 1998
100 Years of Comedy 1997
100 Years of Horror 1996
100 Years of Horror: The Frankenstein Family 1996
100 Years of Horror: The Count and Company 1996
100 Years of Horror: Witchcraft and Demons 1996
We Remember Marilyn 1996
Great Performances 1971
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