The Sandra West Diaries


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Olivia Dunkley Sandra West
Glenn Takakjian The Fez
Olivia Dunkley Sandra West / Felicity West
Chelsea Newman Bibi White
Heather Wake The Hyena
Blake Dunkley Jimmy Burbank
Andrea Hickey Shelly Bomba
Alison Irwin Helena Troy
Emerald Robinson Agent Logan
Jerry Kokich Superseven
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# Title Air Date
1 Once Bitten, Twice Dead Wednesday, 31 October 2018
2 Death Comes C.O.D. Friday, 15 March 2019
3 On Her Majesty's Not So Secret Service Tuesday, 21 May 2019
4 Spies Die Screaming Friday, 15 November 2019
5 Spies Die Screaming Part Deux Friday, 15 November 2019
6 Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow! Friday, 07 February 2020
7 The Panda Express Saturday, 30 May 2020
8 Flashback to Tomorrow Monday, 15 June 2020
9 See You in Hell, Sandra West Sunday, 06 December 2020
10 The Dead Spy Removal Service Monday, 19 October 2020
11 Cherry Flavored Cyanide Saturday, 15 May 2021
12 Chilly in Cancun Tuesday, 15 June 2021
13 Operation: Knock Up Tuesday, 07 December 2021


Scott Rhodes, Olivia Dunkley


Scott Rhodes, Olivia Dunkley, Andrew Palmer, Terry Shane, Jerry Kokich, T.J. Glenn, Glenn Takakjian


Scott Rhodes



Mike Whelan Executive Producer
Donald G. Cofrancesco Executive Producer
Hal Edwards Executive Producer
Richard Par Executive Producer
Simon Tams Executive Producer
Sean Sherman Executive Producer
Michael Corrigan Executive Producer
Torina Case Executive Producer
David Garrick Executive Producer
Robert M. Reese Executive Producer
Olivia Dunkley Producer
Terry Shane Producer
Scott Rhodes Producer
Robert Griffith Producer
Orlando Esposito Producer
Andrew Palmer Producer
Richard Par Producer
David Adam Producer
Eric Dow Producer
Michael Corrigan Producer
Sean Sherman Producer
Jeff Troutman Producer
Hammond Chamberlain Producer
Jon Porter Producer
Carlos Herrera Producer
Sandy Collora Producer
Torina Case Producer
Tim D'Allaird Producer
Christopher Girardi Producer
Jakob Gunge Producer
Doug Drexler Producer
Simon Tams Producer
Dorothy Duder Producer
Fatloong Producer
Alex Hertz Producer
Mort Weissman Producer
Ric DelCampo Producer
Hal Edwards Producer
Catherine Bronee Producer
Mort Weisman Producer
Robert A. Cole Producer
Jay Weisman Producer
David Miguel Estrada Producer
Mike Whelan Producer
David Cardamone Producer
Leah Herde Producer
Kevin Jia Producer
Claudia Palmer Producer
Charles Shindel Producer
Luke James Producer
Robert M. Reese Producer
Alex Corrado Producer
Gregory Ramoundos Producer
Steven Scott Garretson Producer
Heather Bonomo Producer
Tom McCabe Producer
Meg Roosma Producer
Carlo Alberto Spinicci Producer
Richard Craycroft Producer
Robert Reese Producer
Richard Laurence Carroll Producer
Don Ryan Producer
Paul Foxton Producer
Boyd Stone Producer
Rand M. Eller Producer
Ron Schreiber Producer
Stefan Greve Producer
Sam Baker Producer
Nicholas Dicarlo Producer
Paul Fidika Producer
Donald G. Cofrancesco Producer
Jim Sipper Producer
Robert Crunkleton Producer
Takashi Cheng Producer
Kurt Carley Producer
Jerry Kokich Producer
Mitsuru Yamahata Producer
Stefan K. Somogyfoki Producer
Adam Perez Producer
Enrico D'Aniello Producer
David Garrick Producer
Josh Spencer Producer
Carrei Gabriel Producer
Ward Gambrell Producer
Mitch Miner Producer
David R.A. Producer
Craig Greathouse Producer
Valerie Renaux Producer
Vance Wells Producer
Robert Cole Producer
Derek M. Koch Producer
Paul Hickman Producer
Wally Pfister Producer


Scott Rhodes, Olivia Dunkley

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