Edmund Cobb

IVA Star Rating : 56
Edmund Fessenden Cobb was an American actor who appeared in 623 films between 1912 and 1966.

Edmund Fessenden Cobb was an American actor who appeared in 623 films between 1912 and 1966.

Birth Name

Edmund Fessenden Cobb


Thursday, 23 June 1892


Thursday, 15 August 1974

Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch The Rattler / Henchman 1976
Johnny Reno Townsman 1966
Torpedo of Doom Ellis, a thug 1966
The Bounty Killer Townsman 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter Cooper 1965
Tales of Terror Driver (segment "Morella") / Driver (segment "Morella") (as Ed Cobb) 1962
The Wild Westerners Deputy Marshal 1962
The Underwater City Meade 1962
The Right Approach Studio Set Guard 1961
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Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch The Rattler / Henchman 1976
Johnny Reno Townsman 1966
Torpedo of Doom Ellis, a thug 1966
The Bounty Killer Townsman 1965
Requiem for a Gunfighter Cooper 1965
Tales of Terror Driver (segment "Morella") / Driver (segment "Morella") (as Ed Cobb) 1962
The Wild Westerners Deputy Marshal 1962
The Underwater City Meade 1962
The Right Approach Studio Set Guard 1961
Outlaws Train Conductor 1960
The Tall Man Townsman Warning Garrett 1960
One Foot in Hell Ed 1960
Stop! Look! and Laugh! Construction Foreman 1960
The Atomic Submarine Passerby 1959
Lock Up Stage Doorman 1959
These Thousand Hills Undetermined Secondary Role 1959
A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed Prison Guard 1958
Submarine Seahawk Officer 1958
The Last Hurrah Man 1958
Bat Masterson Joe 1958
Mackenzie's Raiders Mr. Fields 1958
The Bonnie Parker Story Bartender 1958
The Old Testament Scriptures Labon 1958
Motorcycle Gang Attville Cafe Manager 1957
Tombstone Territory Bartender Joe, Clem Hawley, Cobbs, Stage Driver 1957
26 Men Sheriff Harding 1957
Casey Jones Mayo Tilton 1957
The Amazing Colossal Man Dr. McDermott 1957
The Californians Townsman 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel the Miner 1957
Bernardine Police Sergeant 1957
Dragstrip Girl Drag Race Trials Caller 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Mr. Casey 1957
The True Story of Jesse James Bantock 1957
Friendly Persuasion Operator 1956
Circus Boy Sheriff, Sheriff Thompson 1956
The She-Creature Police Sergeant Pete 1956
Girls in Prison Work-Gang Guard 1956
The Oklahoma Woman Deputy Sam 1956
Hidden Guns Ben Williams 1956
Runaway Daughters Private Detective 1956
Lucy Gallant Oil Man 1955
Fury Doctor, Ranch Hand 1955
The Desperate Hours Mr. Walling 1955
Highway Patrol Ed Nash, Ed Snyder 1955
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing Jury Foreman 1955
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon Aaron Hewitt, Dr. Willoughby, Judd Sparks 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp Clark, Townsman on Sidewalk 1955
One Desire Driver 1955
Apache Ambush Pioneer 1955
How to Be Very, Very Popular Cop 1955
Lay That Rifle Down Sheriff Cushing 1955
The Violent Men Anchor Rider 1955
TV Reader's Digest Cop 1955
Prince of Players Barn Owner 1955
Black Tuesday Bank Safe Deposit Box Guard 1954
Sign of the Pagan Centurion 1954
They Rode West Sergeant 1954
The Magical World of Disney Seaton Harper 1954
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Sheriff 1954
The Lineup Cop 1954
Lassie Farmer 1954
The Egyptian Patient 1954
The Raid Stationmaster 1954
Broken Lance Court Clerk 1954
Man with the Steel Whip Lee [Chs. 2, 3] / Lee, Buckboard Driver [Chs. 2, 3] 1954
Drums Across the River 2nd Deputy 1954
River of No Return Barber 1954
Ma and Pa Kettle at Home Jefferson 1954
Geraldine Goodwin 1953
Tumbleweed Fred 1953
Crazylegs Gym Instructor 1953
Calamity Jane Barfly 1953
The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd Trapper Rescuing Richard and Alan 1953
The Great Sioux Uprising Rancher 1953
Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders Warner [Chs.1-5, 10] / Warner 1953
All I Desire Hack Driver 1953
Gun Belt Lynch Mob Member 1953
Gunsmoke Charlie 1953
The Silver Whip Townsman 1953
The Redhead from Wyoming Sprague 1953
The Raiders Jailer 1952
Toughest Man in Arizona Billings 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Councilman 1952
Something for the Birds Senate Chamber Guard 1952
Adventures of Superman Lafe Reiser, Peter Godfrey 1952
Hellgate Frank 1952
The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima Villager 1952
Untamed Frontier Rancher 1952
Carson City Workman 1952
Confidence Girl Detective Lieutenant Cobb, with pipe / Detective Lt. Cobb 1952
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair Fairgoer 1952
Dragnet 1951
The Big Night Cop 1951
Detective Story Ed 1951
Sky King Captain Steven Blake 1951
The Lady from Texas Justice of the Peace 1951
Cyclone Fury Henchman in White Shirt 1951
Government Agents vs Phantom Legion Turner [Ch. 3] / Turner 1951
Montana Desperado Jim Berry 1951
Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm Jerry 1951
Blazing Bullets Sheriff 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Mr. Greer, Sheriff 1951
The Range Rider Sheriff, Jessup, Sheriff Dan 1951
Silver City Bonanza Man with Wagon 1951
Lux Video Theatre Clancy 1950
Frisco Tornado 1st Stage Driver 1950
Desperadoes of the West Bowers [Ch. 1, 10] / Bowers 1950
The Gene Autry Show Hank, Crowd Agitator, Sheriff 1950
Covered Wagon Raid Evans 1950
Winchester '73 Target Watcher 1950
Hills of Oklahoma Rancher Johnson 1950
The Gunfighter Citizen 1950
Curtain Call at Cactus Creek Henchman 1950
Comanche Territory Ed 1950
The Arizona Cowboy Sheriff Fuller 1950
The Vanishing Westerner Mort 1950
The Cisco Kid Brady, Henchman Larry, Henchman Martin - Fake Pancho, Henry Tracy, Hobbs, John Holden, Mr. Adams 1950
The Kid from Texas Hale 1950
The Girl from San Lorenzo The Phoney Pancho 1950
Bells of Coronado Rafferty 1950
Squadron of Doom Nicolai 1949
Bandits of El Dorado Bank Robber 1949
San Antone Ambush Marshal Kennedy 1949
The Lone Ranger Sheriff, Sheriff Guthrie, Sheriff Higgens, Sheriff Jim, Sheriff Joe 1949
The James Brothers of Missouri Sheriff [Chs. 6-8] / The Sheriff [Chs. 6-8] 1949
South of Rio Tom Dillon 1949
The Wyoming Bandit Deputy Marshal 1949
The Daring Caballero Marshal J.B. Scott 1949
Lust for Gold Townsman 1949
Take One False Step Policeman 1949
Canadian Pacific Jim 1949
Prince of the Plains Townsman 1949
Red Canyon Townsman 1949
Gun Law Justice Sheriff 1949
Challenge of the Range Henchman 1949
Sheriff of Wichita U.S. Marshal James 1949
The Far Frontier Sheriff 1948
Hidden Danger Sheriff 1948
Family Honeymoon Stage Driver 1948
Movies Are Adventure George 1948
The Golden Eye Miner 1948
The Return of Wildfire Ranch Hand 1948
Superman Mechanic 1948
The Street with No Name Desk Sergeant 1948
Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin' Stage Driver 1948
Another Part of the Forest Waiter 1948
River Lady Rider 1948
Carson City Raiders Old Sheriff / Sheriff 1948
Fury at Furnace Creek Court Clerk 1948
Letter from an Unknown Woman Carriage Driver 1948
Heart of Virginia Gas Station Attendant 1948
The Bold Frontiersman Pete / Deputy Pete 1948
Tex Granger: Midnight Rider of the Plains Eddie 1948
The Wreck of the Hesperus Vincent 1948
G-Men Never Forget R.J. Cook 1948
The Tender Years Minor Role 1948
Under Colorado Skies Texas Sheriff 1947
Buckaroo from Powder River Taggart 1947
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap Lem 1947
Riders of the Lone Star Blake 1947
Michigan Kid Joe 1947
Jesse James Rides Again Wilkie 1947
Flashing Guns Sheriff Ed Newman 1947
Brute Force Bradley - Tower Guard 1947
Robin Hood of Texas Deliveryman 1947
The Vigilante: Fighting Hero of the West Miller a.k.a. X-7 1947
Oregon Trail Scouts Henchman Jack 1947
Land of the Lawless Miner Hank / Hank 1947
Law of the Canyon T.D. Wilson 1947
The Homestretch Mac's Helper 1947
Buffalo Bill Rides Again Morgan - Henchman / Henchman Morgan 1947
Yankee Fakir Townsman Reading Paper 1947
Last Frontier Uprising Sheriff Hanlon 1947
Son of Zorro Stockton 1947
Renegade Girl Sgt. James / Sergeant James 1946
Stagecoach to Denver Henchman Duke / Duke 1946
Santa Fe Uprising Madison Pike 1946
Rio Grande Raiders Frank Harding 1946
Rustler's Round-Up Victor Todd 1946
Red River Renegades Mark Webster 1946
The Walls Came Tumbling Down Detective 1946
Two-Fisted Stranger Henchman 1946
The El Paso Kid Sheriff Frank Stoner 1946
Sun Valley Cyclone Luce 1946
The Phantom Thief Policeman 1946
Galloping Thunder Henchman Barstow 1946
The Falcon's Alibi Detective Williams 1946
Song of Arizona Sheriff Jim Clark 1946
Hiss and Yell Policeman 1946
Roaring Rangers Taggart 1946
The Scarlet Horseman Henchman Kyle / Kyle 1946
The Cherokee Flash Jones 1945
Frontier Feud Homesteader Nat 1945
Sunset in El Dorado Prospector 1945
Blazing the Western Trail Sheriff Turner 1945
Men in Her Diary Courtroom Cop 1945
Rustlers of the Badlands Tom 1945
Secret Agent X-9 Bartender 1945
Federal Operator 99 Officer Corwin 1945
Code of the Lawless Rancher Nelson 1945
Man from Oklahoma Henchman Ferguson 1945
Santa Fe Saddlemates Patrolman 1945
Renegades of the Rio Grande Karl Holbrook - Henchman / Henchman Karl Holbrook 1945
Bad Men of the Border Roy - Stage Driver 1945
Flame of Barbary Coast Townsman 1945
The Phantom Speaks Execution Official / Execution Official (Uncredited) 1945
The Master Key Riverton Railroad Official in Tower 1945
Salome, Where She Danced Stage Driver 1945
Escape in the Fog Detective 1945
Strange Illusion Police Driver 1945
A Guy, a Gal and a Pal Conductor 1945
Sagebrush Heroes Sheriff Barnes 1945
Jungle Queen Johann - alias Jack 1945
The Navajo Trail Jack Farr 1945
House of Frankenstein Coachman 1944
Faces in the Fog Juror 1944
The Missing Juror Police Detective Cahan / Police Detective Cahan (Uncredited) 1944
Cyclone Prairie Rangers Deputy Clem Dumphy 1944
Law of the Valley Dan Stanton 1944
The Old Texas Trail Joe Gardner, posing as Jim Wiley / Joe Gardner - posing as Jim Wiley 1944
West of the Rio Grande Curly / Henchman Curly 1944
Three Little Sisters Stragggler 1944
Raiders of Ghost City Henchman Rawhide / Rawhide - Henchman 1944
Call of the Rockies Workman 1944
Marshal of Reno Bob Wendall 1944
The Last Horseman Waco posing as Bill Rogan 1944
The Great Alaskan Mystery Miner Worker Preparing Ambush 1944
Law Men Slade 1944
Double Indemnity Train Conductor 1944
Outlaws of Santa Fe Marshal Billings 1944
Sundown Valley Frank 1944
Sweethearts of the U.S.A. Ghost of Captain Kidd 1944
Roaring Guns Farmer 1944
Raiders of the Border McGee 1944
California Joe Henchman 1943
The Phantom Grogan 1943
Jack London Child's Father 1943
The Texas Kid Scully 1943
Mystery Broadcast Detective 1943
Here Comes Elmer Policeman 1943
Silver City Raiders Henchman Ringo 1943
The North Star Farmer 1943
Outlaws of Stampede Pass Henchman Hank / Hank 1943
Hail to the Rangers Rancher 1943
Oklahoma Outlaws Doolin 1943
Headin' for God's Country Meteorologist 1943
Destroyer 1st Workman 1943
Six Gun Gospel Waco - Henchman / Henchman Waco 1943
Petticoat Larceny Police Guard 1943
The Stranger from Pecos Bert Salem 1943
Frontier Fury Tracy Meade 1943
The Man from Thunder River Jim 1943
Daredevils of the West Telegrapher Ed (Ch. 6) 1943
Mission to Moscow Heckler 1943
Saddles and Sagebrush Henchman Cutter 1943
Santa Fe Scouts Townsman 1943
The Ghost Rider Zach Saddler / Henchman Zach Saddler 1943
Sagebrush Law Bill Lanning 1943
Murder in Times Square Detective 1943
Power of the Press Process Server 1943
Truck Busters Hoodlum 1943
G-Men vs. The Black Dragon Stewart 1943
The Traitor Within Policeman 1942
The Old Chisholm Trail Joe Rankin 1942
X Marks the Spot Officer Riley 1942
The Lone Prairie Sheriff 1942
Deep in the Heart of Texas Lieutenant Matthews 1942
The Glass Key Reporter Carrying Papers 1942
Sabotage Squad Policeman Brady / Officer Brody 1942
The Old Homestead Policeman 1942
Flight Lieutenant Army Recruiting Sergeant 1942
Men of Texas Sentry 1942
The Cyclone Kid Carson / Rancher Carson 1942
Stardust on the Sage Dawson 1942
The Devil's Trail Sid Howland / Henchman Sid Howland 1942
Westward Ho! Townsman 1942
Down Rio Grande Way Henchman Stoner 1942
The Girl from Alaska Mountie 1942
Alias Boston Blackie Police Dispatcher Sergeant 1942
My Favorite Blonde Railroad Yard Man 1942
The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine Police Sergeant 1942
Two Yanks in Trinidad Plainclothesman 1942
Heart of the Rio Grande Bartender 1942
Shut My Big Mouth Stage Line Agent 1942
The Lone Star Vigilantes Sergeant Charley Cobb 1942
Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. Police Guard at Chandler's Gate 1941
Riders of the Badlands Texas Ranger Hardy 1941
Go West, Young Lady Stagecoach Guard 1941
Tuxedo Junction Pacing Gate Guard 1941
Gauchos of El Dorado Sheriff 1941
The Officer and the Lady Police Lieutenant 1941
Tonto Basin Outlaws Jim Stark / Henchman Jim Stark 1941
Texas Rancher Blaire / Blaire - Rancher 1941
Prairie Stranger Dr. Westridge 1941
Man from Montana Dakota, Thompson Ranch Foreman / Dakota - Thompson Ranch Foreman 1941
I Was a Prisoner on Devil's Island Quarry Guard 1941
The Son of Davy Crockett Lance - Henchman / Henchman Lance 1941
Two in a Taxi Doorman 1941
Riders of Death Valley Salty / Salty (Ch's 11 & 12) 1941
The Medico of Painted Springs Sheriff 1941
Hands Across the Rockies Ranger 1941
The Return of Daniel Boone Henderson - Rancher / Henderson 1941
Citizen Kane Inquirer Reporter 1941
North from the Lone Star Dusty Daggett 1941
Dutiful But Dumb Wilson's Assistant 1941
Back in the Saddle Rancher Williams 1941
Meet John Doe Cop Guarding Ann 1941
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance Cop In Charge of Vault Opening 1941
So You Won't Squawk? 1st Cop 1941
Across the Sierras Mac Fawcett 1941
White Eagle Dave Rand 1941
Wyoming Wildcat Duke Edwards aka Sam Collins 1941
The Wildcat of Tucson Seth Harper 1940
Trail of the Vigilantes Rider 1940
Pony Post George Barber 1940
Texas Terrors Sheriff 1940
Melody Ranch Autry Voter Complaining to Pop 1940
The Green Archer Stevens / Agent 4-X / Thug Pilot 1940
Diamond Frontier Stage Driver 1940
Prairie Schooners Blacksmith Rusty 1940
How High Is Up? Construction Foreman 1940
Deadwood Dick Dan Steele 1940
Winners of the West Maddox [Chs. 2-9] / Maddox 1940
One Man's Law Red Mathews 1940
Wagons Westward Deputy 1940
Men Without Souls Harmon 1940
Blazing Six Shooters Sheriff 1940
Hi-Yo Silver Texas Ranger Captain Rance 1940
Dark Command Juror #3 1940
Pioneers of the Frontier Ed Carter 1940
The Lone Wolf Strikes Cop in Cellar 1940
West of Carson City Stagedriver Sleepy (as Eddie Cobb) / Stagedriver Sleepy 1940
His Girl Friday Cop 1940
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Soldier 1939
My Son Is Guilty Det. Frank Corrigan 1939
Zorro's Fighting Legion Gonzalez / Manuel Gonzalez 1939
The Stranger from Texas Henchman Carver 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Senator Gower 1939
Those High Grey Walls Guard 1939
Outpost of the Mounties Burke 1939
Dick Tracy's G-Men Lt. Reynolds 1939
Behind Prison Gates Convict Attempting Escape 1939
The Man from Sundown Henchman Roper 1939
Western Caravans Henchman Tex 1939
Daredevils of the Red Circle Oil Field Foreman 1939
Man of Conquest Santa Ana's Aide 1939
Blue Montana Skies Joe Brennan 1939
Spoilers of the Range Kendall - Rancher 1939
The Law Comes to Texas Sheriff Ben Lorimer 1939
North of the Yukon RCMP Cpl. Hawley 1939
Let Us Live Fingerprint Man 1939
The Lone Ranger Rides Again Ranger Captain (Ep #1) 1939
Twelve Crowded Hours Pool Hall Proprietor 1939
Texas Stampede Hobbs 1939
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt Detective with Note 1939
The Phantom Creeps Army Sergeant 1939
The Little Adventuress Deputy 1938
Annabel Takes a Tour Process Server 1938
The Spider's Web Police Dispatcher 1938
West of the Santa Fe Henchman Barlow 1938
Juvenile Court Cop at Drug Store 1938
I'm from the City Red, Ranch Hand 1938
South of Arizona Henchman Dorn 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Sam (Ch. 1) 1938
Squadron of Honor Policeman 1938
The Main Event Detective 1938
The Fighting Devil Dogs Henchman Ellis [Chs. 2, 4-6] / Henchman Ellis 1938
Call of the Rockies Barlow 1938
Condemned Women Detective 1938
State Police Miner 1938
Cattle Raiders Henchman Burke 1938
Gold Is Where You Find It Miner 1938
The Lone Ranger Captain Rance (Ch. 1, 15) 1938
Sergeant Murphy Gruff's Adjutant 1938
All American Sweetheart Policeman 1937
Wild Horse Rodeo Hank Bain 1937
Outlaws of the Prairie Jed Stevens (as Eddie Cobb) / Jed Stevens 1937
Zorro Rides Again Larkin - Henchman [Chs. 2-3] 1937
Springtime in the Rockies Sheriff 1937
The Old Wyoming Trail Townsman 1937
Murder in Greenwich Village City Cop / Police Officer 1937
Law for Tombstone Bailiff 1937
The Game That Kills Policeman 1937
It's All Yours Cabbie 1937
A Dangerous Adventure Crane Operator 1937
Empty Holsters Sheriff Cal Hardin 1937
One Man Justice Tex Wiley 1937
A Fight to the Finish Cabbie 1937
Two-Fisted Sheriff Deputy Jim 1937
Smoke Tree Range Sandy 1937
Border Cafe Chuck 1937
The Cherokee Strip Link Carter 1937
The Frame-Up George Andrews 1937
You Can't Buy Luck Detective 1937
Land Beyond the Law Mason 1937
Parole Racket Guard 1937
They Wanted to Marry Hatcheck Servant at Wedding Reception 1937
The Mighty Treve Slego 1937
Woman in Distress Riley 1937
California Mail Roy Banton 1936
Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island Crosby / Harris 1936
The Sunday Round-Up Jack Higgins 1936
The Fugitive Sheriff Wally 1936
Ace Drummond Nicolai - Henchman 1936
Code of the Range Ed Randall 1936
Ride 'Em Cowboy Red Harrity 1936
The Traitor Texas Ranger 1936
Shakedown Cop 1936
Show Boat Gambler 1936
Lightnin' Bill Carson Dep. Sam Bates 1936
Darkest Africa Craddock 1936
The Mysterious Avenger Telegraph Operator 1936
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell Pete 1936
Bulldog Courage Cal Jepson 1935
The Singing Vagabond Officer 1935
The Cheyenne Tornado Pete Lang 1935
Gallant Defender David Larkin 1935
Fighting Youth Detective 1935
Stormy Brakeman 1935
3 Kids and a Queen Cop 1935
Cappy Ricks Returns Thug 1935
The Adventures of Rex and Rinty Henchman Jones / Jones 1935
Danger Trails Hank Wilson (as Eddie Cobb) / Hank Wilson 1935
Sundown Saunders Burke 1935
Riding Wild John Jones (as Eddie Cobb) / John Jones 1935
Rustler's Paradise Larry Martin 1935
The Miracle Rider Vining - Henchman / Vining 1935
Naughty Marietta Mercenary Scout 1935
Tracy Rides Ned Hampton 1935
Rustlers of Red Dog Henchman Buck [Chs. 1-2, 6-9, 11-12] / Henchman Buck 1935
Girl Trouble Cowhand 1934
The Westerner Joe Allen 1934
Mystery Mountain The Rattler - Masked 1934
The Rawhide Terror Al - Sheriff / Luke, aka Tim - Sheriff 1934
The Prescott Kid Buck - Henchman 1934
Tailspin Tommy Pilot 'Speed' Walton 1934
Wake Up and Dream Waiter 1934
Law of the Wild Henchman Jim Luger 1934
The Red Rider Johnny Snow 1934
Racketeer Round-up Steve Madison 1934
Smoking Guns Henchman 1934
The Vanishing Shadow Kent 1934
I'll Tell the World Detective 1934
The Crime of Helen Stanley Electrician 1934
Pirate Treasure Bert - Lottie Carson Crewman (Ch. 4-12) / Bert 1934
Her Forgotten Past Bill 1933
Skyway Pilot Fredericks 1933
Gordon of Ghost City Cowhand Scotty / Scotty 1933
The Fiddlin' Buckaroo Edge-of-Crowd Townsman 1933
Rusty Rides Alone Jake Quillan 1933
The Phantom of the Air Bart, Henchman #71 1933
Deadwood Pass 'Mileaway' Thomas / Mileaway Thomas 1933
Gun Law Tex - Henchman 1933
The Rustler's Roundup Rodeo Spectator 1933
Clancy of the Mounted Constable Kelcy 1933
The Lost Special Spike 1932
Between Fighting Men Henchman 1932
The Fourth Horseman Slim 1932
Come on, Tarzan Injun - Cowhand 1932
Ride Him, Cowboy Bob Webb 1932
Movie Crazy Harold's Classmate Bill / Bill, Harold's Classmate (Uncredited) 1932
Cornered Ranch Hand 1932
Dynamite Ranch Train Passenger 1932
The Texas Bad Man Bank Customer 1932
Daring Danger DuSang's Brother 1932
Heroes of the West Bart Eaton 1932
The Rider of Death Valley Rigby Hand 1932
Destry Rides Again Townsman 1932
Texas Gun Fighter Henchman 1932
Human Targets Duke Remsden / Remsden 1932
Sunset Trail Jack 1932
Battling with Buffalo Bill Andy 1931
Branded Men Townsman Giving Directions 1931
Border Law Henchman 1931
Arizona Terror Pete - Henchman 1931
Law of the Rio Grande The Blanco Kid / 'The Blanco Kid' 1931
Wild Horse Gil Davis 1931
Heroes of the Flames Henchman 1931
The Sign of the Wolf Prince Kuva 1931
Breed of the West Tom Hardy - Henchman (as Edwin Cobb) / Tom Hardy - Henchman 1930
The Indians Are Coming Bill Williams 1930
Whoopee! Cowhand 1930
What Men Want Party Boy 1930
Beyond the Rio Grande Dick 1930
Dames Ahoy Marine 1930
The Call of the Heart Jerry Wilson 1928
The Man Tamer Tommy Ryan 1927
The Courage of Collins Constable Collins 1927
The Two Fister Officer Field 1927
The Scrappin' Kid Cliff Barrowes 1926
Looking for Trouble Phil Curtis 1926
The Galloping Cowboy Jack Perry (Bill's Cousin) 1926
Bashful Whirlwind Bob Evans 1925
Riders of the Range Martin Lethbridge 1923
Finders Keepers o.A. 1921
The Deciding Kiss (as Edwin Cobb) 1918
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