Jim Corey

IVA Star Rating : 58

Birth Name

Arthur Harrison Corey


Friday, 22 March 1889


Sunday, 26 March 1950

Actor Filmography

Joan of Arc Priest in Cauchon's Box - The Trial at Rouen 1948
Thunder Mountain Deputy 1947
Marshal of Reno Barfly 1944
Klondike Kate Miner 1943
Colt Comrades Vigilante / Vigilante, shooting from behind rock at back of house 1943
Haunted Ranch Army Enlistee 1943
Pardon My Gun Townsman 1942
Overland Mail Lynch Mob Member [Chs. 8-9] / Lynch Mob Member 1942
Vengeance of the West Stage Robber 1942
Come on Danger Henchman 1942
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Actor Filmography

Joan of Arc Priest in Cauchon's Box - The Trial at Rouen 1948
Thunder Mountain Deputy 1947
Marshal of Reno Barfly 1944
Klondike Kate Miner 1943
Colt Comrades Vigilante / Vigilante, shooting from behind rock at back of house 1943
Haunted Ranch Army Enlistee 1943
Pardon My Gun Townsman 1942
Overland Mail Lynch Mob Member [Chs. 8-9] / Lynch Mob Member 1942
Vengeance of the West Stage Robber 1942
Come on Danger Henchman 1942
The Cyclone Kid Townsman 1942
In Old California Shorty 1942
Romance on the Range Posse Rider 1942
Down Rio Grande Way Henchman Lobo 1942
Land of the Open Range Henchman 1942
Sunset on the Desert Townsman 1942
Jesse James, Jr. Deputy Sheriff 1942
Stagecoach Buckaroo Townsman 1942
Dude Cowboy Henchman 1941
Roaring Frontiers Henchman 1941
Tonto Basin Outlaws Henchman 1941
Twilight on the Trail Cowhand / Cowhand Extra 1941
Prairie Stranger Undertaker 1941
Six-Gun Gold Deputy 1941
The Shepherd of the Hills Bald Knobber 1941
The Son of Davy Crockett Water Hole Poisoner 1941
Sunset in Wyoming Rancher 1941
The Medico of Painted Springs Slim 1941
Law of the Range Henchman Jake 1941
Wrangler's Roost Gambler 1941
Desert Bandit Blink - Henchman 1941
Saddlemates Saloon Brawler 1941
Sheriff of Tombstone Jed Crowley 1941
The Singing Hill Henchman 1941
Robbers of the Range Henchman 1941
In Old Cheyenne Henchman 1941
Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie Rancher Barney 1941
Back in the Saddle Rider 1941
Prairie Pioneers Henchman 1941
The Phantom Cowboy Henchman with Fake Wound 1941
White Eagle Henchman 1941
Robin Hood of the Pecos Henchman 1941
The Wildcat of Tucson Rancher Jim 1940
Law and Order Cowhand 1940
Melody Ranch Autry Rider 1940
Three Men from Texas Henchman 1940
Cherokee Strip Henchman 1940
Prairie Schooners Farmer 1940
Under Texas Skies Rancher 1940
Colorado Deputy 1940
The Westerner Lee Webb 1940
The Sea Hawk Galley Slave 1940
Stage to Chino Townsman 1940
Deadwood Dick Henchman Steve / Steve - Henchman (Ch. 3) 1940
Carolina Moon Rodeo Rider 1940
Three Faces West Churchgoer 1940
Winners of the West Townsman / Townsman [Chs. 2-3, 5] 1940
One Man's Law Townsman 1940
The Return of Wild Bill Henchman Mike 1940
Gaucho Serenade Henchman on Train 1940
The Light of Western Stars Ranch Hand 1940
Riders of Pasco Basin Rancher 1940
Rancho Grande Henchman 1940
The Grapes of Wrath Buck Jackson - Witness at Dance 1940
The Showdown Barfly 1940
Pioneers of the Frontier Townsman 1940
Santa Fe Marshal Townsman 1940
Gone with the Wind Lumber Mill Convict 1940
South of the Border Bandit 1939
Henry Goes Arizona Man on Bus 1939
Saga of Death Valley Henchman 1939
Desperate Trails Barfly 1939
In Old Monterey Townsman 1939
New Frontier Roadblock Defender 1939
The Oregon Trail Pioneer at Wagon Train Camp / Pioneer at Wagon Train Camp [Ch.2 and Others] 1939
In Old Caliente Curly Henchman 1939
Mountain Rhythm Man in Car 1939
The Return of the Cisco Kid Posse Rider 1939
The Law Comes to Texas Henchman 1939
The Kid from Texas Texas Cowhand 1939
Frontier Pony Express Johnson Henchman 1939
Silver on the Sage Henchman Baker / Baker 1939
Southward Ho! Davidson / Jones 1939
Rough Riders' Round-up Henchman 1939
The Lone Ranger Rides Again Burning Wagon Raider / Burning Wagon Raider (Ch. 5) 1939
Code of the Cactus Henchman 1939
Shine on Harvest Moon Henchman 1938
The Frontiersmen Bar 20 Cowboy 1938
Santa Fe Stampede Townsman 1938
Prairie Moon Posse Rider 1938
Billy the Kid Returns Bart 1938
Sunset Trail Cowboy 1938
Flaming Frontiers Hank Johnson [Ch. 1] 1938
Gold Mine in the Sky Henchman Chet / Henchman 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Phantom Raider 1938
Six-Shootin' Sheriff Gambler 1938
Whirlwind Horseman Jack 1938
Outlaws of Sonora Henchman 1938
Call the Mesquiteers Deputy 1938
Frontier Town Barfly 1938
The Purple Vigilantes Townsman 1938
Partners of the Plains Henchman / Dialogue Gunman at Cabin Shootout 1938
Romance of the Rockies Henchman 1937
Outlaws of the Prairie Henchman 1937
Texas Trail Henchman 1937
Luck of Roaring Camp Starbottle 1937
Springtime in the Rockies Cowhand 1937
Danger Valley Henchman 1937
Prairie Thunder Man / Cave Henchman 1937
Black Aces Henchman 1937
Jungle Menace Henchman 1937
Heroes of the Alamo Hank Hunter 1937
Boothill Brigade Henchman Healy 1937
Riders of the Dawn Henchman 1937
Empty Holsters Rider 1937
Wild West Days Henchman 1937
Brothers of the West Henchman Larry / Larry, Tracy Henchman 1937
Yodelin' Kid from Pine Ridge Henchman 1937
Smoke Tree Range Henchman 1937
Reckless Ranger Henchman 1937
Come on, Cowboys Thin Henchman Capturing Lullaby 1937
Gun Lords of Stirrup Basin Mart - Henchman 1937
Guns in the Dark Jim Badger / Henchman Jim Badger 1937
Law of the Ranger Henchman 1937
Mystery Range Henchman 1937
Left Handed Law Henchman Jim 1937
Trail of Vengeance Joe - Henchman 1937
Land Beyond the Law Henchman 1937
The Feud of the Trail Holcomb Brother 1937
Round-Up Time in Texas Bill 1937
Borderland Barfly 1937
Dick Tracy Orderly-Thug 1937
Ranger Courage Horseshoe-Game Tosser 1937
The Old Corral Prisoner in Jail 1936
Empty Saddles Henchman 1936
Rio Grande Ranger Henchman 1936
The Boss Rider of Gun Creek Rustler 1936
Hopalong Cassidy Returns Saloon Patron / Barfly 1936
Undercover Man Barfly 1936
The Phantom Rider Gabe 1936
The Cowboy and the Kid Deputy 1936
Rhythm on the Range Rodeo Cowboy 1936
Guns and Guitars Henchman Buck 1936
Everyman's Law Homesteader 1936
Last of the Warrens Henchman 1936
Flash Gordon Shark Man 1936
Comin' 'Round the Mountain Henchman 1936
Wildcat Saunders Cowhand 1936
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Falin Clan Member 1936
The Lawless Nineties Henchman 1936
Valley of the Lawless Bushwhacker 1936
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell Bill / Stalking Indian 1936
The Singing Vagabond Raider 1935
The Courageous Avenger Prisoner 1935
Heir to Trouble Deputy 1935
The Fighting Marines Karlsson - Henchman 1935
The Ivory-Handled Gun Henchman 1935
Between Men Brawler Who Shoots Johnny 1935
The Eagle's Brood Barfly 1935
The Throwback Messenger 1935
No Man's Range Henchman 1935
The Man from Guntown Deputy Slim 1935
Western Frontier Henchman 1935
Rainbow's End Ranch Hand 1935
The Outlaw Deputy Jim - Henchman 1935
Border Brigands Jailed Henchman 1935
Sunset Range Cowhand 1935
Ruggles of Red Gap Cowboy 1935
The Phantom Empire Muranian 1935
Rustlers of Red Dog Henchman Hank [Chs. 1, 7. 9] / Henchman Hank 1935
Square Shooter Wagon Driver 1935
Mystery Mountain Jim - Teamster [Ch. 5] 1934
In Old Santa Fe Scrawny Deputy 1934
Tailspin Tommy Curly's Driver Henchman (Chs. 7-8) 1934
Rocky Rhodes Townsman 1934
The Red Rider Berg - Breen Henchman / Berg 1934
The Lost Jungle Steve 1934
Smoking Guns Henchman Jim 1934
Honor of the Range Cowhand 1934
Mystery Ranch Cowhand 1934
The Last Round-Up First Outlaw 1934
The Fighting Ranger Slim 1934
The Fighting Code Townsman Reporting Carter Shot 1933
Fargo Express Posseman 1933
Man of the Forest Red - Henchman 1933
Gordon of Ghost City Jeff 1933
The Fiddlin' Buckaroo Henchman 1933
The Man from Monterey Soldier 1933
Fighting with Kit Carson Mystery Rider 1933
Somewhere in Sonora Henchman 1933
The Thrill Hunter Deputy Jim 1933
Flaming Guns Ranch Hand Pete 1932
Haunted Gold Ed 1932
Between Fighting Men Cowhand 1932
Outlaw Justice Deputy 1932
Heritage of the Desert Ed Slade - Henchman 1932
The Big Stampede Settler 1932
The Fourth Horseman Townsman 1932
Come on Danger! Henchman 1932
Come on, Tarzan Jim - Cowhand 1932
Ride Him, Cowboy Hawk Henchman on Sentry 1932
Beyond the Rockies Sherman Henchman Pete 1932
The Night Rider Barfly 1932
Cornered Henchman 1932
Daring Danger Jim 1932
Heroes of the West Henchman Jim 1932
The Last of the Mohicans Dulac Henchman 1932
Border Devils Cowhand 1932
Whistlin' Dan Henchman 1932
The Saddle Buster Rodeo Wrangler 1932
Hell-Fire Austin Henchman 1932
Texas Gun Fighter Wagon Driver 1932
Law and Order Spectator at Hanging 1932
Partners Henry Jones 1932
Sunset Trail Henchman 1932
Without Honor Henchman 1932
The Pocatello Kid Cowhand 1931
One Man Law Rancher Retrieving Target 1931
The Range Feud Henchman 1931
Battling with Buffalo Bill Red Dirk (Ch. 1) 1931
Branded Men Jim - Henchman 1931
Freighters of Destiny Tom - Henchman / Jim 1931
Arizona Terror Posse Member 1931
Sundown Trail Henchman Blaney 1931
Caught Henchman 1931
Alias the Bad Man Slim - Henchman 1931
The Fighting Sheriff Barfly 1931
The Two Gun Man Henchman Jim 1931
Rider of the Plains Posse Rider 1931
Clearing the Range Jim - Henchman 1931
Cimarron Yountis Henchman 1931
Red Fork Range 'Apache' Joe 1931
Fighting Thru; or, California in 1878 Deputy Jim 1930
The Land of Missing Men Deputy Slim 1930
The Indians Are Coming Jim 1930
Canyon Hawks Curley 1930
The Lone Rider Henchman 1930
The Border Legion Kells Gang Member 1930
Near the Rainbow's End Henchman 1930
Mountain Justice Mountain Man 1930
Roaring Ranch Arsonist 1930
The Fighting Legion Drunk 1930
Lucky Larkin Henchman 1930
Courtin' Wildcats The Fugitive 1929
Hell's Heroes Barfly 1929
Tide of Empire Raider 1929
The Night Flyer Rowdy Cowboy 1928
Nevada Bearded Henchman 1927
The Last Outlaw Butch 1927
The Iron Rider Parson Larkin 1926
The Blind Trail Al Leitz 1926
Galloping On Henchman 1925
The Calgary Stampede Fred Burgess 1925
Wild Horse Mesa Jim Horn 1925
Cheyenne's Pal Noisy Jim 1917
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