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Naked Science is an American documentary television series that premiered in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel and ran through November 2011. The program featured various subjects related to science and technology. Some of the views expressed... read more

Naked Science is an American documentary television series that premiered in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel and ran through November 2011. The program featured various subjects related to science and technology. Some of the views expressed might be considered fringe or pseudo-science, and some of the scientists may present opinions which have not been properly peer-reviewed or are not widely accepted within their scientific communities, in particular on topics such as Bermuda Triangle or Atlantis for example.

Original Release

09/15/2004 on NGEO



Eric Meyers Himself - Narrator
Michael Izquierdo Narrator
Rushmore DeNooyer Himself / Narrator
Rushmore DeNooyer Narrator
Craig Sechler Narrator
Michael Izquierdo Himself / Narrator
Iain Stewart Himself - Geologist
Todd Disotell Science Expert
Geoff Marcy Himself - Professor of Astronomy
Chris Cook Narrator
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# Title Air Date
11 Space Vacation Thursday, 25 August 2011


Mark Marabella, Martin Gorst, Simon Ludgate, Alex Williamson, Shaun Trevisick, Yavar Abbas, Martin Williams, Paul Nelson, Alex Hearle, Maire Tracey, Stuart Everett, Nick Clarke Powell, Tom Stubberfield, Kate Dart, Lorne Townend, Gabriella Polletta, Paul Nelson, Dana Ross, Sarah Cain, Emma Hawley, Jobim Sampson, Helen Britton, Chris Hale, Cynthia Page, Manfred Christ, Henri de Gerlache, Kazuli Ueda, Gareth Williams, Matthew Huntley, Vincent Tardieu, Anna Keel, Anna Thomson, Tony Lee, Jonathan Barker, Paul Scott, Ryan Miller, Simon Martin, Chris Holt, Daniel McCabe, Mark Davis, Ben Fox, James Buchanan, Steve Baker, Chris Hale, Malcolm Clark, Richard Smith, Scott Martin, Pedro Lima, James Buchanan, Paul Reddish, Cecile Bouchardeau, Kevin Bachar, Robert Ferrier, Hayma Washington, Jo Locke, Stavros C. Stavrides, Ben Fox, Stephen Carroll, Richard Burke-Ward, Jed Rauscher, Neil Ferguson, Emily Bernhard, Harriet Smith, Simon Mansfield, Duncan Bulling, Caius Julyan, Daniel H. Birman, Melisa Akdogan, Bo Landin, Susannah Ward, Scott Martin, Paul Scott, Johann Sigfússon, Simon Martin, Stéphane Bégoin, Gareth Williams, Daniel McCabe, Steve Baker, Ryan Miller, Rick Beyer, Mark Davis, Jonathan Barker, Richard Smith, Pedro Lima, Tony Lee, Lisa Quijano Wolfinger, Jenny Kubo, Ted Poole, Jonathan Santos, Mark Bender, Chris Holt, Billie Pink, Thomas Lucas, Malcolm Clark, Christina Bavetta, Gary Lang, Sara Kenney, Dana Berry


Billie Pink, Mark Marabella, Martin Gorst, Mark Mori, Rocky Collins, Shaun Trevisick, Jonathan Wickham, Yavar Abbas, Gary Lang, Ben Fox, Bill Lattanzi, Dana Ross, Cynthia Page, Scott McEwing, Rabinder Minhas, Manfred Christ, Henri de Gerlache, Kazuli Ueda, Ken Chowder, Gonzalo Infante, Stephen Milton, Gareth Williams, Joey Allen, Paul Scott, Ryan Miller, Daniel McCabe, Mark Davis, Rhys Thomas, Ben Fox, Malcolm Clark, Dan Levitt, Paul Reddish, Stavros C. Stavrides, Stephen Milton, John F. Schwally, Bob Niemack, Jed Rauscher, Lorne Townend, Nick Clarke Powell, Emily Bernhard, Chris Kugelman, Dan Levitt, Stuart Everett, Simon Mansfield, Daniel H. Birman, Richard Reisz, Simon Ludgate, Bo Landin, Susannah Ward, Michael Allcock, Paul Scott, Joey Allen, Alex Hearle, Daniel McCabe, Martin Williams, Gareth Williams, Rhys Thomas, Ryan Miller, Rick Beyer, Larry Bambrick, Mark Davis, Clare Nolan, Lisa Quijano Wolfinger, Ted Poole, Jonathan Santos, Mark Bender, Phil Kruener, Klaus Feichtenberger, Rushmore DeNooyer, William Hicklin, Malcolm Clark, Kirk Wolfinger, Dana Berry


Eric Meyers Himself - Narrator
Michael Izquierdo Narrator
Rushmore DeNooyer Himself / Narrator
Rushmore DeNooyer Narrator
Craig Sechler Narrator
Michael Izquierdo Himself / Narrator
Iain Stewart Himself - Geologist
Todd Disotell Science Expert
Geoff Marcy Himself - Professor of Astronomy
Chris Cook Narrator
Chris McKay Himself - NASA
Roger Tilling Narrator UK
Roger Tilling Narrator
Mark Boslough Himself - Physicist
J.V. Martin Narrator
Kimberly Weaver Herself
Gary Hinshaw Himself
Johan Richard Himself
Wendy Freeman Herself
Scott Maxwell Himself - Rover Driver


Stephen Marsh Executive Producer
Ashley Hoppin Executive Producer
Howard B. Swartz Executive Producer
Stuart Carter Executive Producer
Michael Welsh Executive Producer
Alan Handel Executive Producer
Tom Caliandro Executive Producer
Liz McLeod Executive Producer
Noah Morowitz Executive Producer
Mark Marabella Executive Producer
Dan Levitt Executive Producer
Ben Fox Executive Producer
Kirk Wolfinger Executive Producer
Allan Butler Executive Producer
John Mernit Executive Producer
Walter Köhler Executive Producer
Jim Gaffey Executive Producer
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John Godfrey Executive Producer
Daisuke Takama Executive Producer
Gioia Avvantaggiato Executive Producer
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Kathleen Cromley Executive Producer
Phil Kruener Executive Producer
Stephen Marsh Producer
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Howard B. Swartz Producer
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Robert Strange Producer
Michael Welsh Producer
Robert Strange Producer
Alan Handel Producer
Tom Caliandro Producer
Gareth Williams Producer
Gareth Williams Producer
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Chris Holt Producer
Rocky Collins Producer
Chris Holt Producer
Will Aslett Producer
Noah Morowitz Producer
Mark Marabella Producer
James Buchanan Producer
James Buchanan Producer
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Roy Gilbert, Jon Walker, Rodney Guest, Julie Chabot, Liza Ryan-Carter, Benedict Jackson, Chris Roberts, Marius Grose, Jose Garrido, Sak Shariff, Jed Rauscher, Roger Guertin, Rod Iverson, Leila Garcia, Christina Rhee, James Hobson, Susan Brand, Bobby Jones, Nigel Timperley, Kim Horton, Tom Ash, Marco Jackson, Nathan Hendrie, Hugh Williams, Neil MacColl, Gordon Mason, Martin Elsbury, Graham Dean, Adam Finch, Justin Badger, Chantal Lussier, Niels Bellinger, Yulia Martynova, Guy Yorke-Wilkinson, Andy Greening, Nadeem Khan, Randolph A. Peek, Sean Sandefur, Carl Thomson, Jennifer Honn, Jon Neuburger, Helen Lindley, Jean Dunoyer, Mitsunori Morimoto, Steve Haugen, Rachel Clark, Douglas Moxon, Robert Landau, Janet Taylor, Mike Pavett, Rosella Tursi, Beth Spiegel, Rob Buttery, Michael R. Fox, Adam Wallisch, Emile Guertin, Francis Robertson, Nicholas Zimmerman, Kozo Okumura, Liz Roe, St. John Bowman, Julia Riding, Simon Abrahams, Mairin O'Faolain, Andreas Törner, Enzo Anile, Jonathan Skilton, George Taylor, Benjamin Harrison, Anthony Rhoads, Bernie Jellig, Brigitte Delahaie, Austin Fleming, Adam Van Wagoner, Bertrand Catrice, Carryl Irik, Peter Potts, Matt Briggs, Robin Peters, Camilla Tress, Leon Ferguson, Adele Warren, Melanie MacDonald, Calvin B. Grant, Salvatore Vecchio, Imbrigiotta T.J., Jay Danner-McDonald, Joel Franka, Daniel M. Smith, Arthur F. Binkowski

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