William B. Davidson

IVA Star Rating : 46
William B. Davidson was an American film actor.

William B. Davidson was an American film actor.

Birth Name

William Beatman Davidson


Saturday, 16 June 1888


Sunday, 28 September 1947

Actor Filmography

She's Gotta Have It Man Buying Cigar (archive footage) 2017
Brother Can You Spare A Dime (archive footage) 1975
My Wild Irish Rose Brewster - Three Tycoons (as William Davidson) 1947
The Judge Steps Out Colonel Bright 1947
That Hagen Girl Mr. Bowman (uncredited) 1947
That's My Man Monte - Racing Steward 1947
Dick Tracy's Dilemma Peter Premium 1947
The Farmer's Daughter Eckers 1947
Plainsman and the Lady Mr. Russell 1946
My Darling Clementine Saloon Owner 1946
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Actor Filmography

She's Gotta Have It Man Buying Cigar (archive footage) 2017
Brother Can You Spare A Dime (archive footage) 1975
My Wild Irish Rose Brewster - Three Tycoons (as William Davidson) 1947
The Judge Steps Out Colonel Bright 1947
That Hagen Girl Mr. Bowman (uncredited) 1947
That's My Man Monte - Racing Steward 1947
Dick Tracy's Dilemma Peter Premium 1947
The Farmer's Daughter Eckers 1947
Plainsman and the Lady Mr. Russell 1946
My Darling Clementine Saloon Owner 1946
The Cat Creeps James Walsh (as William Davidson) 1946
Ding Dong Williams Mr. Saul Dana (as William Davidson) 1946
The Hoodlum Saint Annoyed Man (scenes deleted) 1946
Blonde Alibi Police Capt. Hurley 1946
The Notorious Lone Wolf Inspector Crane (as William Davidson) 1946
Tell It To A Star Brannigan 1945
Blonde Ransom Police Captain (as Bill Davidson) 1945
Circumstantial Evidence Chairman 1945
The Man Who Walked Alone The Governor 1945
See My Lawyer Judge 1945
In Society Parker 1944
A Night of Adventure Gilbert J. Regan 1944
Up In Arms Maxwell / Woman on Cable Car 1944
Strange Confession Adjutant 1944
In Old Oklahoma Master of Ceremonies 1943
Murder On The Waterfront Capt. David Towne 1943
The Good Fellows Blake 1943
Mission to Moscow Senator 1943
Truck Busters Stephen S. Gray 1943
Calaboose Sheriff George Lane (as William Davidson) 1943
City Without Men Prison Warden 1943
Gentleman Jim Donovan (uncredited) 1942
Careful, Soft Shoulders Mr. Aldrich 1942
The Magnificent Dope Mr. Reindel 1942
The Affairs of Martha Homer Jacell 1942
Yankee Doodle Dandy New York Stage Manager 1942
Juke Girl Paley 1942
In This Our Life Jim Purdy 1942
A Night Before Christmas McCarthy 1942
The Great Man's Lady Sen. Knobs 1942
The Male Animal Alumnus 1942
The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine Cyrus Ballard 1942
A Gentleman at Heart Tiny 1942
Over My Dead Body Crole (as William Davidson) 1942
Remember the Day Committeeman 1941
Keep 'Em Flying Gonigle (as William Davidson) 1941
Three Girls About Town Labor Leader 1941
Week-End in Havana Captain Moss (as William Davidson) 1941
We Go Fast Nightclub Manager 1941
Sun Valley Serenade Murray (as William Davidson) 1941
Highway West Gorman 1941
Hold That Ghost Moose Matson (as William Davidson) 1941
Three Sons o' Guns Baxter (as William Davidson) 1941
In the Navy Capt. Richards 1941
Thieves Fall Out Harry Eckles (as William Davidson) 1941
The Lady from Cheyenne Nye Dunbar (as William Davidson) 1941
Man Made Monster District Attorney Ralph B. Stanley (as William Davidson) 1941
San Francisco Docks Dist. Atty. Craig 1941
Uncle Joe Mr. Day 1941
A Night at Earl Carroll's Mayor Green of San Bernadino 1940
Lady with Red Hair Stock Company Manager 1940
Tin Pan Alley Hotel Manager 1940
Sandy Gets Her Man Councilman Charles J. Clark (as William Davidson) 1940
Seven Sinners Police Chief (as William Davidson) 1940
Hired Wife Mumford (as William Davidson) 1940
Maryland John Addison 1940
My Love Came Back Agent (as William Davidson) 1940
Sailor's Lady Judge Hinsdale 1940
Florian Archduke Franz Ferdinand 1940
Girl in 313 George Grayson 1940
Lillian Russell President Cleveland (as William Davidson) 1940
On Their Own Judge Bull 1940
Half A Sinner Slick Capasco 1940
My Little Chickadee Sheriff of Little Bend 1940
3 Cheers for the Irish Police Commissioner (as William Davidson) 1940
Granny Get Your Gun Fitzgerald (as William Davidson) 1940
Invisible Stripes Montgomery 1939
The Honeymoon's Over Crane 1939
Private Detective Inspector Evans (as William Davidson) 1939
Smashing the Money Ring Warden Denby (as William Davidson) 1939
Honeymoon in Bali Store Detective 1939
Dust Be My Destiny Warden (as William Davidson) 1939
Hidden Power Foster 1939
Each Dawn I Die Bill Mason (as William Davidson) 1939
When Tomorrow Comes Army Captain 1939
Indianapolis Speedway Duncan Martin (as William Davidson) 1939
Naughty But Nice Samuel 'Sam' 'Simsy' Hudson - Music Publisher (as Bill Davidson) 1939
On Trial Mr. Gray (as William Davidson) 1939
Sudden Money Sam 1939
Blackwell's Island Defense Attorney Hempel (as William Davidson) 1939
Three Smart Girls Grow Up Stock Broker 1939
Blondie Meets the Boss Elderly Man in Café 1939
Tail Spin Sales Manager 1939
They Made Me a Criminal Ennis (as William Davidson) 1939
Off the Record Scotty 1939
Illegal Traffic Dalton 1938
Mr. Doodle Kicks Off Ellory Bugs - Jimmie's Father 1938
Letter of Introduction Mr. Raleigh 1938
Racket Busters Manhatten Trucking Chairman 1938
Cowboy from Brooklyn Mr. 'W.P.' Alvey (as William Davidson) 1938
Blockade Commandant (as Wm. B. Davidson) 1938
You and Me N.G. Borton, Attorney-at-Law 1938
Cocoanut Grove Hawtrey 1938
The Jury's Secret Page 1938
Hollywood Hotel Director Kelton (as William Davidson) 1938
Sergeant Murphy Maj. Gruff (as William Davidson) 1938
Love on Toast Jonathan 1937
The Hurricane Abusive Drunk 1937
Something To Sing About Mr. Richards (as William Davidson) 1937
Behind the Mike Cyrus Wittles 1937
It Happened in Hollywood Al Howard 1937
Paradise Isle Hoener 1937
Easy Living Mr. Hyde 1937
Ever Since Eve Henderson (as William Davidson) 1937
Marry the Girl Drake (as William Davidson) 1937
The Road Back Bartscher 1937
Affairs of Cappy Ricks Waldo P. Bottomly Sr. 1937
Melody For Two Mr. Hale 1937
Let Them Live The Editor 1937
Marked Woman Bob Crandall 1937
Midnight Court Alfred H. Kruger (as William Davidson) 1937
Gold Diggers Of 1937 Andy Callahan (as Wm. Davidson) 1936
Mind Your Own Business Undetermined Supporting Role (scenes deleted) 1936
Earthworm Tractors Mr. Jackson (as William Davidson) 1936
Satan Met a Lady Spokesman - City Fathers Committee 1936
The Big Noise Welford Andrews (as William Davidson) 1936
Murder by an Aristocrat Bayard Thatcher (as William Davidson) 1936
Fatal Lady Detective 1936
The Singing Kid Barney Hammond (as Wm. Davidson) 1936
Road Gang Atty. Gen. Marsden (as William Davidson) 1936
Love on a Bet A.W. Hutchinson 1936
You May Be Next! Official (uncredited) 1936
Dangerous Reed Walsh (as William Davidson) 1935
Show Them No Mercy! Chief Haggerty (as William Davidson) 1935
In Person Director Bill Sutter 1935
Special Agent Charlie Young (as William Davidson) 1935
Woman Wanted Collins 1935
Oil For The Lamps Of China E.H. Swaley (as William Davidson) 1935
Go Into Your Dance Tom McGee (as William Davidson) 1935
A Night at the Ritz Connolly, an Editor (as William Davidson) 1935
Roberta Ship's Officer 1935
Death Flies East Police Captain Barrie 1935
Sweet Music Billy Madison 1935
The Woman in Red Mr. Goodyear, Guest on Yacht 1935
Devil Dogs of the Air Adjutant (as William Davidson) 1935
Bordertown Dr. Carter (as William Davidson) / Manuel Diego 1935
The Man Who Reclaimed His Head Charles (as William Davidson) 1934
The Secret Bride Representative McPherson (as William Davidson) 1934
The St. Louis Kid Joe Hunter (as William Davidson) 1934
The Dragon Murder Case Greeff (as William Davidson) 1934
Housewife Nan's Attorney 1934
Friends Of Mr. Sweeney Stephen Prime (as William Davidson) 1934
Fog Over Frisco Joe Hogue - Editor (as William Davidson) 1934
Upperworld City Editor (uncredited) 1934
Laughing Boy George Hartshorne (as William Davidson) 1934
Easy to Love Dr. Donald W. Swope 1934
Lady Killer Director Williams (as William Davidson) 1933
Meet The Baron General Broadcasting Representative 1933
I'm No Angel The Chump (as Wm. B. Davidson) 1933
How to Break 90 #3: Hip Action Himself 1933
The Intruder Det. Lt. Samson 1933
Hello, Everybody! Mr. Parker 1933
The Animal Kingdom 1932
Guilty or Not Guilty Chief 1932
The Sport Parade Kendricks 1932
The Pride of the Legion Police Sgt. Arnold 1932
Her Mad Night District Attorney 1932
The Most Dangerous Game Captain (as William Davidson) 1932
Guilty as Hell Governor 1932
Scarface Citizens Committee Member 1932
Sky Devils Captain 1932
The Lost Squadron Lelewer (as William Davidson) 1932
The Menace John Utterson 1932
Graft M.H. Thomas 1931
The Secret Call Jim Blake 1931
The Vice Squad Magistrate Tom Morrison 1931
Windy Riley Goes Hollywood (as William Davidson) 1931
How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones, No. 2: 'Chip Shots' Himself - Golfer 1931
Dishonored 2nd Firing Squad Officer 1931
Captain Applejack Bill Dennett (as William Davidson) 1931
No Limit Wilkie 1931
Hook Line and Sinker Frank Dukette (as William Davidson) 1930
Oh, for a Man! Kerry Stokes 1930
Hell's Angels Staff Major 1930
The Silver Horde Tom Hilliard (as William Davidson) 1930
Playboy of Paris Monsieur Bannack 1930
Scarlet Pages Jackson 1930
For the Defense Dist. Atty. Stone 1930
A Man From Wyoming Major 1930
Men Are Like That Frank Hyland 1930
Woman Trap Watts 1929
Queen of the Night Clubs Assistant District Attorney (as William Davidson) 1929
A Gentleman of Paris Henri Dufour 1927
The Cradle Snatchers Roy Ladd 1927
The Last Trail Kurt Morley (as William Davidson) 1927
Recompense Col. Donovan 1925
Adam and Eva Dr. Delamater 1923
The Dumb-Bell 1922
A Child for Sale Dr. Gordon (as William Davidson) 1920
Partners of the Night Robert Clifford 1920
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