Edward Keane

IVA Star Rating : 63
Edward Keane was an American film actor. He appeared in more than 300 films between 1921 and 1955.

Edward Keane was an American film actor. He appeared in more than 300 films between 1921 and 1955.

Birth Name

Edward Kelley


Wednesday, 28 May 1884


Monday, 12 October 1959

Actor Filmography

James Cagney: That Yankee Doodle Dandy (archive footage) 1981
The Big Boss 1959
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell Court-Martial Judge 1955
MGM Parade Nicholas Fouquet 1955
Deadline - U.S.A. Mr. Blake 1952
Dragnet Alfred Shroder 1951
Show Boat Hotel Manager 1951
Racket Squad Ed Mercer 1951
Belle Le Grand Carter 1951
All Star Revue Himself 1950
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Actor Filmography

James Cagney: That Yankee Doodle Dandy (archive footage) 1981
The Big Boss 1959
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell Court-Martial Judge 1955
MGM Parade Nicholas Fouquet 1955
Deadline - U.S.A. Mr. Blake 1952
Dragnet Alfred Shroder 1951
Show Boat Hotel Manager 1951
Racket Squad Ed Mercer 1951
Belle Le Grand Carter 1951
All Star Revue Himself 1950
A Modern Marriage Dr. Connors 1950
Twilight in the Sierras Judge Wiggins 1950
The Invisible Monster Warren Madison 1950
The Good Humor Man Doctor 1950
A Woman of Distinction Police Desk Sergeant 1950
The Cisco Kid Conlan, Jay Willoughby 1950
The Baron of Arizona Surveyor General Miller 1950
The Story of Seabiscuit The $15K Bidder 1949
Madame Bovary Presiding Judge 1949
It Happens Every Spring Jack Bell 1949
Hellfire Edwards 1949
The Lucky Stiff Headwaiter 1949
Chicken Every Sunday Joe 1949
The Gallant Blade Admiral Breeze 1948
The Judge Steps Out Judge 1947
Roses Are Red Jim Locke 1947
Desire Me The Baker 1947
The Invisible Wall Marty Floyd 1947
On the Old Spanish Trail Mr. Burnett 1947
Key Witness Police Chief Crandall 1947
The Unfinished Dance Clock Customer 1947
The Perils of Pauline Bond Buyer 1947
The Hat Box Mystery District Attorney 1947
Saddle Pals 2nd Doctor 1947
Undercover Maisie Police Chief / Police Chief (Uncredited) 1947
Calendar Girl Battalion Chief 1947
Trail to San Antone Sheriff Jones 1947
It's a Wonderful Life Tom (Bldg. & Loan) 1946
Boston Blackie and the Law Andrews, Bank Manager 1946
Out California Way E.J. Pearson 1946
The Jolson Story Winter Garden Director 1946
Sister Kenny Reporter 1946
Angel on My Shoulder Prison Yard Captain 1946
Roll on Texas Moon Frank B. Wilson 1946
If I'm Lucky Golfer 1946
Night Editor Police Chief Burns 1946
Colonel Effingham's Raid Dr. Evans 1946
Scarlet Street Detective 1945
Nob Hill Politician 1945
Boston Blackie Booked on Suspicion Doctor / Dr. Barclay 1945
Fashion Model Jacques Duval 1945
Rogues Gallery Gentry - City Editor 1944
Nothing But Trouble Police Chief Smith 1944
One Mysterious Night Police Commissioner Howard / Police Commissioner Howard (Uncredited) 1944
Haunted Harbor Fredrick Vorhees [Ch. 1] 1944
When Strangers Marry Middle - Aged Husband on Train / Middle-Aged Man 1944
Wilson Hughes Campaign Orator 1944
A Fig Leaf for Eve Horace Sardham 1944
South of Dixie Mr. Platt 1944
Goodnight, Sweetheart Trial Judge 1944
Take It Big Customer 1944
A Night of Adventure Assistant District Attorney 1944
Bermuda Mystery Police Inspector 1944
The Lady and the Monster Manning / Mr. Manning, Bank Official (Uncredited) 1944
The Navy Way Randall Guest 1944
Voodoo Man District Attorney 1944
Captain America Agent 33 [Ch. 15] 1944
California Joe Governor Glynn 1943
The Song of Bernadette Policeman 1943
Klondike Kate Sullivan 1943
Death Valley Manhunt Ross 1943
Government Girl Irate Man 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Little 1943
Someone to Remember College Trustee 1943
The Good Fellows Brother Lewis 1943
I Escaped from the Gestapo Domack - Head of Gestapo Gang / Domack 1943
Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case Stiles 1943
Mission to Moscow Isolationist 1943
A Stranger in Town Blaxton's Lawyer 1943
Submarine Alert J.D. Deerhold's Boss 1943
Truck Busters Jud Elliott 1943
It Comes Up Love Headwaiter 1943
G-Men vs. The Black Dragon Gordon 1943
The Adventures of Smilin' Jack Hon. George Hill [Chs. 8-12] 1943
The Traitor Within Davis 1942
Pittsburgh Headwaiter 1942
Who Done It? Carter 1942
Wildcat Oil Invester 1942
The Old Homestead Inspector O'Brien 1942
I Live on Danger Chief Investigator E.G. Lambert 1942
Yankee Doodle Dandy Critic #2 1942
Who Is Hope Schuyler? Judge 1942
Kid Glove Killer Forsythe - Second Politician 1942
Man with Two Lives Dr. Richard Clark 1942
They Died with Their Boots On Congressman 1941
Blues in the Night Drunk Saying, 'It's a Scream' 1941
Sea Raiders Elliott Carlton [Chs. 1-7] / Elliott Carlton 1941
Sergeant York Oscar of the Waldorf 1941
Riders of the Timberline Preston Yates 1941
Harmon of Michigan City Editor 1941
Blossoms in the Dust Second Businessman 1941
They Meet Again Prosecuting Attorney 1941
Double Cross Commissioner Bob Trent (as Edmund Keane) / Commissioner Bob Trent 1941
Broadway Limited Man Reading Newspaper 1941
Her First Beau Mr. Wharton 1941
South of Panama Colonel Stoddard 1941
Men of Boys Town District Attorney 1941
Knockout Indianapolis Athletic Commission Official 1941
Meet John Doe Relief Administrator 1941
Road Show Newton 1941
Ride, Kelly, Ride Steward 1941
The Son of Monte Cristo Turnkey 1941
A Dispatch from Reuters Reporter 1940
City for Conquest Gaul 1940
Money and the Woman Mr. Kaiser 1940
The Golden Fleecing Barney - Fender's Lawyer 1940
Pony Express Days Russell 1940
Sailor's Lady Captain's Aide 1940
Winners of the West John Hartford 1940
A Fugitive from Justice Partridge 1940
Edison, the Man Lecturer 1940
'Til We Meet Again Ship Officer 1940
And One Was Beautiful Prosecuting Attorney 1940
Virginia City Officer 1940
Midnight Limited Capt. Harrigan 1940
Charlie Chan in Panama Dr. Fredericks 1940
I Take This Woman Dr. Harrison 1940
Pound Foolish Woolsey Election Rally Speaker 1940
Hidden Enemy Newspaper Editor 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Warden 1940
The Green Hornet Williams [Ch. 13] 1940
The Big Guy Lait 1939
Heroes in Blue Moran 1939
The Roaring Twenties Henderson 1939
The Escape Captain of Detectives 1939
Rio Mr. Albert 1939
Angels Wash Their Faces Defense Attorney 1939
Chicken Wagon Family Bank Manager 1939
When Tomorrow Comes Man Announcing End Of Strike 1939
They All Come Out Social Service Director 1939
The Sun Never Sets DNXY Radio Operator 1939
My Wife's Relatives Jarvis 1939
Ex-Champ Clerk 1939
Confessions of a Nazi Spy FBI Agent 1939
Union Pacific Man 1939
Frontier Pony Express Senator Calhoun Lassister 1939
Mr. Moto in Danger Island Washington Official 1939
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell Banker at Demo 1939
Three Smart Girls Grow Up Stock Broker 1939
Wings of the Navy Psychology Examiner 1939
Devil's Island Dr. Duval 1939
Stand Up and Fight Donnelly 1939
Kentucky Man at Race Track 1938
Nancy Drew: Detective Adam Thorne 1938
Torchy Gets Her Man Henchman Stoneham 1938
I Demand Payment District Attorney 1938
The Great Waltz Officer 1938
Girls on Probation Mr. Bob Brian / Bob Brian 1938
Shadows Over Shanghai American Consul 1938
Slander House George Horton 1938
You Can't Take It with You Board Member 1938
Marie Antoinette General 1938
I Am the Law Witness 1938
Alexander's Ragtime Band Army Major 1938
The Shopworn Angel Army Captain 1938
The Toy Wife Auctioneer 1938
Border G-Man Colonel Christie 1938
Speed to Burn Police Chief 1938
Josette Doorman 1938
In Old Chicago Politician in Jack's Office 1938
The Face Behind the Mask Nicholas Fouquet 1938
Love on a Budget Bank Manager 1938
The Baroness and the Butler Guard 1938
Gold Is Where You Find It San Francisco Bar Patron 1938
International Settlement Captain 1938
The Invisible Menace Officer at Dolman's Hearing 1938
The Dummy Owner 1938
Sergeant Murphy Major Biddle 1938
Wells Fargo Salmon P. Chase - Secretary of the Treasury 1937
You're a Sweetheart Backstage Reporter 1937
Missing Witnesses District Attorney 1937
Checkers Paddock Judge 1937
The Man Without a Country Minor Role 1937
Submarine D-1 Captain on Battleship 1937
Hollywood Round-Up Lew Wallace 1937
Alcatraz Island Crandall 1937
Madame X Gendarme at Villa 1937
Dangerously Yours Bronson 1937
The Firefly French Chief of Staff 1937
Fit for a King Reception Guest 1937
That Certain Woman Opposing Counsel 1937
Confession Cabaret Manager 1937
Reported Missing! Inspector Rhinock 1937
High, Wide and Handsome Jones 1937
The Californian Marshal Morse 1937
San Quentin 2nd Detective 1937
Charlie Chan at the Olympics Army Colonel 1937
I Promise to Pay Mike Reardon 1937
Seventh Heaven Gendarme 1937
Her Husband Lies Second Investigator 1937
When You're in Love Stage Manager 1937
Time Out for Romance Stanhope 1937
Once a Doctor Captain Littlejohn, S.S. Orlando / Captain Littlejohn 1937
We Who Are About to Die Ed Stanley 1937
The Boss Rider of Gun Creek Lawyer 1936
California Mail Thompson 1936
Legion of Terror Governor 1936
Mummy's Boys Ship's Captain 1936
The Man Who Lived Twice Police Commissioner 1936
Down the Stretch Fred Yates 1936
Missing Girls District Attorney 1936
Gambling with Souls District Attorney 1936
Anthony Adverse Officer 1936
Jailbreak Attorney 1936
The Devil-Doll Gendarme 1936
Parole! District Attorney 1936
For the Service Captain Murphy 1936
The Golden Arrow Bixby 1936
The Princess Comes Across Chief Purser 1936
The Drag-Net Asst. District Attorney Arthur Hill / Arthur Hill 1936
The Singing Kid Potter - IRS Agent 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Board Member 1936
Colleen Mr. Edwards 1936
It Had to Happen Politician 1936
Exclusive Story Al Brown 1936
Dangerous Doctor 1935
Man of Iron Mortgage Man 1935
Another Face Casting Director 1935
Show Them No Mercy! Doctor 1935
Frisco Kid Contractor 1935
Stars Over Broadway Ford 1935
A Night at the Opera Ship's Captain / Captain 1935
The Payoff Frank 1935
3 Kids and a Queen Gangster 1935
Case of the Missing Man Photo Customer 1935
Metropolitan Throat Specialist 1935
Shipmates Forever Doctor on Airplane 1935
Page Miss Glory Advertising Man 1935
Orchids to You Banker 1935
The Irish in Us Doctor 1935
The Murder Man Joe - Editor 1935
Front Page Woman Reporter 1935
Hard Rock Harrigan Dr. Wagner 1935
Stranded Doctor 1935
Manhattan Butterfly 1935
Border Brigands Inspector Jim Barry, RCMP 1935
Whispering Smith Speaks Rebstock 1935
'G' Men Bank Teller 1935
Go Into Your Dance Producer #3 1935
Circumstantial Evidence Judge Samuels 1935
Naughty Marietta Major Bonnell 1935
Public Opinion Edward Keane / Paul's Attorney 1935
The Whole Town's Talking U.S. Deputy Attorney 1935
The Woman in Red Horse Show Ring Master 1935
Red Hot Tires Defense Attorney 1935
Behind the Evidence Hackett 1935
Mills of the Gods Morgan 1934
Sing Sing Nights Chang 1934
Broadway Bill Headwaiter 1934
I Am a Thief Second Train Conductor 1934
Gentlemen Are Born First Broker 1934
Wake Up and Dream Agent 1934
A Lost Lady The Murderer 1934
British Agent Dr. S. Prohoroff 1934
Kansas City Princess Plaza Garden Captain 1934
Desirable First Playgoer 1934
One Night of Love Metropolitan Stage Director 1934
One Exciting Adventure Hotel manager 1934
Housewife William Reynolds' Attorney / William's Lawyer 1934
The Count of Monte Cristo Bertrand 1934
Stamboul Quest Annemarie's Kabarett 'Date' 1934
Midnight Alibi Special Officer in Flashback 1934
Green Eyes Raynor 1934
Now I'll Tell Gangster 1934
The Merry Frinks Truant Officer 1934
Born to Be Bad Admirer at Nightclub 1934
The Crime of Helen Stanley Mr. Richardson - Studio Manager 1934
Registered Nurse Gossip at Club 1934
Wonder Bar Captain 1934
Gambling Lady The Duke 1934
Massacre Prosecutor 1934
I Am Suzanne! Theatre Manager 1933
Havana Widows El Havana Hotel Desk Clerk 1933
Blood Money Pool Player - $1000 Bettor 1933
From Headquarters Detective 1933
Female Department Head / Department Head (Uncredited) 1933
College Coach Shoe Company Executive 1933
After Tonight Spy R9 1933
Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men Construction Boss 1933
I Loved a Woman Businessman at Meeting 1933
Bureau of Missing Persons Hotel Manager 1933
One Year Later Grant 1933
Headline Shooter Joe Burnett 1933
I Have Lived Leading Man 1933
Ann Carver's Profession Harrison 1933
The Cheat Defense Attorney 1931
His Woman Crewman / Boatswain 1931
Secrets of a Secretary Albany Hotel Manager 1931
Stolen Heaven Detective Morgan 1931
Fast and Loose Maitre d' 1930
Runaway Bride Policeman 1930
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