Florence Wix

IVA Star Rating : 52


Wednesday, 16 May 1883


Friday, 23 November 1956

Actress Filmography

High Society Party Guest 1956
D-Day the Sixth of June Mother at Train Station 1956
Never Say Goodbye Restaurant Patron 1956
It's a Dog's Life Dog Show Attendee 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Club Patron 1955
Bring Your Smile Along Italian Restaurant Party Guest 1955
Ain't Misbehavin' Party Guest 1955
Athena Party Guest 1954
Sabrina Party Guest 1954
The Caddy Golf Gallery Spectator 1953
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Actress Filmography

High Society Party Guest 1956
D-Day the Sixth of June Mother at Train Station 1956
Never Say Goodbye Restaurant Patron 1956
It's a Dog's Life Dog Show Attendee 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Club Patron 1955
Bring Your Smile Along Italian Restaurant Party Guest 1955
Ain't Misbehavin' Party Guest 1955
Athena Party Guest 1954
Sabrina Party Guest 1954
The Caddy Golf Gallery Spectator 1953
The Band Wagon Actress in Play 1953
The Story of Three Loves Minor Role (segment "The Jealous Lover") 1953
Never Wave at a WAC Party Guest 1953
The I Don't Care Girl Party Guest 1953
Angel Face Courtroom Spectator 1953
The Prisoner of Zenda Coronation Guest 1952
Limelight Reception Guest 1952
Big Jim McLain Nightclub Patron 1952
Goodbye, My Fancy Party Guest / Party Guest (Uncredited) 1951
I Can Get It for You Wholesale Ball Guest 1951
Payment on Demand Restaurant Patron 1951
The Mating Season Employment Agency Maid 1951
Walk Softly, Stranger New Year's Celebrant 1950
Mister 880 United Nations Spectator 1950
Pretty Baby Club Patron 1950
The Toast of New Orleans Restaurant Patron 1950
Please Believe Me Ship Passenger 1950
The Fighting Kentuckian Party Guest 1949
Hollow Triumph Hotel Guest 1949
Ladies of the Chorus Party Guest 1948
Enchantment Party Guest 1948
Disaster Lanai Club Guest 1948
Luxury Liner Opera Patron 1948
Good Sam Churchgoer 1948
The Velvet Touch Theatre Patron 1948
B.F.'s Daughter Wedding Guest 1948
To the Ends of the Earth Mrs. Mary Paine 1948
Night Song Party Guest 1947
Body and Soul Fight Spectator 1947
This Time for Keeps Nightclub Patron 1947
Green Dolphin Street Wife 1947
The Unsuspected Party Guest 1947
Ride the Pink Horse Hotel Guest 1947
The Fabulous Joe Pedestrian 1947
Lured Bus Passenger / "Blue Eyes" 1947
Fun on a Weekend Party Guest 1947
The Farmer's Daughter Party Guest 1947
Humoresque Party Guest 1947
Deception Restaurant Diner 1946
The Killers Cafe Patron 1946
Dressed to Kill Woman at Auction 1946
Rainbow Over Texas Townswoman 1946
Her Kind of Man Nightclub Patron 1946
Devotion Englishwoman 1946
Kitty Guest at Exhibition 1946
Scarlet Street Visitor at Gallery 1945
The Stork Club Club Patron 1945
George White's Scandals Nightclub Patron 1945
The Fatal Witness Dinner Guest 1945
Lady on a Train Woman in Aisle in Newsreel Theatre 1945
Guest Wife Nightclub Patron 1945
Incendiary Blonde Audience Member 1945
Anchors Aweigh Ride-Sharing Actress 1945
Those Endearing Young Charms Customer 1945
The Brighton Strangler Mrs. Kent - Dorothy's Mother / Mrs. Kent (Uncredited) 1945
The Great Flamarion Audience Member 1945
Meet Miss Bobby Socks Nightclub Patron 1944
Nothing But Trouble Servant Seeker 1944
Strange Affair Nightclub Patron / Nightclub Patron (Uncredited) 1944
Swing Hostess Nightclub Patron 1944
Port of 40 Thieves Night Club Patron 1944
Mr. Skeffington Party Guest 1944
Song of Nevada Club Patron 1944
Abroad with Two Yanks Stuart's Party Guest 1944
Two Girls and a Sailor Middle-Aged Woman 1944
Double Indemnity Train Passenger at Station 1944
The Desert Song Newspaper Reporter at Geneva 1943
Flesh and Fantasy Circus Spectator 1943
I Dood It Cafe Customer with Egg Shell in Drink 1943
The Man from Down Under Minister's Wife 1943
Crime Doctor Patient in Ordway's Office 1943
Happy Go Lucky Nightclub Patron 1943
Gentleman Jim Boxing Match Spectator 1942
That Other Woman Empire House Boarder 1942
Between Us Girls Nightclub Patron 1942
Hi, Neighbor Guest 1942
Holiday Inn Guest at Inn 1942
Mrs. Miniver Woman with Dog 1942
Take a Letter, Darling Nightclub Patron 1942
Reap the Wild Wind Ball Guest 1942
The Night Before the Divorce Party Guest 1942
We Were Dancing Sporting Woman 1942
Brooklyn Orchid Mrs. Bledsoe 1942
The Man Who Came to Dinner Fan at Train Station 1942
Johnny Eager Party Guest 1941
It Started with Eve Party Guest 1941
Lydia Sarah's Guest 1941
Unfinished Business Woman 1941
Sunny Mrs. H. Warren 1941
The Round Up Saleswoman 1941
Free and Easy Lady Next to Lady Ridgeway 1941
The Lady Eve Mother on Ship 1941
Road Show Agnes's Mother 1941
Play Girl Audience Member 1941
The Philadelphia Story Party Guest 1940
Down Argentine Way Racetrack Patron 1940
Rhythm on the River Party Guest 1940
I Was an Adventuress Frenchwoman at Exhibit 1940
In Old Missouri Auction Guest 1940
It's a Date Hawaiian Night Club Patron 1940
I Take This Woman Mrs. Winterhalter 1940
Remember the Night Judge's Wife 1940
Remember? Party Guest 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Committeewoman 1939
The Old Maid Townswoman at Railroad Station 1939
In Name Only Party Guest 1939
Good Girls Go to Paris Party Guest 1939
The Gracie Allen Murder Case Nightclub Patron 1939
Man of Conquest Ball Guest 1939
Outside These Walls Miss Strawbridge 1939
Midnight Flammarions' Party Guest 1939
King of Chinatown Nightclub Patron 1939
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man Wedding Guest 1939
The Cowboy and the Lady Dinner Party Guest 1938
The Missing Guest Linda Baldrich 1938
The Rage of Paris Cousin Theresa 1938
The Devil's Party Night Club Patron 1938
Romance in the Dark Woman With Balint 1938
When G-Men Step In Society Woman 1938
Paradise for Three Bridge Player 1938
The Big Broadcast of 1938 Woman 1938
The Buccaneer Mrs. Livingston 1938
Wells Fargo Pioneer Woman 1937
Nothing Sacred Nightclub Patron 1937
This Way Please Customer 1937
Stage Door Theatregoer 1937
Something to Sing About Nightclub Patron 1937
Double or Nothing Nightclub Patron 1937
Windjammer Mrs. Forsythe 1937
Easy Living Woman in Hat Shop 1937
A Day at the Races Party Guest 1937
Make Way for Tomorrow Drinker at Hotel Cocktail Bar 1937
Maytime Dinner Guest at Palace 1937
Beloved Enemy Reception Guest / Reception Guest (Uncredited) 1936
Under Your Spell Dowager 1936
Yellowstone Hotel Guest 1936
My American Wife Mrs. Van Dusen 1936
Yours for the Asking Woman 1936
Three Cheers for Love Mrs. Courtney Netherland 1936
And Sudden Death Miss Allenby 1936
Fury Courtroom Spectator 1936
And So They Were Married Hotel Guest 1936
Mr. Deeds Goes to Town Party Guest 1936
My Marriage Party Guest 1936
Rose-Marie Mrs. Carter - Premier's Guest 1936
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Casino Patron 1935
Lady Tubbs Rider 1935
Break of Hearts Concertgoer 1935
The Good Fairy Nightclub Guest 1935
The Gilded Lily Nightclub Patron 1935
Here Is My Heart Yacht Guest 1934
Behold My Wife! Party Guest 1934
Cheating Cheaters Ship Passenger 1934
The Gay Divorcee Undetermined Role 1934
British Agent Ball Guest at British Embassy 1934
Down to Their Last Yacht Ship Passenger 1934
His Greatest Gamble Roulette Player 1934
The Girl from Missouri Mrs. Chadwick 1934
Murder in the Private Car Passenger on Eastbound Limited 1934
Hollywood Party Party Guest in Elevator 1934
Riptide Rosine Gray 1934
Woman Unafraid Mrs. Fletcher 1934
Gambling Lady Funeral Attendee 1934
Fashions of 1934 Duryea's Fashion Show Director 1934
Hi, Nellie Patron at Merry-Go-Round Club 1934
Long Lost Father Party Guest 1934
If I Were Free Parisian Night Club Patron 1933
Design for Living Party Guest 1933
Sitting Pretty Party Guest 1933
Duck Soup Reception Guest 1933
Lady for a Day Nightclub Patron 1933
Torch Singer Nightclub Patron 1933
The Masquerader Party Guest 1933
Morning Glory Minor Role 1933
Ann Carver's Profession Mrs. Bingham 1933
Cocktail Hour Party Guest 1933
The Little Giant Hotel Guest 1933
A Bedtime Story Party Guest 1933
Murders in the Zoo Ship Passenger in Deck Chair / Ship Passenger in Deck Chair (Uncredited) 1933
Grand Slam Bridge Player 1933
She Done Him Wrong Disapproving Passerby 1933
Fast Life Guest 1932
Trouble in Paradise Party Guest 1932
Two Against the World Party Guest 1932
Down to Earth Bridge Player 1932
Love Me Tonight Party Guest 1932
A Successful Calamity Musicale Guest 1932
By Whose Hand? Outraged Woman in Phone Booth 1932
Unashamed Courtroom Spectator 1932
Grand Hotel Hotel Guest 1932
Huddle Dinner Dance Guest 1932
-But the Flesh Is Weak Casino Gambler / Party Guest 1932
The Miracle Man Chinatown Tourist 1932
Polly of the Circus Churchgoer 1932
Arsène Lupin Party Guest 1932
The Passionate Plumber Casino Patron 1932
Forbidden Mrs. Smith 1932
Good Sport Party Guest 1931
Platinum Blonde Party Guest 1931
Friends and Lovers Party Guest 1931
Devotion Restaurant Guest 1931
The Public Defender Country Club Guest 1931
Broadminded Hotel Guest in Hallway 1931
The Vice Squad Ball Guest 1931
Daybreak Restaurant Patron 1931
Men Call It Love Party Guest 1931
Reaching for the Moon Outraged Mother at Ship's Party 1931
Dracula Concertgoer Outside Theatre 1931
Hook Line and Sinker Hotel Party Guest 1930
Going Wild Banquet Guest 1930
The Devil to Pay! Racing Fan at Derby 1930
Sin Takes a Holiday Ship's Passenger 1930
Extravagance Fur Shop Saleswoman 1930
Common Clay Mrs. Coakley 1930
Raffles Party Guest 1930
One Romantic Night Party Guest 1930
A Notorious Affair Mrs. Poulthwaite 1930
Street Girl Prince Nicolaus' Escort 1929
She Goes to War Knitting Lady 1929
Romance of the Underworld Café Supervisor 1928
Dressed to Kill Dressmaker 1928
Spring Fever Mrs. Waters 1927
The Return of Boston Blackie Mrs. John Markham 1927
For Alimony Only Christmas Party Guest 1926
Secrets Lady Lessington 1924
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