Glen Cavender

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IVA Star Rating : 35
Glen Cavender was an American film actor. He appeared in 259 films between 1914 and 1949.

Glen Cavender was an American film actor. He appeared in 259 films between 1914 and 1949.


Wednesday, 19 September 1883


Friday, 09 February 1962

Actor Filmography

Buster Keaton: The Great Stone Face Union Capt. Anderson 1968
The Fountainhead Pedestrian Onlooker 1949
Northern Pursuit Workman 1943
Watch on the Rhine Servant 1943
Edge of Darkness Cannery Worker 1943
Truck Busters Ted Mack 1943
The Hidden Hand Detective 1942
George Washington Slept Here Well Digger 1942
Spy Ship Karl, Radio Operator 1942
Juke Girl Farmer Helping Nick to Load 1942
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Actor Filmography

Buster Keaton: The Great Stone Face Union Capt. Anderson 1968
The Fountainhead Pedestrian Onlooker 1949
Northern Pursuit Workman 1943
Watch on the Rhine Servant 1943
Edge of Darkness Cannery Worker 1943
Truck Busters Ted Mack 1943
The Hidden Hand Detective 1942
George Washington Slept Here Well Digger 1942
Spy Ship Karl, Radio Operator 1942
Juke Girl Farmer Helping Nick to Load 1942
Yankee Doodle Dandy Colony Opera House Stagehand 1942
Larceny, Inc Second Sandwich Man 1942
Always in My Heart 2nd Truck Driver 1942
The Male Animal Reporter on Porch 1942
Bullet Scars Reporter 1942
The Body Disappears Waiter 1941
Nine Lives Are Not Enough City Room Worker - Listening to Matt 1941
Passage from Hong Kong Tourist 1941
Manpower Drunk Bounced from Midnight Club 1941
Highway West Hotel Doorman 1941
Three Sons o' Guns Second Expressman 1941
Bad Men of Missouri Tod 1941
Bullets for O'Hara Fisherman 1941
Underground Man Giving Sylvia Baggage Claim Ticket 1941
Million Dollar Baby Chauffeur 1941
Singapore Woman Glen, Mine Foreman 1941
Affectionately Yours Firemen Escort 1941
Here Comes Happiness Man Getting Headlined Paper 1941
Footsteps in the Dark Burlesque Patron with Glasses and Mustache 1941
The Great Mr. Nobody On-looker at Fight 1941
Honeymoon for Three Nightclub Waiter 1941
She Couldn't Say No Juror 1940
Lady with Red Hair Stage Doorman 1940
No Time for Comedy Actor in Show 1940
Flowing Gold Oil Worker 1940
River's End Bartender in Saloon 1940
The Man I Married Petty Official 1940
Pony Express Days Man in St. Joseph Telegraph Office 1940
All This, and Heaven Too Jean 1940
The Man Who Talked Too Much Prisoner 1940
Flight Angels Passenger Exiting Airplane 1940
An Angel from Texas Lone Star Townsman / New York Passerby Extra 1940
'Til We Meet Again Ship Officer 1940
King of the Lumberjacks Lumberjack in Dominic's Office 1940
Calling Philo Vance Train Porter Asked to Send Telegram 1940
British Intelligence Under Officer Pfalz 1940
Brother Rat and a Baby Courtroom Extra 1940
Four Wives Extra at Wedding Reception 1939
Everything Happens at Night Guide 1939
Kid Nightingale Man Leaving Dynamite Dennis Fight 1939
The Roaring Twenties Nightclub Patron 1939
Smashing the Money Ring Day Gate Guard 1939
Pack Up Your Troubles Doughboy 1939
The Monroe Doctrine Prussian Ambassador 1939
On Your Toes Extra as Stagehand 1939
Espionage Agent Man in O'Grady Crowd 1939
Angels Wash Their Faces Driver of Moving Cart / Policeman at Bowling Alley 1939
Torchy Blane.. Playing with Dynamite Bellevue Apartments Landlord 1939
The Cowboy Quarterback Nightclub Waiter 1939
Indianapolis Speedway Extra on Dance Floor 1939
Naughty But Nice Extra at Bar 1939
Nancy Drew... Trouble Shooter First Townsman 1939
Code of the Secret Service Policeman 1939
Torchy Runs for Mayor Store Customer 1939
Confessions of a Nazi Spy Man in Montage Stuffing Mailboxes 1939
Dark Victory Headwaiter 1939
Women in the Wind Airport Policeman / Mob Scene Extra 1939
The Man Who Dared Dick, Mayor's Chauffeur 1939
On Trial Extra in Courtrom 1939
The Adventures of Jane Arden Crapshooter 1939
The Oklahoma Kid Would-Be Settler 1939
Secret Service of the Air Waiter 1939
Nancy Drew... Reporter Newspaper Office Worker / Bedbug Hotel Passerby 1939
Devil's Island Gendarme on Train 1939
King of the Underworld Deputy Shooting Bill 1939
Heart of the North Post Customer 1938
Girls on Probation Policeman 1938
The Sisters Bartender 1938
Broadway Musketeers Dancing Extra / New Year's Eve Extra 1938
Garden of the Moon Graham - Waiter 1938
Valley of the Giants Landowner 1938
Gateway Immigrant 1938
Penrod's Double Trouble Truck Driver Giving Penrod a Lift 1938
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse Alarm Company Clerk 1938
Racket Busters Truck Driver 1938
My Bill Mr. Perry - Man at Bank 1938
Men Are Such Fools Waiter 1938
Little Miss Thoroughbred Officer O'Reilly's Driver 1938
Crime School Policeman Outside Judge Clinton's Office 1938
The Beloved Brat Fireman 1938
Over the Wall Referee for Robeck Fight 1938
The Baroness and the Butler Peasant 1938
Blondes at Work Locksmith 1938
The Patient in Room 18 Man with Sprinkler Hose 1938
Tovarich Trumpet Player 1937
She Loved a Fireman Spectator at Dance 1937
Expensive Husbands Austrian Policeman at Jail 1937
Submarine D-1 Tripped Waiter 1937
Alcatraz Island Federal Officer 1937
Love Is on the Air Second 7-11 Club Waiter 1937
Back in Circulation Plainclothesman at Train Wreck 1937
Wine, Women and Horses Dice-Game Player 1937
Varsity Show Stagehand 1937
Confession Bailiff 1937
Talent Scout Furniture Department Man 1937
Public Wedding Ticket Buyer for the Wedding 1937
Dance Charlie Dance First Carpenter 1937
Slim Workman Dillon 1937
Fly Away Baby George - Globe Chop House Manager 1937
Kid Galahad Ringsider -1st Fight 1937
San Quentin Hastings 1937
The Go Getter Streetcar Conductor 1937
Charlie Chan at the Olympics Polizei Officer 1937
Melody for Two Green Hill Waiter 1937
Mountain Justice Train Conductor 1937
Thin Ice Secret Service Man 1937
Midnight Court Counter Clerk 1937
The Great O'Malley Policeman at Robbery 1937
Sing Me a Love Song Elevator-Starter 1937
Smart Blonde Trooper Sergeant 1937
Here Comes Carter Police Driver 1936
Down the Stretch Bettor at Racetrack 1936
Stage Struck Stagehand 1936
China Clipper Pan American Union Waiter 1936
Jailbreak Guard in Kitchen 1936
Bengal Tiger Roustabout 1936
The Song of a Nation Pianist 1936
The Golden Arrow Waiter 1936
Sons o' Guns German Ordered to Retreat 1936
I Married a Doctor Party Guest 1936
The Singing Kid Stagehand 1936
The Walking Dead Man in Courtroom 1936
Moonlight on the Prairie Cowboy #1 in Saloon / First Cowboy 1935
Dr. Socrates Townsman 1935
The Goose and the Gander Detective George 1935
Keystone Hotel Tough Mug 1935
Little Big Shot Bystander at Shooting 1935
We're in the Money Spectator at Wrestling Match 1935
Bright Lights Backstage Worker in New York 1935
Don't Bet on Blondes Man Leaving Betting Window / Man Leaving Betting Window (Uncredited) 1935
Front Page Woman Reporter 1935
Stranded Kolchak 1935
Oil for the Lamps of China Worried McCarger Employee 1935
Dinky Extra at Football Game 1935
'G' Men Headwaiter 1935
Black Fury Miner 1935
The Florentine Dagger Detective 1935
Traveling Saleslady Hotel Clerk 1935
Red Hot Tires Crew Member and Witness 1935
Bordertown Man Restraining Johnny in Courtroom Fight 1935
Sweet Adeline Third Stage Hand 1934
I Am a Thief Second Train Conductor 1934
British Agent Russian Policeman 1934
One Night of Love Undetermined Role 1934
Stamboul Quest Civilian Bringing Beall to Von Sturm 1934
Captured! German Sergeant at POW Camp / German Sergeant at POW Camp (Uncredited) 1933
Today We Live Ammunition Factory Clerk 1933
Luxury Liner Ship's Diner 1933
One Way Passage French Bartender 1932
Blonde Venus Ship's Officer 1932
The Nevada Buckaroo Sheriff Hank 1931
Don't Be Nervous Gangster 1929
Taxi Dolls The Detective 1929
Taxi Spooks Slug Grady 1929
Loose Change 1928
Love's Young Scream Father 1928
Smith's Army Life The Drill Sergeant 1928
Papa's Boy 1927
Jungle Heat 1927
Listen Lena 1927
Howdy Duke Mr. Small 1927
The General Captain Anderson 1926
Movieland 1926
Move Along Cop 1926
My Stars The Gardener 1926
The Fighting Dude The Athletic Instructor 1925
Fire Away 1925
The Movies A Traffic Officer 1925
The Sleuth The Husband 1925
Navy Blue Days Pete Vermicelli / Peter Vermicelli 1925
The Snow Hawk Midnight Mike 1925
The Iron Mule 1925
Pie-Eyed Nightclub manager 1925
Just a Good Guy Pawnshop Owner 1924
This Way Out The Doctor 1924
No Wedding Bells An Irate Husband 1923
The Pest The landlord 1922
Iron to Gold Sloan 1922
The Heart Snatcher 1920
His Musical Sneeze Woodrow Butts 1919
Oh, What a Knight 1919
A Scrap of Paper The Kaiser 1918
The Cook 1918
A Bedroom Blunder The Bartender 1917
The Rough House 1917
Her Torpedoed Love The Ship Captain / The Lawyer 1917
The Surf Girl Poppa - the Angry Father 1916
Fatty and Mabel Adrift I. Landem - Realtor 1916
A Submarine Pirate A Shrewd Inventor / Ship Captain 1915
Fatty's Tintype Tangle Photographer / Man in Hotel Lobby 1915
Dirty Work in a Laundry Man with Box 1915
Fatty's Plucky Pup Desk Sergeant 1915
A Hash House Fraud Cop 1915
Mabel's Wilful Way Mabel's Father 1915
Wished on Mabel Plainclothesman in Park 1915
When Love Took Wings Police Dispatcher 1915
That Little Band of Gold Judge 1915
Fatty's Chance Acquaintance Waiter 1915
Fatty's Reckless Fling House Detective 1915
Hearts and Planets Bald Astronomer 1915
Mabel and Fatty's Married Life Organ Grinder 1915
Fatty's New Role Mustached Saloon Customer 1915
Mabel, Fatty and the Law Tobacco Counter Clerk 1915
Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition Jealous Husband 1915
Tillie's Punctured Romance First Pianist in Restaurant / Cop / Guest in First Restaurant / Uncle's Rescuer / Society Guest 1914
Fatty's Magic Pants Cop 1914
A Fair Exchange A Passing Turk 1914
Leading Lizzie Astray Cafe Proprietor 1914
His Trysting Place Cook / Park Police Officer 1914
Gentlemen of Nerve Spectator at Entrance / Cop 1914
Dough and Dynamite Head Striking Baker 1914
The New Janitor Luke Connor - Gambler 1914
His New Profession Drinker / Cripple 1914
The Masquerader Other Director 1914
Mabel's Busy Day Customer 1914
The Knockout Society Singer 1914
Caught in a Cabaret Piano Player 1914
Cruel, Cruel Love Bearded Doctor 1914
Tango Tangle Drummer in band / Guest in Cone Hat 1914

Director Filmography

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