Lafe McKee

IVA Star Rating : 44

Birth Name

Lafayette Stocking McKee


Tuesday, 23 January 1872


Monday, 10 August 1959

Actor Filmography

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Elderly Card Player 1976
Belle Starr's Daughter Old Man at Dance 1948
Mission to Moscow Radio Listener 1943
Kid Dynamite Pedestrian 1943
Inside the Law Pop Cobb (as Lafayette McKee) / Pop Cobb 1942
Meet John Doe Mr. Delaney 1941
Santa Fe Trail Minister 1940
Young People Man in recital audience 1940
When the Daltons Rode Doctor 1940
Dr. Christian Meets the Women Grandpa 1940
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Actor Filmography

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Elderly Card Player 1976
Belle Starr's Daughter Old Man at Dance 1948
Mission to Moscow Radio Listener 1943
Kid Dynamite Pedestrian 1943
Inside the Law Pop Cobb (as Lafayette McKee) / Pop Cobb 1942
Meet John Doe Mr. Delaney 1941
Santa Fe Trail Minister 1940
Young People Man in recital audience 1940
When the Daltons Rode Doctor 1940
Dr. Christian Meets the Women Grandpa 1940
Son of Roaring Dan Frank Brooke 1940
Bad Man from Red Butte Dan Toddhunter 1940
Hi-Yo Silver Rancher 1940
Covered Wagon Trails John Bradford 1940
Riders of Pasco Basin Uncle Dan 1940
Wild Horse Valley Elmer Kimball 1940
The Cheyenne Kid Roberts--Ranch Owner / Roberts 1940
Pioneers of the Frontier Mort Saunders 1940
Pioneer Days Sam - Express Agent 1940
Music in My Heart Tom - Stage Doorman 1940
Heroes in Blue Watchman 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Civil War Veteran at Lincoln Memorial 1939
The Man from Sundown Doctor Sprague 1939
The Oregon Trail Settler (archive footage) / Settler 1939
Spoilers of the Range Dance Judge 1939
The Lone Ranger Rides Again Townsman / Townsman [Ch. 6] 1939
Arizona Legion Sheriff 1939
Convict's Code Night Watchman 1939
Back of the Mike Pete Belden 1938
I'm from the City Colonel Bixby (as Lafayette McKee) / Colonel Bixby 1938
South of Arizona Lafe Brown 1938
Stagecoach Days Tom Larkin 1938
Six-Shootin' Sheriff Zeke 1938
Knight of the Plains John Lane 1938
Rawhide L.G. McDonnell 1938
Rolling Caravans Henry Rankin 1938
The Lone Ranger Murdered Rancher (Ch. 1) 1938
Gold Is Where You Find It Farmer in Courtroom 1938
The Singing Outlaw Wedding Party Guest 1937
The Fighting Deputy Frank Denton 1937
God's Country and the Man Middleton Doctor 1937
Western Gold Cabinet Member 1937
Heroes of the Alamo Lafe - Storekeeper 1937
The Rangers Step In Jed Warren 1937
The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen Tom Wilson 1937
Thanks for Listening Peter's Friend 1937
Lost Ranch John Carroll - Rita's Father 1937
Wild West Days Wagon Train Leader [Ch. 1)] 1937
The 13th Man Night Watchman 1937
Range Defenders Elderly Rancher 1937
Brothers of the West Sheriff Bains 1937
North of the Rio Grande Juror Joe 1937
Orphan of the Pecos Hank Gelbert 1937
The Painted Stallion Riverboat Captain (Ch.1) 1937
Reckless Ranger Elder Sheepman 1937
Law of the Ranger Mr. Polk 1937
Mystery Range Jed Travis 1937
Melody of the Plains Dad Langley 1937
The Feud of the Trail John Granger 1937
Santa Fe Rides 'Dad' Sheldon 1937
Ranger Courage Stable Owner 1937
Red Lights Ahead Lodge Member 1936
The Fugitive Sheriff Conductor 1936
Men of the Plains Marshal Ed Green 1936
Missing Girls Waise 1936
Santa Fe Bound Sheriff 1936
Idaho Kid John Endicott 1936
The Final Hour Blind Tom 1936
The Phantom Rider Jeff Grayson (Ch. 2) / Jeff Grayson 1936
The Cowboy and the Kid Sheriff Bailey 1936
Easy Money Witness / Henchman "Pop" 1936
For the Service Rancher Johnson 1936
The Lonely Trail Prisoner Shot in the Back 1936
Last of the Warrens Sheriff Blake 1936
Roamin' Wild Dad Parker / 'Dad' Parker 1936
Lightnin' Bill Carson Costello / Don Costello 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Unemployed Farmer in Line and Courtroom 1936
Heroes of the Range Dr. Brownlee 1936
Silly Billies Pioneer 1936
The Little Red Schoolhouse Watchman 1936
The Bridge of Sighs Lester - Taffy Peddler 1936
Dangerous Waters Old Skipper 1936
The Kid Ranger Jim Burton 1936
The Mysterious Avenger Maitland 1936
Custer's Last Stand Capt. Benteen [Ch. 14] / Captain Benteen 1936
Murder on the Road Captain Bradshaw 1936
Swifty Sandy McGregor 1935
Heir to Trouble Station Agent 1935
The Cheyenne Tornado Seth Darnell 1935
The Law of the 45's Charlie Hayden (Joan's Father) / Charlie Hayden 1935
The Last of the Clintons Sam Slater 1935
The Ivory-Handled Gun Sheriff Crane 1935
False Pretenses Doorman 1935
The Throwback Race Spectator 1935
Frontier Justice 1935
The Girl Friend Station Agent 1935
Thunder Mountain Dissident Miner at Bar 1935
Rio Rattler Pop - Hotel Owner (as Lafayette McKee) / Pop - Hotel Owner 1935
The Keeper of the Bees Dr. Grayson 1935
Men of Action Rancher / California Rancher 1935
Get That Man Watkins, Auto Court Proprietor 1935
Born to Gamble Prospector at Card Game 1935
The Roaring West Stage Passenger [ch. 1] 1935
Riding Wild Preacher 1935
The Girl Who Came Back Bank Guard 1935
The Laramie Kid Crews - Lawyer 1935
What Price Crime Night Watchman 1935
The Awakening of Jim Burke Undetermined Role 1935
The Hawk Jim King 1935
The Test Dad McVey 1935
The Silver Bullet Dad Kane 1935
Gun Smoke Sheriff Rutherford 1935
Party Wire Townsman in Pool Hall 1935
The Desert Trail Poker City Sheriff 1935
Queen of the Jungle Kali 1935
The Miracle Rider Colonel Beckett [Ch. 1] 1935
The Ghost Rider Zeke 1935
The Cowboy and the Bandit Sheriff of Pampa 1935
Circumstantial Evidence Jury Foreman 1935
One in a Million 2nd License Clerk 1935
The Revenge Rider Minister 1935
Rainbow Valley Storekeeper 1935
Tracy Rides Jim Green 1935
The Marriage Bargain Squire Davis 1935
Blazing Guns John Rickard 1935
Wolf Riders John Clark - Indian Agent 1935
Northern Frontier Old Trapper 1935
Coyote Trails John Baker 1935
Rustlers of Red Dog Bob Lee [Chs. 1-3] / Bob Lee [Chs. 1-4] 1935
Big Boy Rides Again Tap Smiley 1935
Western Justice Sheriff, alias King / Sheriff / King 1934
Mystery Mountain Jim Corwin [Ch. 1] 1934
Range Warfare Wade Callahan 1934
Frontier Days Hank Wilson 1934
Outlaw's Highway Sheriff Ed Hibbs 1934
The Fighting Trooper Old Trapper 1934
Port of Lost Dreams Justice of the Peace 1934
The Curtain Falls Minor Role 1934
The Dude Ranger Al - Bank Customer 1934
Law of the Wild Charles Ingram [Chs. 1, 3, 12] 1934
A Demon for Trouble Sheriff 1934
Rawhide Mail Sheriff 1934
Hell Bent for Love Dad Daley 1934
The Man from Utah Judge Carter 1934
Blue Steel Dan Mason 1934
City Park Matt O'Donnell 1934
Honor of the Range Townsman 1934
Mystery Ranch Sheriff 1934
Rawhide Romance Roger Whitney 1934
Ridin' Thru Elmer 'Dad' Brooks 1934
West of the Divide Fred Winters 1934
The Quitter Zack 1934
Kid Courageous William Bannister 1934
Lighting Bill Tom Ross 1934
The Boss Cowboy Nolan 1934
The Mystery Squadron Stephen Gray 1933
Gun Justice Postmaster 1933
Jaws of Justice 'Seeker' Dean 1933
Lightning Range Judge Williams 1933
Only Yesterday Father at Train Station / Father at Train Station (Uncredited) 1933
Riders of Destiny Sheriff Bill Baxter 1933
Curtain at Eight Perkins - Harrisburg County Sheriff 1933
The Wolf Dog Dr. Smith - Veterinarian 1933
War of the Range Cattle Buyer Cartwright 1933
Golden Harvest Wheat Farmer 1933
The Trail Drive Jameson 1933
Gordon of Ghost City Bill Simpson 1933
Galloping Romeo Marshal Gregory 1933
The Man from Monterey Don Jose Castanares 1933
Fighting with Kit Carson Luke Foster 1933
Fighting Texans Sheriff Jim Carver 1933
I Have Lived Stage Manager 1933
King of the Arena Townsman 1933
Cross Fire Daniel Plummer 1933
Deadwood Pass Sheriff Rawlins 1933
The Whispering Shadow D.W. Jerome - Company Vice President / Prince Alexander, alias Mr. Jerome 1933
The Dude Bandit Brown - Rancher 1933
The Telegraph Trail Lafe 1933
Silent Men Doc Smith 1933
Forgotten Foundation Home Resident 1933
Treason Union Officer 1933
Man of Action Matt Sherman 1933
The Wyoming Whirlwind Elder Townsman 1932
Tombstone Canyon Colonel Lee 1932
End of the Trail Colonel John Burke 1932
The Fighting Champ Sheriff Jim Cosgrove 1932
Self Defense Sandy McKenzie 1932
The Secrets of Wu Sin Justice of the Peace 1932
Young Blood Colonel Bondage 1932
Gold Jeff Sellers 1932
The Big Stampede Cal Brett 1932
Klondike Seth 1932
Ride Him, Cowboy Marty Gordon - Rancher 1932
Gorilla Ship Old Man 1932
The Boiling Point Tom Kirk 1932
Heroes of the West Townsman 1932
Beauty Parlor Reverend Parker 1932
The Rider of Death Valley Prospector 1932
The Man from New Mexico Sheriff 1932
Lena Rivers Fisherman 1932
Hell-Fire Austin Uncle Joe Brooks 1932
Spirit of the West Bowie Moore - Rancher 1932
Single-Handed Sanders Dr. Walker 1932
Mark of the Spur 'Hardshell' Beckett 1932
The Texan Jim 1932
The Local Bad Man McKee - New Mexico Depot Stationmaster 1932
Ridin' for Justice Townsman 1932
Without Honor Ranger Capt. Frank Henderson / Ranger Captain Frank Henderson 1932
Thunderbolt Tom 1931
The Gay Buckaroo Mr. Fields 1931
The Lightning Warrior John Hayden 1931
The Fighting Marshal Clint Wheeler 1931
Cyclone Kid Harvey Comstock 1931
Lariats and Six-Shooters 1931
Border Law Stage Line Agent 1931
Range Law Old Frisco / 'Old' Frisco 1931
The Hurricane Horseman Don Roberto 1931
Grief Street Michael - Stage Doorman / Michael, theater watchman 1931
Branded Atty. Joseph Hines 1931
The Galloping Ghost Narrator / Police Broadcaster 1931
Law of the Rio Grande Rancher 1931
The Lady from Nowhere Henchman Snowden / Snowden - Henchman 1931
Partners of the Trail Sheriff McWade 1931
The Miracle Woman Man in audience 1931
Alias the Bad Man Clem Neville 1931
The Vanishing Legion T.J. Hornbeck 1931
The Fighting Sheriff Doc Harris 1931
The Two Gun Man Joe Kearney 1931
King of the Wild Police Inspector / Narrator 1931
West of Cheyenne Lafe Langdon 1931
Red Fork Range Charles Farell / Colonel Leading Wagon Train 1931
Breed of the West Colonel Sterner - aka Bradley 1930
The Utah Kid Parson Joe 1930
Code of Honor Dad Bradfield 1930
Men Without Law Townsman 1930
The Indians Are Coming Lafe (Ch's 3,5) 1930
Shadow Ranch Cattleman 1930
Under Montana Skies Sheriff Pinkie 1930
The Lone Rider Corwin 1930
Near the Rainbow's End Tom Bledsoe 1930
The Fighting Legion Card-Player 1930
The Lone Defender Sheriff Billings 1930
The King of the Kongo Trader John 1929
Evangeline Townsman 1929
The California Mail William Butler 1929
The Code of the Scarlet Fur Trapper 1928
The Upland Rider John Graham 1928
The Desert of the Lost Boat Captain 1927
The Red Raiders Lafe 1927
The Patent Leather Kid Fight Spectator 1927
The Land Beyond the Law Nester Leader 1927
Hell Hounds of the Plains Big John Lawson 1927
Officer '444' Capt. Jerry Dugan 1926
Sporting Life Stage Doorman 1925
Warrior Gap John Folsom 1925
Thundering Romance The Sheriff 1924
Hard-Hittin' Hamilton Jim Downing 1924
The Hoodlum Board of Directors 1919
Little Orphant Annie The Good Squire 1918
The Adventures of Kathlyn Col. Hare 1913
Thor, Lord of the Jungles John Brant - Gene's Father 1913
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