Sherry Hall

IVA Star Rating : 52

Birth Name

Sheridan Francis Hall


Monday, 08 August 1892


Friday, 06 April 1984

Actor Filmography

Torpedo of Doom Mr. Brown 1966
Perry Mason Bailiff, Court Clerk 1957
MGM Parade Carl Lawrence 1955
Carrie Theatre Cashier 1952
With a Song in My Heart Dr. Jameson 1952
It's a Big Country: An American Anthology Census Bureau Assistant Supervisor 1951
Golden Girl Miner 1951
The Well Manners 1951
The Strip Veterans Administration Doctor 1951
Chain of Circumstance Older Man 1951
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Actor Filmography

Torpedo of Doom Mr. Brown 1966
Perry Mason Bailiff, Court Clerk 1957
MGM Parade Carl Lawrence 1955
Carrie Theatre Cashier 1952
With a Song in My Heart Dr. Jameson 1952
It's a Big Country: An American Anthology Census Bureau Assistant Supervisor 1951
Golden Girl Miner 1951
The Well Manners 1951
The Strip Veterans Administration Doctor 1951
Chain of Circumstance Older Man 1951
The Tall Target Man in Boarding Line 1951
On Moonlight Bay Ticket Seller 1951
The Prowler John Gilvray 1951
Inside Straight Broker 1951
Gambling House Robbins 1950
The Magnificent Yankee Reporter 1950
Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Malone Gateman 1950
Frenchie Saloon Patron 1950
Dial 1119 Reporter 1950
Mister 880 Cigar Store Clerk 1950
My Blue Heaven Television Director 1950
The Men Bartender 1950
Three Little Words Pianist in Clanahan's 1950
The Second Woman Van Dyke 1950
Mystery Street Car Insurance Clerk 1950
The Gunfighter Townsman 1950
Father of the Bride Engagement Party Guest 1950
Please Believe Me Elevator Operator 1950
Riding High One of Howard's Men 1950
Dancing in the Dark Hal 1949
White Heat Court Clerk 1949
The Lady Gambles Horse Player 1949
Force of Evil Sorter 1949
Impact Court Clerk 1949
The Barkleys of Broadway Chauffeur 1949
Words and Music Tommy 1948
Big City Court Clerk 1948
The Invisible Wall Earl Taylor 1947
Backlash Coroner's Deputy 1947
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman Cab Driver 1947
That Brennan Girl Undetermined Secondary Role 1946
Lady in the Lake Party Guest / Party Guest (Uncredited) 1946
Child of Divorce Court Clerk 1946
Accomplice Ben Castleman 1946
Monsieur Beaucaire Sentry 1946
Canyon Passage Clerk 1946
The Shadow Returns Robert Buell 1946
Scarlet Street Employee 1945
They Were Expendable Marine Major 1945
Don't Fence Me In Governor's Aide 1945
Isle of the Dead Col. Kobestes 1945
On Stage Everybody Sponsor 1945
The Brighton Strangler Hotel Desk Clerk / Hotel Desk Clerk (Uncredited) 1945
Circumstantial Evidence Court Clerk 1945
Having Wonderful Crime Truck 1945
Jungle Queen Henchman in Alley 1945
Experiment Perilous Josh - Hotel Desk Clerk 1944
Blonde Fever Second Waiter 1944
Girl Rush Monk 1944
Music in Manhattan Chauffeur 1944
Greenwich Village Assistant Set Designer 1944
The Falcon in Mexico Ajax Policeman 1944
Wilson Reporter 1944
Step Lively Bank Messenger 1944
A Night of Adventure Court Clerk 1944
Around the World Clipper Steward 1943
The Dancing Masters Dentist 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Reporter 1943
Salute to the Marines Officer Watching Maneuvers 1943
A Woman's Face Bailiff 1941
Sleepers West Dining Car Steward 1941
The Wild Man of Borneo Passerby 1941
Michael Shayne: Private Detective 2nd Bartender 1940
Charter Pilot Steven 1940
Hullabaloo Passerby 1940
Arise, My Love American Correspondent / American Correspondent (Uncredited) 1940
The Return of Frank James Court Clerk 1940
Pier 13 Hotel Desk Clerk 1940
We Who Are Young 4th Employment Clerk 1940
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise Radio Operator 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Court Clerk 1940
The Gentleman from Arizona The Gimp 1939
Too Busy to Work Anbruster 1939
A Woman Is the Judge Court Clerk 1939
Mexicali Rose Fiesta Guest 1939
Sergeant Madden Waiter 1939
Society Lawyer Elevator Operator 1939
Risky Business Police Detective 1939
Kentucky Chalker 1938
Adventure in Sahara Sick Legionnaire 1938
Men with Wings Field Official 1938
Red Barry Wallace 1938
Meet the Girls Steward 1938
Dick Tracy Returns Dayton 1938
The Crowd Roars Reporter 1938
Crime Ring Marvin's Receptionist 1938
Woman Against Woman Court Attendant 1938
One Wild Night Henchman 1938
The Fighting Devil Dogs Mr. Brown (Ch. 2, 3) 1938
Kentucky Moonshine Reporter 1938
Call of the Yukon Ed 1938
Mr. Moto's Gamble Ticket-Taker 1938
In Old Chicago Court Clerk 1938
Walking Down Broadway Clerk 1938
The Big Broadcast of 1938 2nd Reporter 1938
What Price Safety! Dorety's Assistant 1938
International Settlement Steward 1938
Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo Bartender 1938
Wells Fargo Clerk 1937
Missing Witnesses Hotel Manager 1937
She Married an Artist Reporter 1937
Portia on Trial Bailiff 1937
A Girl with Ideas Jury Foreman 1937
Charlie Chan on Broadway Reporter 1937
All Over Town Costumer's Assistant 1937
The Man Who Cried Wolf Ballistics Expert 1937
High, Wide and Handsome Piano Player 1937
Meet the Boy Friend Master of Ceremonies 1937
West Bound Limited Hillsbro Dispatcher 1937
Love in a Bungalow Clerk in Bisbee's Office 1937
Affairs of Cappy Ricks Rankin 1937
Wings Over Honolulu Marine 1937
Captains Courageous Bit Role 1937
A Star Is Born Court Clerk 1937
Midnight Taxi Monte 1937
Step Lively, Jeeves! Reporter 1937
Let's Get Married Reporter 1937
Love Is News Salesman 1937
Mama Steps Out Steward 1937
Girl Overboard Reporter 1937
Man of the People First Clerk 1937
Woman in Distress Daily 1937
After the Thin Man Photographer 1936
Career Woman Court Clerk--New York 1936
Born to Dance Cameraman 1936
Mad Holiday Radio Operator 1936
Theodora Goes Wild Reporter 1936
Under Your Spell Court Clerk 1936
Libeled Lady Denver Courier Editor 1936
The Longest Night Store Switchboard Operator 1936
Sworn Enemy 2nd Fight Announcer 1936
His Brother's Wife Sam - a Researcher 1936
36 Hours to Kill Traveler 1936
High Tension Heckling Clerk 1936
The Devil-Doll Detective 1936
San Francisco Well-Wisher 1936
Fury Court Clerk 1936
F-Man Man in Drugstore 1936
Small Town Girl Tom 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Charlie 1936
Three Godfathers Pianist 1936
Riffraff Fisherman 1936
Magnificent Obsession Man on Boat 1935
In Person Studio Representative 1935
Hot Money Apartment Desk Clerk 1935
Rendezvous Pvt. Dean 1935
3 Kids and a Queen Reporter 1935
It's in the Air Garbage-Seeker 1935
Here Comes the Band Oboist 1935
China Seas Ship's Engineer 1935
Going Highbrow United Press Reporter 1935
Let 'em Have It Assistant 1935
Age of Indiscretion Court Clerk 1935
Times Square Lady Ship's Steward 1935
Sweet Music Pete Daisy - Reporter 1935
The Whole Town's Talking Reporter 1935
Shadow of Doubt Reporter 1935
The Winning Ticket Officer 1935
Mystery Woman Gangster 1935
Broadway Bill Morgan's Henchman 1934
I Am a Thief Desk Clerk 1934
The St. Louis Kid Hotel Desk Clerk 1934
Evelyn Prentice Court Clerk 1934
I Sell Anything Porter on Ship 1934
Student Tour Radio Announcer 1934
Death on the Diamond Game Radio Announcer 1934
Straight Is the Way Radio Salesman 1934
Call It Luck Steward 1934
Charlie Chan's Courage Assistant Director 1934
Operator 13 Army Officer 1934
The Thin Man Taxi Driver 1934
Hollywood Party Butler Mixing Drinks 1934
Manhattan Melodrama Assistant District Attorney 1934
Twentieth Century Reporter 1934
Coming Out Party Cameraman 1934
The Show-Off Ship #1 Officer 1934
It Happened One Night Drunk Reporter 1934
Fugitive Lovers Bus Station Clerk 1934
Above the Clouds Doyle 1933
Night Flight Airport Office Employee 1933
My Woman Studio Announcer / Studio Announcer (Uncredited) 1933
Lady for a Day Ship News Reporter 1933
Broadway to Hollywood Assistant on Film Set 1933
Turn Back the Clock Reporter 1933
Another Language Purser 1933
Made on Broadway Reporter 1933
Christopher Strong American Radio Announcer 1933
Men Must Fight Protesting Audience Member 1933
What-No Beer? Moran's Henchman 1933
Air Hostess Airline Official 1933
Lawyer Man Court Clerk 1932
Rasputin and the Empress Officer Watching Celebration Mass 1932
Virtue Charlie 1932
Washington Merry-Go-Round Building Superintendent 1932
Hat Check Girl Bartender 1932
Blondie of the Follies Party Guest 1932
The Night Mayor Bill 1932
American Madness Carter 1932
Miss Pinkerton Police Stenographer 1932
Grand Hotel Hotel Guest 1932
Attorney for the Defense Reporter 1932
The Miracle Man Railroad Ticket Agent 1932
The Wet Parade Would-Be Bootlegger 1932
The Big Timer Fight Spectator 1932
Alias the Doctor Gallery Observor 1932
Lady with a Past Reporter / Reporter (Uncredited) 1932
The Beast of the City Reporter in Jim's Office 1932
The Final Edition District Attorney's Secretary 1932
Hell Divers Naval Officer 1932
Manhattan Parade Suit of Iron Dresser 1932
Forbidden Henry 1932
Emma Magazine and Candy Clerk 1932
Ladies of the Big House Herald Reporter 1931
Men in Her Life Man in Courtroom 1931
Arrowsmith Reporter 1931
Blonde Crazy Tobacco Counterman 1931
West of Broadway Medical Officer / Lawyer 1931
The Guilty Generation Party Guest 1931
Secret Service Telegrapher 1931
The Sin of Madelon Claudet Waiter 1931
Monkey Business Reporter 1931
An American Tragedy Reporter in Courtroom 1931
The Great Lover Stapleton's Secretary 1931
Five and Ten Albert 1931
Laughing Sinners Poker-Playing Salesman 1931
Dance, Fools, Dance Reporter 1931
Our Blushing Brides Theatre Patron Behind Jerry 1930
Wild Company Cashier 1930
The Vagabond Lover NBC Radio Announcer 1929
Jazz Heaven Radio Announcer 1929
Marianne Soldier in Russart's Office 1929
The Donovan Affair Gambler 1929
Weary River Prison Phone Operator 1929
Romance of the Underworld Pianist 1928
The Racket Orchestra Leader 1928
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