Eddie Kane

IVA Star Rating : 62
Eddie Kane was an American actor who appeared in over 250 productions from 1928 to 1959.

Eddie Kane was an American actor who appeared in over 250 productions from 1928 to 1959.


Monday, 12 August 1889


Wednesday, 30 April 1969

Actor Filmography

The Our Gang Story Inspector Kane 1994
Biography Inspector Kane 1987
The Untouchables Assistant D.A. 1959
The Californians Vigilante 1957
The Ten Commandments Hebrew at Crag and Corridor 1956
Playhouse 90 Club Patron 1956
State Trooper Jake Clinton 1956
The Honeymooners Mr. Monahan 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Bartender, Mayor Randall, Mr. Brice - Bartender, Prentice 1955
Hollywood Story Producer 1951
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Actor Filmography

The Our Gang Story Inspector Kane 1994
Biography Inspector Kane 1987
The Untouchables Assistant D.A. 1959
The Californians Vigilante 1957
The Ten Commandments Hebrew at Crag and Corridor 1956
Playhouse 90 Club Patron 1956
State Trooper Jake Clinton 1956
The Honeymooners Mr. Monahan 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Bartender, Mayor Randall, Mr. Brice - Bartender, Prentice 1955
Hollywood Story Producer 1951
Footlight Varieties Headwaiter (segment "He Forgot To Remember") 1951
Revenue Agent Chief Agent Hunter 1950
The Admiral Was a Lady Drunk 1950
Sideshow Jeweler 1950
The Damned Don't Cry Man in Montage 1950
Oh, You Beautiful Doll Charles Hubert 1949
The Big Wheel Head Waiter 1949
Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters Gambler 1949
Look for the Silver Lining Stage Manager 1949
I Cheated the Law Headwaiter 1949
Mexican Hayride Mr. Clarke, Mine Buyer 1948
My Dear Secretary Francois, Headwaiter 1948
An Innocent Affair One of Vincent's Co-Workers 1948
Shed No Tears Mr. Nicholas - Bailbondsman 1948
State of the Union Television Prompter 1948
My Wild Irish Rose Joe Webb 1947
Magic Town Radio Host 1947
The Case of the Baby Sitter Diamonds / Diamonds' the boss (as Ed Kane) 1947
The Perils of Pauline Jungle Set Director 1947
Hit Parade of 1947 Director 1947
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman Party Guest 1947
Ladies' Man Edward Harrison, Producer 1947
It's a Wonderful Life Building & Loan Depositor 1946
Heldorado Humphries 1946
Sister Kenny Reporter 1946
The Jolson Story Florenz Ziegfeld 1946
Night and Day Eddie 1946
Deadline for Murder Floorman 1946
Our Hearts Were Growing Up Headwaiter 1946
Devil Bat's Daughter George - Apartment House Manager / George, Apartment House Manager 1946
Song of Arizona Drunk at Nightclub 1946
Detour to Danger Tom Barton 1946
How DOooo You Do Detective 1945
The Dolly Sisters Sam Harris 1945
Duffy's Tavern Bartender 1945
Along the Navajo Trail McQueen 1945
Men in Her Diary Mr. Kane 1945
Swingin' on a Rainbow Parker 1945
Man from Oklahoma Bill - Club Manager 1945
Bells of Rosarita Eddie 1945
The Great John L. Promoter 1945
Swing Out, Sister Waiter 1945
It's in the Bag! Tailor 1945
The Monster and the Ape Dr. Draper's Assistant 1945
Crime, Inc. Head Waiter 1945
Brewster's Millions Eddie 1945
Wonder Man Pierre - the Headwaiter 1945
Lake Placid Serenade Desk Clerk 1944
Dancing in Manhattan Andre 1944
Three Is a Family Headwaiter 1944
The Very Thought of You Grand Union Hotel Clerk 1944
The Mark of the Whistler Haberdasher at Edwards 1944
Dark Mountain Waiter 1944
Dixie Jamboree J.M. Thornton 1944
Minstrel Man Theater Manager 1944
Louisiana Hayride Warburton 1944
The Hairy Ape Maitre d' 1944
Bathing Beauty Captain of Waiters 1944
Two Girls and a Sailor Headwaiter 1944
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret Headwaiter 1944
Take It Big Headwaiter 1944
Jam Session Lloyd Marley 1944
Up in Arms Theatre Manager 1944
Doctor, Feel My Pulse Dr. Martin 1944
Career Girl Mr. Draper 1944
Flesh and Fantasy Immigration Officer 1943
Is Everybody Happy? Salbin 1943
My Kingdom for a Cook Man in Washroom 1943
Crazy House Bixby 1943
Passport to Suez (scenes deleted) 1943
So This Is Washington Department Store Manager 1943
Batman J. Hanson 1943
Appointment in Berlin Man at gambling table 1943
Crime Doctor 1943
Redhead from Manhattan Orchestra Leader 1943
Mission to Moscow Heckler 1943
She Has What It Takes Dillway 1943
Hangmen Also Die! Novak 1943
Tahiti Honey Manager of Miami Hotel 1943
High Explosive Waiter 1943
After Midnight with Boston Blackie Air Raid Warden 1943
Idaho Pete - Maitre D' / Pete 1943
Submarine Alert FBI Agent 1943
No Place for a Lady Jules - Maitre d' Toreador Cafe / Jules, club maitre de 1943
Reveille with Beverly Medical Officer 1943
The Powers Girl Headwaiter 1943
The Hard Way Oscar Evans / Oscar Evans (Uncredited) 1943
How's About It? Lawyer 1943
Secrets of the Underground Bradley - Reporter 1942
Bowery at Midnight The Mayor / Police Chief Martin 1942
You Can't Escape Forever Villa Gloria Headwaiter 1942
Lucky Legs J.N. Peters 1942
A Man's World Doc Drake 1942
The Secret Code Coffee Shop Counterman / Coffee Shop Counterman [Ch.12] 1942
Priorities on Parade Booking Agent 1942
I Live on Danger Doctor at Disaster 1942
Moonlight Masquerade Contest Judge 1942
Yankee Doodle Dandy Wilson - 'Little Johnny Jones' Number 1942
The Corpse Vanishes The District Attorney 1942
Tarzan's New York Adventure Eddie, the Headwaiter 1942
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp! Doctor 1942
Butch Minds the Baby Headwaiter 1942
A Close Call for Ellery Queen Policeman 1942
Call Out the Marines Wise Money Man 1942
Over My Dead Body Man in Employment Office 1942
Pacific Blackout Headwaiter 1941
Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case Stage Manager 1941
Dude Cowboy Gordon West 1941
Confessions of Boston Blackie Auctioneer 1941
The Body Disappears Stage Manager 1941
Borrowed Hero Brooks' Hitman 1941
No Hands on the Clock Halloran 1941
Double Trouble Carney 1941
Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring Desk Sergeant 1941
Zis Boom Bah James J. Kane 1941
Appointment for Love Tiller 1941
The Stork Pays Off Chairman 1941
Two Latins from Manhattan Stage Manager 1941
Sing Another Chorus John Maxwell 1941
Sun Valley Serenade Murray's Rehearsal Associate 1941
The Great American Broadcast Headwaiter 1941
Sign of the Wolf Jack Martin 1941
Las Vegas Nights Phil - Maitre D' 1941
Meet John Doe Wall Street Tycoon 1941
Ellery Queen's Penthouse Mystery Poker player 1941
The Devil Commands Professor Walt 1941
Love Thy Neighbor Maitre d'Hotel 1940
Carolina Moon Bank President 1940
The Last Alarm Fire Chief 1940
Castle on the Hudson Nightclub Manager 1940
City of Chance Dan, Headwaiter 1940
Music in My Heart Blake / C.B. Blake 1940
Rovin' Tumbleweeds Congressman 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Reporter 1939
Rio Banker 1939
Dust Be My Destiny Wedding Emcee 1939
The Girl from Rio First Booking Agent 1939
Missing Daughters Nick 1939
Sweepstakes Winner Mr. Blake 1939
Some Like It Hot Man in Waiting Room 1939
The Ice Follies of 1939 Politician at Banquet / Politician at Banquet (Uncredited) 1939
Star Reporter Sam Grey 1939
Fighting Thoroughbreds Racing Receptionist 1939
Swingtime in the Movies Bob O'Donnell, Exhibitor from Dallas 1938
Kentucky Mustached Bettor at Race Track 1938
Flight to Fame Officer 1938
Three Loves Has Nancy Train Steward 1938
You Can't Take It with You Attorney to Kirby 1938
Give Me a Sailor Businessman #2 1938
The Gladiator Speed Burns 1938
Swiss Miss Tradesman 1938
Nurse from Brooklyn Randolph 1938
Port of Missing Girls Antonio Rossi 1938
Mr. Boggs Steps Out Theatre Manager 1938
The Dummy Owner (as Edward Kane) 1938
Harris in the Spring Harvey - Club Manager 1937
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round McMurray - Manager of Manhattan Merry-Go-Round Nightclub 1937
Nothing Sacred Guest at Banquet 1937
Hollywood Round-Up Henry Wescott 1937
The Westland Case Joe Petro 1937
Something to Sing About San Francisco Theatre Manager 1937
Small Town Boy Tony 1937
My Dear Miss Aldrich Red Apple Inn Headwaiter 1937
All Over Town William Bailey 1937
The Man Who Cried Wolf Chet Carter 1937
Topper Maitre d' 1937
Pick a Star Albert, Headwaiter 1937
Melody for Two Alex Montrose 1937
A Star Is Born Burke's Party Guest 1937
The Hit Parade Proprietor 1937
I Promise to Pay Car Dealer 1937
Her Husband Lies Crapshooter 1937
When's Your Birthday? Bartender at Charity Bazarr 1937
Time Out for Romance Crapshooter 1937
The Man I Marry Critic 1936
Two in a Crowd Bar Manager 1936
Alibi for Murder Venuti / Venuti (Uncredited) 1936
Small Town Girl Tait's Tavern Proprietor 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Brookfield 1936
Love on a Bet Couturier 1936
Don't Gamble with Love Gambler 1936
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell Man in Audience (archive footage) / Man in Audience / Dave 1936
Stars Over Broadway Sky Club Headwaiter 1935
The Old Homestead Mr. Wertheimer 1935
Two for Tonight Charlie 1935
Atlantic Adventure Johnson - First Drunk on Ship 1935
Hot Tip Lou Schultz - Bookie 1935
Woman Wanted Nightclub Headwaiter 1935
Hooray for Love Mr. Grady - aka Anderson 1935
Break of Hearts Mr. Lubin 1935
Hit and Rum Drunk Driver / Eddie Kane 1935
Go Into Your Dance Assistant Stage Manager 1935
The Call of the Savage Gen. Tichak [Ch. 12] / Gen. Tichak 1935
Princess O'Hara Gambler 1935
Gold Diggers of 1935 Head Waiter 1935
Mutiny Ahead Pirate Party Auctioneer 1935
Sweet Music Restauranteur 1935
Sweepstake Annie Mr. Burns 1935
Million Dollar Baby Bill Dovan 1934
Sing Sing Nights Peters 1934
Broadway Bill Racetrack Official 1934
The Curtain Falls Taggart 1934
Two Heads on a Pillow Samuel Walker 1934
Take the Stand Carr 1934
Dames Harry - the Stage Manager 1934
Friends of Mr. Sweeney Maitre d'Casino 1934
Now I'll Tell Danny Winslow 1934
The Loudspeaker Silverman, Broadway producer 1934
Born to Be Bad Waiter 1934
Twenty Million Sweethearts 2nd Man in Brass Rail 1934
A Very Honorable Guy Mr. Mullins 1934
School for Girls Ted (as Edward Kane) / Ted 1934
Wonder Bar Frank 1934
The Crosby Case Police Detective 1934
Cross Country Cruise Chicago Hotel Waiter / Chicago Hotel Waiter (Uncredited) 1934
Son of a Sailor Flyer 1933
Myrt and Marge Man in Audience 1933
Blood Money Sam - Fight Fan 1933
Only Yesterday Wall Street Investor / Investor (Uncredited) 1933
Secret Sinners Mr. Edwards - the Stage Manager 1933
My Woman Eddie--Straight Man / Eddie, Straight Man (Uncredited) 1933
Ladies Must Love Casino Roulette Shill 1933
Don't Bet on Love Eddie, Bookie 1933
Dangerous Crossroads Herb Jackson - Informant 1933
The Thrill Hunter Sam Levine, producer / Sam Levine 1933
Blondie Johnson Jewelry Clerk 1933
Broadway Bad Eddie Berger, Jeweler 1933
Hard to Handle Grapefruit Acres Executive 1933
Bachelor Mother District Attorney 1933
Hypnotized Purser 1932
Silver Dollar Theater Manager 1932
Hollywood on Parade No. A-3 Self - Master of Ceremonies 1932
Once in a Lifetime Meterstein 1932
The Night Mayor Larry Sigmund 1932
Jewel Robbery Robber 1932
By Whose Hand? Eileen's Accomplice 1932
Love Is a Racket Sardi's Captain of Waiters 1932
The Tenderfoot Hat Salesman 1932
Attorney for the Defense Attorney Abe Steiner 1932
The Midnight Patrol Stuart 1932
The County Fair Fisher 1932
The Cohens and Kellys in Hollywood Maitre D' 1932
Steady Company Vacci's Second 1932
Running Hollywood Scratchface Henchman 1932
Forbidden Maitre d' 1932
The Mummy Inspector's Assistant 1932
Peach O'Reno Radio Announcer in Courtroom 1931
Her Majesty, Love Cabaret Patron 1931
Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise) 'Freddy' Friedman 1931
Bought! Buyer 1931
Son of India Maitre d' 1931
Ex-Bad Boy Theater Manager 1931
Goldie Barker 1931
Smart Money Tom - Canary Cottage Club Customer 1931
The Public Enemy Joe - Headwaiter 1931
My Past Henry Everett 1931
Dirigible Lakehurst Radio Announcer 1931
The Stolen Jools Inspector Kane / The Detective 1931
Once a Sinner Joseph 1931
The Cohens and the Kellys in Africa Chief Zulu 1930
The Life of the Party Mr. Foster 1930
The Doorway to Hell Dr. Morton 1930
Big Boy Oyster Customer 1930
Cheer Up and Smile Heaadwaiter at Pierre's 1930
Framed Headwaiter / Head waiter 1930
Puttin' on the Ritz Bob Wagner 1930
Lord Byron of Broadway Song Publisher 1930
The Kibitzer Phillips 1930
Song of Love Max Goldman 1929
Is Everybody Happy? Nightclub Owner 1929
Why Bring That Up? Manager 1929
Woman Trap Bit Role / Henchman 1929
Illusion Gus Bloomberg 1929
Times Square Nat Ross 1929
Street Girl Mr. Gilman 1929
The Broadway Melody Francis Zanfield 1929
While the City Sleeps Member of Skeeter's Gang 1928
Lights of New York Cop 1928
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