Jack Hendricks

IVA Star Rating : 48

Birth Name

John T. Hendricks


Thursday, 09 July 1903


Tuesday, 29 May 1990

Actor Filmography

The Bounty Killer Townsman 1965
Empire Man at Counter 1962
The Virginian Townsman 1962
Hazel Stockholder 1961
A Fever in the Blood Reporter 1961
Guns of the Timberland Rancher 1960
Bonanza Barfly, Townsman 1959
Goodyear Theatre Townsman 1957
Tarantula Ranch Hand 1955
Cheyenne Courtroom Spectator 1955
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Actor Filmography

The Bounty Killer Townsman 1965
Empire Man at Counter 1962
The Virginian Townsman 1962
Hazel Stockholder 1961
A Fever in the Blood Reporter 1961
Guns of the Timberland Rancher 1960
Bonanza Barfly, Townsman 1959
Goodyear Theatre Townsman 1957
Tarantula Ranch Hand 1955
Cheyenne Courtroom Spectator 1955
Masterson of Kansas Henchman 1954
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Trooper 1954
The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd Argus Crewman / Docklin Henchman 1953
Ride, Vaquero! Barfly 1953
Cow Country Rustler 1953
Outlaw Women Barfly 1952
Rancho Notorious Gambler 1952
Singin' in the Rain Film Crew Member 1952
Night Raiders Stableman 1952
Texas Lawmen Pete 1951
Gold Raiders Henchman 1951
Hurricane Island Pirate 1951
The Thundering Trail Cattle Buyer 1951
Nevada Badmen Man at Auction 1951
Man from Sonora Townsman 1951
Short Grass Fenton Henchman 1950
The Return of Jesse James Gang Member 1950
Gunfire Gang Member 1950
I Shot Billy the Kid Barfly 1950
Marshal of Heldorado Henchman 1950
Cody of the Pony Express Townsman 1950
The Cisco Kid Henchman, Townsman, Henchman Alf 1950
The Baron of Arizona Townsman 1950
West of Wyoming Henchman 1950
Riders of the Dusk Henchman 1949
The Dalton Gang Gang Member with Note 1949
El Paso Deputy 1949
Frontier Revenge Red - Henchman / Henchman Red 1948
Mark of the Lash Bill Gunnison 1948
The Fighting Ranger Bushwhacker 1948
The Tioga Kid Henchman 1948
Frontier Agent Henchman 1948
Crossed Trails Juror 1948
Oklahoma Blues Chuck - Henchman 1948
The Westward Trail Henchman 1948
Tornado Range Townsman 1948
Overland Trails Poker Player 1948
Check Your Guns Barfly 1948
Prairie Express Blaine 1947
Flashing Guns Henchman 1947
Code of the Saddle Henchman 1947
Song of the Wasteland Vigilante 1947
Land of the Lawless Jack - Henchman 1947
Six-Gun Serenade Henchman 1947
Trailing Danger Jack - Henchman 1947
Shadows on the Range Deputy 1946
Outlaws of the Plains Townsman 1946
Blonde for a Day Detective 1946
Ghost of Hidden Valley Henchman 1946
Lonesome Trail Hank - Henchman 1945
Frontier Feud Davis Cowhand 1945
The Lost Trail Henchman 1945
Border Badmen Henchman Pete 1945
Frontier Fugitives Jim Gar 1945
Three in the Saddle Henchman 1945
Springtime in Texas Henchman Hank 1945
Beyond the Pecos Pat Bobbitt 1945
Shadows of Death Townsman 1945
Marked for Murder Nord Collins 1945
His Brother's Ghost Farmer 1945
The Whispering Skull Henchman 1944
Oath of Vengeance Kirby Cowhand 1944
Dead or Alive Juror at Wyatt's Trial 1944
Gangsters of the Frontier Henchman 1944
Trail to Gunsight Ed Fargo 1944
Fuzzy Settles Down Barfly 1944
The Contender Trainer 1944
Valley of Vengeance Barfly 1944
The Pinto Bandit Barfly 1944
Thundering Gun Slingers Henchman 1944
Oklahoma Raiders Barfly 1944
Frontier Outlaws Dave - Henchman 1944
Bullets and Saddles Posse Rider 1943
Outlaws of Boulder Pass Andrews Rider 1942
Tomorrow We Live Military Policeman 1942
Border Roundup Deputy 1942
The Secret Code Henchman 1942
Sheriff of Sage Valley Henchman 1942
Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns Rancher 1942
Rolling Down the Great Divide Rustler 1942
Boot Hill Bandits Deputy 1942
Billy the Kid Trapped Charley - Fake Billy 1942
Texas Man Hunt Man at Dance 1942
Road Agent Cowhand 1941
The Lone Rider Fights Back Barfly 1941
Billy the Kid's Round-Up Henchman 1941
Escort Girl Night Club Patron 1941
Gauchos of El Dorado Card Player 1941
Billy the Kid Wanted Deputy 1941
The Lone Rider Ambushed Posse Rider 1941
Saddle Mountain Roundup Ranch Hand Red 1941
The Lone Rider in Frontier Fury Cowhand 1941
Fugitive Valley Deputy 1941
The Texas Marshal Henchman 1941
Billy the Kid in Santa Fe Lyncher 1941
Desperate Cargo Henchman 1941
Law of the Range Cowhand 1941
Pirates on Horseback Barfly 1941
Billy the Kid's Fighting Pals Barfly 1941
The Lone Rider Crosses the Rio Posse Rider 1941
Outlaws of the Rio Grande Henchman 1941
Prairie Pioneers Soldier 1941
White Eagle Survey Crewman (Ch. 12) 1941
The Lone Rider Rides On Townsman 1941
The Trail Blazers Outlaw 1940
Riders of Black Mountain Henchman 1940
The Green Archer Lab Guard 1940
Billy the Kid in Texas Barfly 1940
Arizona Gang Busters Henchman Guard 1940
Billy the Kid Outlawed Ranch Hand 1940
Frontier Crusader Cowhand 1940
Prairie Law Townsman 1940
Terry and the Pirates Henchman 1940
Hi-Yo Silver Trooper 1940
Phantom Rancher Hideout Henchman 1940
The Cheyenne Kid Barfly 1940
The Adventures of the Masked Phantom Bill - Mine Worker 1939
Mad Youth Brawler 1939
Riders of the Frontier Henchman 1939
Daughter of the Tong Henchman Playing Pinball Machine 1939
Stunt Pilot Movie Set Worker 1939
Blue Montana Skies Ranch Guest 1939
The Night Riders Rancher 1939
Rollin' Westward Watches fight / Fight Watcher 1939
Code of the Fearless Deputy 1939
Western Jamboree Cowhand 1938
Six-Gun Trail Henchman with Gems 1938
Law of the Texan Henchman 1938
Rollin' Plains Cowhand 1938
Panamint's Bad Man Adams Rider 1938
The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Henchman 1938
Desert Patrol Henchman Trailing Dave 1938
Songs and Saddles Barfly 1938
The Fighting Devil Dogs Marine 1938
Gunsmoke Trail Posse Rider 1938
Phantom Ranger Henchman 1938
The Feud Maker Cowman / Settler 1938
Outlaws of Sonora Townsman 1938
Code of the Rangers Ranger 1938
Rawhide Rancher on Phone 1938
Rolling Caravans Cavalryman 1938
Thunder in the Desert Tramp 1938
Born to Be Wild Townsman 1938
The Lone Ranger Trooper 1938
Paroled - To Die Ranch Hand Al 1938
Young Dynamite Trooper Jack 1937
Zorro Rides Again Raider 1937
Where Trails Divide Bartender 1937
Arizona Gunfighter Posse Rider 1937
Ridin' the Lone Trail Henchman Irving 1937
The Rangers Step In Allen Rider 1937
The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen Barfly 1937
The Red Rope Hank 1937
Doomed at Sundown Maverick Rider 1937
Guns in the Dark Mendez Henchman 1937
Law of the Ranger Ranger 1937
The Trusted Outlaw Pool Player 1937
Bar-Z Bad Men Henchman 1937
Trail of Vengeance Henchman 1937
The Feud of the Trail Deputy 1937
The Silver Trail Wagon Driver 1937
Santa Fe Rides Henchman 1937
The Gambling Terror Townsman 1937
Arizona Days Henchman 1937
Valley of Terror Barfly 1937
Battle of Greed Indiana Man / Juror 1937
Rio Grande Ranger Texas Ranger 1936
Song of the Gringo Cowhand 1936
The Cowboy Star Taylorville Townsman 1936
Vengeance of Rannah Henchman 1936
Aces Wild Posse Rider 1936
Phantom Patrol Trooper 1936
Undercover Man Poker Player / 3rd Stage Driver 1936
The Three Mesquiteers Henchman with Rifle 1936
The Unknown Ranger Cowhand 1936
The Traitor Texas Ranger 1936
Oh, Susanna! Sage City Townsman on Bench 1936
Santa Fe Bound Henchman 1936
Wildcat Trooper Henchman at Cabin 1936
The Law Rides Jack - Lyncher 1936
Rio Grande Romance Henchman 1936
The Riding Avenger Deputy 1936
Gun Grit Al Romero 1936
Rogue of the Range Prison Guard 1936
Lightnin' Bill Carson Deputy 1936
Caryl of the Mountains Constable Gary 1936
Wildcat Saunders Cowhand 1936
Hair-Trigger Casey Henchman 1936
Border Caballero Barfly 1936
Murder on the Road Truck Driver Jack 1936
Fast Bullets Monte - Henchman 1936
Trigger Tom Cal 1935
Texas Jack Barfly 1935
Gun Play Man at Dance 1935
Lawless Range Gambler 1935
The Rider of the Law Cowhand 1935
The Live Wire Sailor at Bar 1935
Frontier Justice Parsons 1935
Tumbling Tumbleweeds Medicine Wagon Crowd Member 1935
Westward Ho Vigilante 1935
Danger Trails Henchman 1935
Men of Action Mounted Policeman / Mounted Patrolman 1935
Hard Rock Harrigan Worker 1935
Branded a Coward Henchman 1935
Border Brigands Henchman 1935
The Laramie Kid Deputy with Muddy Face 1935
The Silver Bullet Townsman at Edge of Lynch Group 1935
Toll of the Desert Deputy 1935
Silent Valley Barfly 1935
Tombstone Terror Barfly 1935
The Desert Trail Townsman 1935
The Pecos Kid Jack - Henchman 1935
The Cowboy and the Bandit Cowhand 1935
Born to Battle Barfly / Cowhand 1935
The Outlaw Tamer Bartender 1935
Wilderness Mail Gambler 1935
Outlaw Rule Posse Rider 1935
North of Arizona Barfly 1935
Loser's End Henchman 1935
Big Boy Rides Again Barfly 1935
Range Warfare Ranch Hand 1934
Terror of the Plains Deputy Jack 1934
The Red Rider Cowhand 1934
The Whirlwind Rider Townsman 1934
The Fighting Code Cowhand 1933
Somewhere in Sonora Henchman 1933
Malay Nights Barfly 1932
The Man from Hell's Edges Townsman 1932
Two-Fisted Law Barfly 1932
The Texas Tornado Barfly 1932
Hell-Fire Austin Race Spectator 1932
Texas Cyclone Man in Wagon 1932
Mark of the Spur Tex - Ranch Hand 1932
The Fighting Fool Cowhand 1932
Ghost City Barfly 1932
Oklahoma Jim Betty's Driver 1931
The Montana Kid Henchman 1931
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