Emmett Vogan

IVA Star Rating : 55
Charles Emmett Vogan was an American actor with almost 500 film appearances from 1934–54, making him, along with Bess Flowers, one of the most prolific film actors of all time.

Charles Emmett Vogan was an American actor with almost 500 film appearances from 1934–54, making him, along with Bess Flowers, one of the most prolific film actors of all time.

Birth Name

Charles Emmet Vogan


Wednesday, 27 September 1893


Monday, 06 October 1969

Actor Filmography

Horrible Horror In clips from 'Superman' 1986
Cyclotrode 'X' Prof. Anderson 1966
D-Day on Mars Saunders 1966
These Wilder Years J.T. - Board Member 1956
Crossroads Manager, Landry, Sen. Ross 1955
Sabrina Board Member 1954
Tobor the Great Congressman 1954
The Lone Gun Doctor 1954
The Long, Long Trailer Mr. Bolton 1954
Red River Shore Benjamin Willoughby, Banker / Benjamin Willoughby - Banker 1953
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Actor Filmography

Horrible Horror In clips from 'Superman' 1986
Cyclotrode 'X' Prof. Anderson 1966
D-Day on Mars Saunders 1966
These Wilder Years J.T. - Board Member 1956
Crossroads Manager, Landry, Sen. Ross 1955
Sabrina Board Member 1954
Tobor the Great Congressman 1954
The Lone Gun Doctor 1954
The Long, Long Trailer Mr. Bolton 1954
Red River Shore Benjamin Willoughby, Banker / Benjamin Willoughby - Banker 1953
How to Marry a Millionaire Man at George Washington Bridge 1953
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse Harold Atkins 1953
Ride, Vaquero! Minor Role 1953
Arena Eastern Tourist 1953
Your Play Time Harold Atkins 1953
City That Never Sleeps Doctor 1953
Powder River Deputy 1953
I'm the Law Lab Technician 1953
You Are There Horace Greeley 1953
General Electric Theater Dr. Sloane 1953
The Abbott and Costello Show Bank Manager 1952
So You Want to Wear the Pants McDoakes' Lawyer 1952
My Hero Albert Peters 1952
My Wife's Best Friend Roger Walters / Walter Rogers 1952
Cavalcade of America Mr. Yeager 1952
Something for the Birds Senator Beecham 1952
Hopalong Cassidy Judge Graham 1952
Don't Bother to Knock Toastmaster 1952
Washington Story Congressman in WSJ Phone Booth 1952
Young Man with Ideas Mr. Bowker 1952
Carbine Williams Mr. Swanson 1952
With a Song in My Heart American Doctor 1952
Death Valley Days William Ralston 1952
Pals of the Golden West Colonel Wells 1951
The Unknown Man Court Clerk 1951
Street Bandits District Attorney Burnell 1951
The Family Secret Vogan 1951
Sky King Charles D. Griffith 1951
A Millionaire for Christy Fat Reporter 1951
The Big Gusher Jim Tolman 1951
Racket Squad Gilbin 1951
Follow the Sun Temporary Chairman 1951
The Lemon Drop Kid Rupert - Pawnbroker 1951
Riding High Betting Parlor Operator 1950
Alias the Champ Doc Morgan 1949
Down Dakota Way Dr. George Fredricks, DVM 1949
Post Office Investigator Post Office Superintendent 1949
South of Rio Henry Waterman 1949
The Sickle or the Cross Walter Deems 1949
Hold That Baby! Dr. Foster 1949
Arson, Inc. Night Watchman / Al, Night Watchman 1949
Sorrowful Jones Psychiatrist 1949
Batman and Robin Mr. Williams [Chs. 1, 3, 12-14] 1949
The Sky Dragon Doctor / Doctor at Theater 1949
Fireside Theatre Dr. Hummel 1949
Riders of the Whistling Pines Dr. Farley 1949
Cover Up Blakely 1949
Brothers in the Saddle Judge Coldert 1949
Rusty Saves a Life Mr. Foley 1949
One Sunday Afternoon Hugo's Concerned Host 1949
Ladies of the Chorus Doctor 1948
The Return of October Veterinarian 1948
Smugglers' Cove Attorney T.P. Williams / T.P. Williams 1948
The Strange Mrs. Crane Prosecutor Flanagan / Flanagan 1948
The Denver Kid Captain Stan Roberts 1948
Superman Secretary of National Security 1948
Train to Alcatraz Prosecuting Attorney 1948
Shed No Tears 1st Interrogating Detective 1948
The Fuller Brush Man Police Doctor 1948
The Gallant Legion Reporter / Newspaper Reporter 1948
Fighting Father Dunne Matt's Defense Attorney 1948
Best Man Wins Race Announcer 1948
Docks of New Orleans Henri Castanaro 1948
Mary Lou Murray Harris 1948
My Wild Irish Rose Doctor 1947
Her Husband's Affairs Mr. Miller 1947
Cass Timberlane Beehouse 1947
Key Witness Chaplain 1947
Magic Town Minister 1947
News Hounds Defense Attorney 1947
Smoky River Serenade Sam Givins 1947
The Red Stallion Cash Brady - the Auctioneer 1947
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now Harris 1947
Last of the Redmen Bob Wheelwright 1947
The Perils of Pauline Exhibitor 1947
Hollywood Barn Dance Cafe Owner / Restaurant Owner 1947
Dick Tracy's Dilemma Cop in Squad Car 1947
That's My Gal Attorney General 1947
So You're Going to Be a Father Doctor 1947
A Likely Story Doctor 1947
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley Mr. Langley 1947
Mr. District Attorney Attorney Harper 1947
The Beginning or the End Medical Major 1947
Cigarette Girl Eddie Fielding 1947
Public Prosecutor Mr. Groves 1947
Susie Steps Out Dr. Hennings 1946
Magnificent Doll Mr. Gallentine 1946
The Crimson Ghost Anderson [Chs. 1-4] 1946
Dangerous Money Prof. Martin 1946
The Jolson Story Jonsey 1946
Three Wise Fools Bailiff 1946
Swamp Fire Engstead 1946
Big Town Bartender Joe 1946
The Big Sleep Ed - Deputy Sheriff 1946
Notorious Reporter 1946
Bowery Bombshell Mr. Johnson 1946
Freddie Steps Out Professor / Mr. Backer 1946
The Return of Rusty Col. Malcolm 1946
The Runaround Airline Manager 1946
Joe Palooka, Champ Fight Commissioner 1946
The French Key Desk Clerk 1946
Rendezvous 24 Griswold 1946
Her Kind of Man Waiter 1946
Night Editor J.M. Moppes--Coroner / J.M. Moppes, the Coroner 1946
Hop Harrigan America's Ace of the Airways J. Westly Arnold 1946
Swing Parade of 1946 Moe's Restaurant Patron / Nightclub Patron 1946
Crime of the Century Warden 1946
The Shadow Returns Joseph Yomans, aka Paul Breck 1946
Gay Blades Doctor 1946
A Close Call for Boston Blackie Coroner 1946
Because of Him Reporter 1946
Scarlet Street Prosecutor 1945
Woman Who Came Back Dr. Peters 1945
They Were Expendable Naval Doctor 1945
Snafu Used Car Dealer 1945
Colorado Pioneers Judge 1945
Senorita from the West Producer 1945
Shadow of Terror Doctor 1945
The Lost Weekend Doctor 1945
Duffy's Tavern Makeup Man 1945
Along the Navajo Trail Roger Jerrold 1945
Love, Honor and Goodbye Drama Critic Rogers 1945
Behind City Lights Jones 1945
Secrets of a Sorority Girl Joseph Kelland 1945
The Purple Monster Strikes Saunders [Chs. 3-4] / Saunders 1945
Guest Wife Bank Examiner 1945
Incendiary Blonde Doctor Treating Bill 1945
On Stage Everybody Mr. Peppycornflakes 1945
You Came Along Hotel Clerk 1945
Conflict Luggage Salesman 1945
The Naughty Nineties Henry - Ironville Citizen 1945
Don Juan Quilligan Minister 1945
Flame of Barbary Coast Gleason, Rita's Agent / Gleason 1945
The Vampire's Ghost Thomas Vance 1945
The Lady Confesses Police Capt. Brown 1945
The Scarlet Clue - Sidney Toler As Charlie Chan Mr. Hamilton 1945
The Bullfighters Prosecutor 1945
Blood on the Sun Johnson - American Newspaperman 1945
It's in the Bag! Man in Elevator 1945
Corpus Christi Bandits Texas Governor / Governor 1945
Circumstantial Evidence Bridge Player 1945
Crime, Inc. District Attorney Conroy 1945
Escape in the Fog Port Director 1945
Rough, Tough and Ready Maj. Jordan 1945
Utah Chicago Police Chief 1945
It's a Pleasure Hotel Desk Clerk 1945
Roughly Speaking Auctioneer 1945
She Gets Her Man Hatch 1945
Night Club Girl Cass 1945
Practically Yours Paramount News Executive 1944
Army Wives Minister 1944
Faces in the Fog Capt. Roberts / Police Captain Roberts 1944
Three Is a Family A Friend 1944
Alaska Bill 1944
Enemy of Women Brieger - Radio Station Man 1944
Bowery to Broadway Dandy 1944
End of the Road Mannenburg 1944
Murder in the Blue Room Hannagan 1944
Irish Eyes Are Smiling Purser 1944
My Buddy 2nd Senator 1944
Casanova Brown Doctor 1944
Song of Nevada Master of Ceremonies 1944
Abroad with Two Yanks Marine Doctor French 1944
Wilson Minor Role 1944
Patrick the Great Alsop 1944
Raiders of Ghost City Count Manfried von Rinkton, alias Carl Lawton [Chs. 6-7] / Count Manfried von Rinkton - alias Carl Lawton [Chs. 6-7] 1944
Mr. Winkle Goes to War Mr. Barber - Worldwide News Service 1944
A Fig Leaf for Eve Thomas W. Campbell - Attorney / Thomas W. Campbell 1944
The Mummy's Ghost Coroner 1944
Marine Raiders Admiral's Aide 1944
Once Upon a Time Businessman / Man Talking to Secretary 1944
Are These Our Parents? Commissioner John Seldon 1944
The Yellow Rose of Texas John Ellis 1944
Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble Baggage Man 1944
Bermuda Mystery Medical Examiner 1944
Follow the Boys Harkness 1944
Trocadero Carson / Mr. Carson 1944
Patrolling the Ether Aide to Chief of Radio Intelligence Division 1944
An American Romance Committee Chairman 1944
Lady, Let's Dance Stack 1944
Hi, Good Lookin'! Jim - Nightclub Manager 1944
Hat Check Honey Lym 1944
Strange Confession Officer 1944
Lady in the Dark Reporter 1944
Swingtime Johnny Chairman of the Board 1944
Beautiful But Broke Hotel Manager 1944
O, My Darling Clementine Brown 1943
In Old Oklahoma President Roosevelt's Aide / Aide to Teddy Roosvelt 1943
Whistling in Brooklyn Radio Producer 1943
Canyon City Emerson Wheeler 1943
Mystery Broadcast Don Fletcher 1943
Mr. Muggs Steps Out John Murray 1943
Princess O'Rourke G-Man 1943
You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith Spokesman 1943
Crazy House Col. Merriweather's Observer 1943
Dangerous Blondes Medical Officer 1943
Here Comes Kelly District Attorney 1943
Swing Shift Maisie Victory Aircraft Official / Victory Aircraft Official (Uncredited) 1943
So's Your Uncle Headwaiter 1943
Honeymoon Lodge Bob's Lawyer 1943
Don't You Believe It Politician 1943
Mister Big Theatrical Party Member 1943
Chatterbox Roger Grant 1943
Hangmen Also Die! Hostage Wearing Glasses 1943
King of the Cowboys Gang's Audience Plant 1943
He Hired the Boss Perry Randall 1943
Salute for Three Radio Announcer 1943
Dixie Dugan Salesman 1943
No Place for a Lady Hartley - Tire Company Dispatcher / Mr. Hartley, tire company dispatcher 1943
Margin for Error Fingerprint Expert 1943
Cosmo Jones in the Crime Smasher Police Commissioner Gould 1943
Lady Bodyguard Stone 1943
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Speaker 1942
The Traitor Within Carter 1942
Whistling in Dixie Radio Producer 1942
China Girl 2nd Desk Clerk 1942
Tennessee Johnson Reporter 1942
Gentleman Jim Stage Manager 1942
The Film That Was Lost Film Library Curator 1942
The Mummy's Tomb Coroner 1942
Eyes of the Underworld School Principal / Principal 1942
Berlin Correspondent Radio Announcer 1942
Give Out, Sisters Batterman 1942
The Old Homestead Parker 1942
Wings for the Eagle Naturalization Clerk 1942
Calling Dr. Gillespie Police Lieutenant Clifton / Lt. Clifton 1942
Little Tokyo, U.S.A. Announcer 1942
Lady in a Jam Jewelry Sales Clerk / Jewelry Salesman at Carter's 1942
Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die Editor John Clum 1942
Top Sergeant Military prosecutor 1942
Stardust on the Sage Dan Pearson 1942
Tortilla Flat Doctor Treating Danny 1942
Tarzan's New York Adventure Policeman Telephoning 1942
This Gun for Hire Police Sgt. Charlie Carlisle 1942
Fingers at the Window Hotel Manager 1942
Kid Glove Killer Novak - Detective Grilling Eddie 1942
Don't Lie 1942
The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine District Attorney 1942
Yokel Boy Doctor 1942
We Were Dancing Bailiff 1942
Captains of the Clouds Chateau Laurier Desk Clerk 1942
Jail House Blues Columnist 1942
Pardon My Stripes McQuade 1942
Blondie Goes to College Mr Howard, Track and Baseball Coach / Mr. Howard, Track and Baseball Coach 1942
Blue, White and Perfect Charlie 1942
Don't Get Personal Mr. Rodman 1942
Bedtime Story Mike Sadden 1941
Mr. District Attorney in the Carter Case Defense Counsel 1941
Steel Against the Sky Worker 1941
Glamour Boy District Attorney 1941
Tuxedo Junction Mr. Hawkins 1941
Blues in the Night Hotel Desk Clerk 1941
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break The Engineer 1941
Sailors on Leave Man in Glasses 1941
You'll Never Get Rich Jenkins, Martin's Chauffeur 1941
Doctors Don't Tell 1941
We Go Fast Policeman 1941
Navy Blues Officer at Luau 1941
Dangerous Lady Dr. Grayson 1941
Badlands of Dakota Ransome 1941
Blossoms in the Dust Joshua Bedlow / Mr. Bedlow, in Court 1941
Dressed to Kill Smiley Joe Bishop 1941
Whistling in the Dark Show Producer 1941
Citadel of Crime Carnie 1941
Hurricane Smith Prosecuting Attorney 1941
Robot Wrecks Robot owner 1941
Cracked Nuts Mr. McAneny 1941
Criminals Within Harold 1941
Tight Shoes Jackson Carter 1941
Coffins on Wheels Older Police Mechanic 1941
The Hard-Boiled Canary Stokes 1941
Love Crazy Doctor at Susan's Apartment 1941
Penny Serenade Carter 1941
Sis Hopkins Doctor 1941
The Lady from Cheyenne Stanton 1941
Horror Island The Stranger 1941
Mr. District Attorney Atty. Murphy 1941
Emergency Landing 'Doc' Williams 1941
The Monster and the Girl Apartment Manager 1941
Back Street Tom 1941
Petticoat Politics Bryant 1941
Behind the News Judge #1 1940
You, the People Ballot Inspector 1940
The Bank Dick Hotel Desk Clerk 1940
The Howards of Virginia Representative 1940
The Bride Wore Crutches Police Operator 1940
Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum Prosecuting Attorney 1940
Margie White 1940
Buyer Beware County Geologist 1940
Mystery Sea Raider Cop 1940
Manhattan Heartbeat Doctor 1940
Sailor's Lady Medical Officer 1940
The Man Who Talked Too Much Chaplain #1 1940
The Ghost Breakers Radio Announcer 1940
Hot Steel Jacobs 1940
Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise Hotel Manager 1940
Gangs of Chicago Jim Perry aka Sam West 1940
Edison, the Man Secretary 1940
An Angel from Texas Play Director Bonham 1940
Shooting High McCormick / Surveyor McCormick 1940
Women Without Names Arresting Detective 1940
Johnny Apollo Radio Announcing Guard 1940
The House Across the Bay U.S. Official 1940
Black Friday Det. Carpenter 1940
Castle on the Hudson Standing Reporter on Train 1940
Honeymoon Deferred Doctor 1940
Know Your Money Welsh, Lab Technician 1940
The Fighting 69th Doctor Giving Physicals 1940
Brother Rat and a Baby Steamship Clerk 1940
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk Assistant to the District Attorney 1940
Thou Shalt Not Kill District Attorney 1939
The Big Guy Barrow 1939
The Great Victor Herbert Forbes 1939
Geronimo Post Doctor 1939
Main Street Lawyer Cast 1939
The Monroe Doctrine Daniel Webster 1939
$1000 a Touchdown Coach 1939
Espionage Agent Instructor 1939
Calling All Marines Blackie's Attorney 1939
Slapsie Maxie's Wrestling Director 1939
Thunder Afloat Junior Officer Standing by Map 1939
Smuggled Cargo Parker 1939
When Tomorrow Comes Wine Waiter 1939
Stanley and Livingstone Albert 1939
I Stole a Million Movie Theater Mgr. 1939
They Shall Have Music Police Chief's Aide 1939
Each Dawn I Die Prosecutor 1939
Blondie Takes a Vacation Train Conductor 1939
Maisie Court Clerk / Court Clerk (Uncredited) 1939
The Jones Family in Hollywood Studio Movie Director 1939
Angel of Mercy James A. Garfield 1939
They Asked for It Larsen 1939
The Kid from Kokomo Third Fight Ring Announcer 1939
Boy Friend Officer at Switchboard 1939
Confessions of a Nazi Spy Hotel Desk Clerk 1939
Women in the Wind Radio Announcer 1939
The Man Who Dared Stuart McCrary / Stuart 'Mac' McCrary 1939
Let Us Live Bank Cashier 1939
Three Smart Girls Grow Up Stock Broker 1939
Society Smugglers Clemons 1939
Pardon Our Nerve Radio Announcer 1939
Tail Spin Powder Puff Derby Starter / Powder Puff Derby Starter (Uncredited) 1939
St. Louis Blues Judge 1939
Wings of the Navy Flight Commander 1939
Off the Record Priest 1939
Scouts to the Rescue G-Man Ed Billings [Chs. 1-2] 1939
Swing, Sister, Swing Les Murphy - Theatrical Agent 1938
Heart of the North Radio Operator 1938
Comet Over Broadway Prosecutor 1938
The Declaration of Independence George Reed 1938
The Cowboy and the Lady Newspaper Editor 1938
Rhythm of the Saddle Rodeo Announcer 1938
The Storm Williams 1938
Young Dr. Kildare Detective Herman 1938
Youth Takes a Fling Businessman 1938
Sons of the Legion Policeman 1938
Campus Cinderella Commentator 1938
Secrets of an Actress Spencer 1938
Meet the Girls Purser Brady 1938
Cowboy from Brooklyn Loudspeaker Announcer 1938
Speed to Burn Radio Announcer 1938
The Beloved Brat Jenkins 1938
Female Fugitive Investigator Tom Leonard / Tom Leonard - Investigator 1938
Mr. Moto's Gamble Fingerprint Man 1938
Island in the Sky Information Booth Attendant 1938
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm Program Director 1938
King of the Newsboys Newsman 1938
Breakdowns of 1938 Himself / Outlaw (Empty Holsters outtakes) 1938
What Price Safety! Zuto's Henchman 1938
International Settlement First Officer 1938
The Invisible Menace Investigator in Haiti 1938
City Girl Policeman in Phone Booth 1938
Sergeant Murphy Major Smythe 1938
Wells Fargo Merchant 1937
The Man Without a Country Captain Mitchell 1937
Submarine D-1 Sailor on Phone 1937
Romance of Radium Pierre Curie 1937
Danger - Love at Work Mc Ilvane 1937
Back in Circulation Chief Dispatcher 1937
Hot Water Laryngitis Man 1937
That Certain Woman Tilden - Rogers' Partner 1937
Bad Guy Second Detective 1937
Confession American Frontiersman in Show 1937
Empty Holsters Ace Cain 1937
Romance of Louisiana French Ambassador to Louisiana 1937
Born Reckless Radio Announcer 1937
Slim Jewelry Clerk 1937
Fly Away Baby Clifford Vance 1937
Riding on Air Radium Plane 23 Pilot 1937
It May Happen to You Bunco - Henchman 1937
Kid Galahad Ring Announcer 1937
Angel's Holiday Radio Officer 1937
San Quentin Captain / Lieutenant 1937
The Go Getter Ricks' Cashier 1937
A Day at Santa Anita Tom Blackburn - Peaches' Father 1937
Charlie Chan at the Olympics Ship's Officer 1937
They Gave Him a Gun Prosecuting Attorney 1937
The Hit Parade News Commentator 1937
I Promise to Pay Foster 1937
Marked Woman 2nd Court Clerk 1937
Let's Get Married Dick 1937
Love Is News Salesman 1937
They Wanted to Marry Newspaper Office Worker 1937
The Holy Terror Squad Commander 1937
Black Legion News Commentator 1937
Sing Me a Love Song Floorwalker 1937
We Who Are About to Die Prison Lieutenant 1937
Stowaway Court Officer 1936
Career Woman Court Clerk--Clarkdale 1936
Charlie Chan at the Opera Smitty - Wire-Photo Technician 1936
The Public Pays Bartley - Moran's Assistant 1936
Adventure in Manhattan Lorimer 1936
Down the Stretch Railroad Lawyer 1936
Star for a Night Radio Announcer 1936
China Clipper Airplane Designer 1936
A Son Comes Home Teletype Operator 1936
Spendthrift Radio Station Executive 1936
Public Enemy's Wife G-Man 1936
Rhythm on the Range Clerk 1936
Ticket to Paradise Man in Hotel Lobby 1936
The Big Noise Dr. Martin 1936
Counterfeit Wilson 1936
Sons o' Guns French to English Translator 1936
Champagne Charlie Mr. Saunders 1936
The Singing Kid Theater Ticket Clerk 1936
Two in Revolt George Mason 1936
The First Baby Father in Park 1936
Colleen Ames Company Official 1936
Everybody's Old Man Salesman 1936
Boulder Dam Reporter 1936
Lady of Secrets Undetermined Role 1936
It Had to Happen Reporter 1936
My Marriage Radio Voice 1936
Next Time We Love Bartender 1936
Two Against the World Radio Announcer 1936
Miss Pacific Fleet Club Official 1935
Super-Speed Ward 1935
Stars Over Broadway Archie McNeish 1935
I Found Stella Parish Reporter 1935
3 Kids and a Queen Gangster 1935
Shipmates Forever 1935
She Couldn't Take It Reporter 1935
This Is the Life Inspector 1935
The Public Menace Bail Bond Broker 1935
I Live for Love Radio Station Announcer 1935
Special Agent Thompson 1935
Page Miss Glory Hotel Clerk 1935
Atlantic Adventure Reporter Reagan 1935
She Gets Her Man Reporter 1935
The Irish in Us Man at Danny's Fight Checkup 1935
Broadway Gondolier Reporter 1935
Going Highbrow Tribune Reporter 1935
Stranded Officer on Ferry 1935
Oil for the Lamps of China Worried McCarger Employee 1935
'G' Men Bill - the Ballistics Expert 1935
Alias Mary Dow Detective 1935
Living on Velvet Army Officer 1935
The Whole Town's Talking Reporter 1935
Sweet Adeline Captain 1934
White Lies Courtroom Prosecutor #1 1934
The Secret Bride Teller 1934
Broadway Bill Betting Parlor Operator 1934
I'll Fix It Silvers 1934
The Firebird Third Reporter 1934
The Captain Hates the Sea Ship's Doctor 1934
The Oil Raider Jim Walker 1934
Desirable Office Worker 1934
Here Comes the Navy USS Arizona Lieutenant 1934
Manhattan Melodrama Assistant District Attorney 1934
Manhattan Love Song Doctor 1934
Love Birds Forbes 1934
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