Rock of Love with Bret Michaels

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Rock of Love with Bret Michaels is an American reality television dating game show. It stars Bret Michaels, the lead singer from the band Poison. The show closely resembles its sister show Flavor of Love. The first season featured 25 women competing... read more
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Rock of Love with Bret Michaels is an American reality television dating game show. It stars Bret Michaels, the lead singer from the band Poison. The show closely resembles its sister show Flavor of Love. The first season featured 25 women competing to be Michaels' girlfriend. Each week, the women face challenges, the winner of which gets to go on a date with Michaels. Some of the challenges were based on situations that they might encounter if chosen to be Michaels' girlfriend. The first season winner was 24-year-old Jes Rickleff from Naperville, Illinois. At the reunion, she revealed that she did not have romantic feelings for Michaels, and that she thought that he should have chosen the runner-up, Heather.

Original Release

07/15/2007 on VH1

US Release




# Title Air Date
1 Episode #3.1 Sunday, 04 January 2009
2 Fifteen Weddings and Three Funerals Sunday, 11 January 2009
3 Episode #3.3 Sunday, 18 January 2009
4 Episode #3.4 Sunday, 25 January 2009
5 Eight Is Not Enough Sunday, 08 February 2009
6 Mudbowl III Sunday, 15 February 2009
7 Truck Stop Games Sunday, 22 February 2009
8 Bikini Day Care Sunday, 08 March 2009
9 Exes and Oh's Sunday, 15 March 2009
10 Duet to Me One More Time Sunday, 22 March 2009
11 Double Dates Sunday, 05 April 2009
12 Bret's Rock of Love III Sunday, 12 April 2009
13 Reunion
14 Reunion (1) Sunday, 19 April 2009


Tom Maguire, Zach Kozek, David Charles Sullivan


Cris Abrego, Mark Cronin


Mark Cronin, Cris Abrego



Leah Horwitz Executive Producer
Ben Samek Executive Producer
Cris Abrego Executive Producer
Matt Odgers Executive Producer
Jeff Olde Executive Producer
Mark Cronin Executive Producer
Kristen Kelly Executive Producer
Jill Holmes Executive Producer
Rick de Oliveira Executive Producer
Michael Hirschorn Executive Producer
Courtland Cox Executive Producer
Bret Michaels Executive Producer
Eva Contreras Executive Producer
Walt Omiecinski Executive Producer
Anthony Zaldivar Producer
Malia McInnes Producer
Michelle Brando Producer
Ken Martinez Producer
Chris Miller Producer
Jake Medway Producer
Ryan Crow Producer
Kathy Wetherell Producer
Larissa A.K. Matsson Producer
Kevin Thomas Producer
Nathan Nowak Producer
Allison Lucas Producer
Joseph Ruzer Producer
Bret Michaels Producer
Sam Berns Producer
Walt Omiecinski Producer
Lori Gordon Producer
Steve Joachim Producer
Shelley Sinha Producer
Lauren A. Stevens Producer
Hollis Tak-Frischman Producer
Scott Teti Producer
Mandy Salangsang Producer
Matthew Bordofsky Producer
Mark Perez Producer
Meredith Prunkard Producer
Liz Pullano Producer
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Krocky Meshkin Producer
Shane Stanley Producer
Robert Sizemore Producer
Justin Silva Producer
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Tamra Barcinas Producer
Allison Schermerhorn Producer
Adam Schor Producer
Angela Aguilera Producer
Madison Merritt Producer
Alastair Surprise Producer
Arjen van Eijmeren Producer
Patrick Wood Producer
Nick Capodice Producer
Erin Haglund Producer
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Vivian Choi Producer
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David Kuba Producer
Irene Crinita Producer
Sean Enright Producer
Zach Kozek Producer
Ben Taylor Producer
Anne Marie Robinson Producer
Angela Solis Producer
David Cortez Producer
Joshua Burgess Producer
Brendon Blincoe Producer
Jeffrey Collins Producer
Heidi Larson Producer
Omid Kahangi Producer
Bob Schermerhorn Producer
Melissa Bidwell Producer
Jonathan James Producer
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Lindsay Weiglein Producer
Jill Holmes Producer
Lauren Harding Producer
Michael Mount Producer
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Colleen Miller Producer
David Sullivan Producer
Rebecca Taylor Henning Producer
Mark Cronin Producer
Jason Ehrlich Producer
Jenna Charles Producer
Audrey Leczinsky Producer
Johnique Tullis-Brodie Producer
Michelle Colbert Producer
Michael Hirschorn Producer
Brent Gauches Producer
Kristen Kelly Producer
Rebecca Henning Producer
Eva Contreras Producer


Michael Degl'Innocenti, Dave Wilson, Gerry Becerril, Aaron Paterson, Gary Simmerman, Jordan Browne, Gil Kraus, Ben Bolton, Christopher Sestini, Ignacio Pinerua, Scott Bloom, Heidi Scharfe, Carter Carter, Bo Price, Edward Doty, Josh Belson, Adrienne McNally, Gayane Grajian, Brian Phillips, Chris Ward, Andy Palmer, Nimrod Erez, Mark Chervinsky, Jay Conklin, Ivan Victor, Mick LeGrande, Brian Shackelford, Alec Chvany, Jennifer M. Fah-Vayhinger, Pierson Jacquelin, Jason Behnke, Maris Berzins, A.J. Catoline, Jason Groothuis, Michelle Ivan, Jeff Thurlow, Michael Schwartz, Tanya Knoll, David Weiss, David Weiss, Chapen Hayslett, Michele Gitomer, Anthony Hoke, Tonya Noll

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