I Love Money

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Over the past three years 100 plus young men and women have competed on eight record-breaking VH1 shows. All of them were on a quest to find true love. Now they're fighting for $250,000!

Over the past three years 100 plus young men and women have competed on eight record-breaking VH1 shows. All of them were on a quest to find true love. Now they're fighting for $250,000!

Original Release

07/01/2008 on VH1

US Release




# Title Air Date
1 Game On! Thursday, 16 September 2010
2 Boobs or Brawn Thursday, 23 September 2010
3 Bedlam Thursday, 30 September 2010
4 Episode #4.4 Wednesday, 06 October 2010
5 Episode #4.5 Wednesday, 13 October 2010
6 Episode #4.6 Wednesday, 20 October 2010
7 Episode #4.7 Wednesday, 27 October 2010
8 Episode #4.8 Wednesday, 03 November 2010
9 Dealing with the Devil Wednesday, 10 November 2010
10 A Date with Destiny Wednesday, 17 November 2010
11 Eat Your Heat Out Wednesday, 24 November 2010
12 The Final Showdown Wednesday, 01 December 2010


David Charles Sullivan, Tom Maguire


Cris Abrego, Mark Cronin


Mark Cronin, Cris Abrego



Ben Samek Executive Producer
Mark Cronin Executive Producer
Matt Odgers Executive Producer
Jill Holmes Executive Producer
Kristen Kelly Executive Producer
Scott Teti Executive Producer
Jeff Olde Executive Producer
Cris Abrego Executive Producer
Michelle Brando Executive Producer
Leah Horwitz Executive Producer
Fred Birckhead Executive Producer
Courtland Cox Executive Producer
Walt Omiecinski Executive Producer
Anthony Zaldivar Producer
Lori Gordon Producer
Christopher C. Miller Producer
Benjamin Taylor Producer
Eva Contreras Producer
Joseph Ruzer Producer
Shannon Horan Producer
Glenn Carrano Producer
Arjen van Eijmeren Producer
Lisa Lopez Producer
Kathryn Bryant Producer
Shawn Mahoney Producer
Seth Frye Producer
Malia McInnes Producer
Diego Gonzales Producer
Zach Kozek Producer
Trish Norton Producer
Erica Ross Producer
David Sullivan Producer
Fred Birckhead Producer
Ryan Smith Producer
Jake Medway Producer
Colleen Miller Producer
Michelle Brando Producer
Cris Abrego Producer
Jaz Buzz Berger Producer
Lisa Fletcher Producer
Allison Schermerhorn Producer
David Markus Producer
Jason Ervin Producer
Shawn Striegel Producer
Angela Shelley Producer
Diego Delgato Producer
Allegra Newman Producer
Scott Paskoff Producer
Audrey Leczinsky Producer
Nick Capodice Producer
Justin Silva Producer
Justin Rae Barnes Producer
Tal Kayatsky Producer
Mandy Salangsang Producer
Brett-Patrick Jenkins Producer
Johnique Tullis-Brodie Producer
Steve Kaufman Producer
Amy Stark Producer
Brooks Todd Producer
Desiree Sanchezaldona Lopez Producer
Kerry Druckman Producer
Erin Shea Producer
Sam Schuder Producer
Kristen Kelly Producer
Danielle Ghilardi Producer
Scott Teti Producer
Lisa Lopez Producer
Jill Holmes Producer
David Sullivan Producer
Jeff Olde Producer
Mark Cronin Producer
Leah Horwitz Producer
Ben Samek Producer
Matt Odgers Producer
Briana Boscardin Producer
Ryan Smith Producer
Carlos Perez Producer
Jenna Charles Producer
Brianne Boscardin Producer
Irene Crinita Producer
Sean Enright Producer
Brent Gauches Producer
Kerry Druckmant Producer
Mary Morelli Producer
Oliver Becker Producer
Sean McGann Producer
Krista Chael Producer
Adrian M. Pruett Producer
Derek Lee Bell Producer
Shalondra Henry Producer
Mason Brown Producer
Mark Seliga Producer
Claudia Hoeve Producer
Adam Schor Producer
Allison Lucas Producer
Joshua Burgess Producer


Gil Kraus, Anthony Hoke, Brian Shackelford, Scott Bloom, Ivan Victor, Peter Gust, Pierson Jacquelin, Andy Palmer, John Bergstresser, Carter Carter, Ben Bolton, Alec Chvany, Andrew Zoeller, Gerry Becerril, Chris Ward, Aaron Patterson, Greg Clausen, Dave Wilson, Michael Degl'Innocenti, Jay Conklin, Chapen Hayslett, Angela Wittenberg, Sean Perrotti, Robert Días, Kevin McGuinness, Tim Rush, Russell Perry, Amy Barbour, Gayane Grajian, Joe Bergen, Nimrod Erez, Jordan Browne, Jason Groothuis, Matthew D. Sullivan, Gary Simmerman, Michelle Ivan, Daniel Wilson, Powell Browne, Tonya Noll, Mark Chervinsky, Aaron Paterson, Jennifer M. Fah-Vayhinger, Michele Gitomer, Josh Belson, John Bilicki, Chris Ward, Kwesi Thomas

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