Kernan Cripps

IVA Star Rating : 58

Birth Name

John Kernan Cripps


Thursday, 08 July 1886


Wednesday, 12 August 1953

Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Rails Into Laramie Railroad Conductor 1954
The Sniper Cop with Teletypes 1952
Criminal Lawyer Bailiff 1951
Al Jennings of Oklahoma Tim 1951
Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard Bancroft 1950
The Sun Sets at Dawn Short Order Cook 1950
Kill the Umpire Fire Chief 1950
Bodyhold Trainer in Gym 1949
Mary Ryan, Detective Riley / Police Sgt. Riley 1949
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Actor Filmography

Hey Moe, Hey Dad! Various characters 2015
Rails Into Laramie Railroad Conductor 1954
The Sniper Cop with Teletypes 1952
Criminal Lawyer Bailiff 1951
Al Jennings of Oklahoma Tim 1951
Counterspy Meets Scotland Yard Bancroft 1950
The Sun Sets at Dawn Short Order Cook 1950
Kill the Umpire Fire Chief 1950
Bodyhold Trainer in Gym 1949
Mary Ryan, Detective Riley / Police Sgt. Riley 1949
Prison Warden Second County Deputy 1949
Blondie Hits the Jackpot Officer 1949
The Secret of St. Ives Recording Officer 1949
The Clay Pigeon Chief Jones 1949
The Lone Wolf and His Lady Policeman Searching Cellar 1949
Slightly French Carnival Barker 1949
Blondie's Secret Mack, Policeman with Sergeant 1948
The Untamed Breed Avy 1948
Black Eagle Townsman 1948
The Gentleman from Nowhere Plainclothesman 1948
The Fuller Brush Man Police Desk Sergeant 1948
Adventures in Silverado Townsman 1948
Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House Policeman 1948
My Wild Irish Rose Heckler 1947
Roses Are Red Martin Jones - Photographer 1947
The Last Round-up Rancher 1947
Blondie in the Dough Harry Baxter 1947
Key Witness Policeman - Coroner's Office 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Porter 1947
Blaze of Noon Fireman 1947
The Thirteenth Hour Policeman 1947
California Shopkeeper 1947
Blondie's Big Moment Lettering Painter 1947
Boston Blackie and the Law Detective Callahan 1946
Plainsman and the Lady Man in Bank 1946
Crack-Up First RR Ticket Clerk / First RR Ticket Clerk (Uncredited) 1946
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers Policeman 1946
Daughter of Don Q Insp. Grogan 1946
The Return of Rusty Major 1946
Our Hearts Were Growing Up Sergeant on Stage 1946
Behind the Mask Paradise Club Bartender 1946
Mysterious Intruder Kelly - First Cop / Kelly (Uncredited) 1946
Blondie's Lucky Day 3rd Cop 1946
Talk About a Lady Deputy Sheriff 1946
Meet Me on Broadway Gardner 1946
One Way to Love Pullman Conductor 1946
Masquerade in Mexico Customs Official 1945
Captain Tugboat Annie Cop 1945
Hold That Blonde! Police Detective Murphy 1945
Johnny Angel Official 1945
Duffy's Tavern Regan's Assistant 1945
I Love a Bandleader Wardrobe Man 1945
The Falcon in San Francisco Police Captain 1945
Federal Operator 99 Agent Thomas Jeffries [Ch. 1] / Agent Thomas Jeffries 1945
The Scarlet Clue - Sidney Toler As Charlie Chan Detective 1945
The Valley of Decision Undetermined Role 1945
The Master Key Apartment Thug 1945
It's in the Bag! Police Turnkey 1945
Main Street After Dark Police Scientist 1945
Can't Help Singing Boat Official 1944
Mystery of the River Boat Policeman 1944
Girl Rush Joe - Bartender 1944
Black Arrow Townsman 1944
Strange Affair Officer in Patrol Car / Officer in Patrol Car (Uncredited) 1944
San Diego I Love You Policeman 1944
The Merry Monahans Conductor 1944
Ever Since Venus Waiter 1944
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret Plainclothesman 1944
The Great Alaskan Mystery Marshal 1944
Seven Days Ashore Ship's Officer 1944
Double Indemnity Conductor 1944
The Falcon Out West Second Policeman Murphy 1944
Shine on Harvest Moon Policeman in "Big Night" Number 1944
None Shall Escape Townsman 1944
Beautiful But Broke Defense Worker 1944
Calling Dr. Death Police Officer 1943
Henry Aldrich Haunts a House Detective Clannahan's Assistant 1943
The Seventh Victim Police Officer Danny / Police Officer Danny (Uncredited) 1943
The Good Fellows Conductor 1943
Six Gun Gospel Bill Simms 1943
Hi Diddle Diddle Brokerage Firm Guard 1943
Mr. Lucky Detective 1943
Crime Doctor Turnkey 1943
Gildersleeve's Bad Day Mason - Car 61 Police Officer 1943
Lady of Burlesque Cop 1943
Ladies' Day Third Umpire 1943
Sherlock Holmes in Washington Hotel Porter 1943
The Adventures of Smilin' Jack Hong Kong Policeman [Ch. 5] 1943
Lady Bodyguard Attendant 1943
Behind the Eight Ball Officer Doyle 1942
Seven Miles from Alcatraz Prison Guard 1942
Secrets of a Co-Ed Detective Roberts 1942
Street of Chance Taxi Driver 1942
Sin Town Driller 1942
Henry Aldrich, Editor Fireman 1942
Priorities on Parade Workman in Audience 1942
Men of Texas Telegraph Operator 1942
The Falcon Takes Over Doorman / Doorman (Uncredited) 1942
Dr. Broadway Sergeant 1942
You're Telling Me Minor Role 1942
Saboteur Man in Movie Audience 1942
My Favorite Blonde Railroad Yard Man 1942
Gang Busters Police Direction Finder [Ch. 6] 1942
Broadway Morgue Attendant 1942
Frisco Lil Detective Burke 1942
Jail House Blues Guard 1942
A Close Call for Ellery Queen Forbes - Inspector Queen's Assistant 1942
Pacific Blackout Suspicious Cafe Cop 1941
Borrowed Hero 1st Detective Escorting Dixie 1941
Appointment for Love Bartender 1941
Henry Aldrich for President Third Printer 1941
The Gunman from Bodie Al - Bartender / Al 1941
Dressed to Kill Police Sergeant 1941
Lady Scarface Joe - Police Clerk / Joe, Police Clerk 1941
Too Many Blondes Gate Official 1941
Murder by Invitation Deputy / Deputy (Uncredited) 1941
Hit the Road Guard 1941
Hello, Sucker Policeman 1941
The Lady from Cheyenne Stagehand 1941
Mr. Dynamite Detective 1941
Back Street Deck Steward 1941
White Eagle Marvin - Civic Leader 1941
The Invisible Woman Postman 1940
San Francisco Docks Guard #1 1940
Drafted in the Depot Detective 1940
Misbehaving Husbands Policeman 1940
Mexican Spitfire Out West Cop 1940
Sandy Gets Her Man Police Officer 1940
The Green Archer Frank 1940
Dance, Girl, Dance Night Court Bailiff 1940
When the Daltons Rode Freight Agent 1940
The Return of Frank James Deputy 1940
Deadwood Dick Jury Foreman 1940
Cross-Country Romance Tough at Second Auto Camp / Tough at Auto Camp #2 1940
You're Not So Tough Guard 1940
Rocky Mountain Rangers The Doctor 1940
Sandy Is a Lady Boss 1940
Gaucho Serenade Police Radioman 1940
The House of the Seven Gables Workman 1940
Black Friday Detective 1940
Wolf of New York Minor Role 1940
The Green Hornet Radio Car Cop [Chs. 1, 9, 10] 1940
The Shadow Shipyard & Courtroom Cop / Shipyard Cop / Courtroom Cop 1940
Gone with the Wind Yankee Soldier in Shantytown 1940
Oh, Johnny, How You Can Love! Policeman 1940
The Awful Goof Boss 1939
The Big Guy Fourth Guard 1939
The Invisible Killer Plainclothesman 1939
Call a Messenger Policeman 1939
The Roaring Twenties Cop 1939
Hero for a Day Trainer 1939
Fifth Avenue Girl Policeman in Park 1939
Rattling Romeo Mr. Fleece 1939
The Rookie Cop Police Radio Dispatcher 1939
Street of Missing Men Undetermined Secondary Role 1939
Let Us Live Desk Sergeant 1939
Sergeant Madden Detective on Train 1939
The Saint Strikes Back Police Sergeant / Police Sergeant (Uncredited) 1939
I Was a Convict Police Broadcaster 1939
Society Smugglers Detective 1939
Newsboys' Home Pressman 1938
Flat Foot Stooges Fireman at Alarm Console 1938
Strange Faces Detective 1938
His Exciting Night Office Worker 1938
Gang Bullets Police Stenographer 1938
The Spider's Web Officer Mulvaney 1938
Red Barry Policeman Mac 1938
Juvenile Court Policeman 1938
Dick Tracy Returns Officer in Alley 1938
Many Sappy Returns Policeman 1938
The Main Event Arena Guard 1938
Gangs of New York Detective 1938
Sinners in Paradise Airline Ticket Clerk 1938
International Crime Weston's Assistant 1938
Rawhide Railroad Official 1938
Over the Wall Prison Guard 1938
Prison Nurse Prisoner 1938
Hollywood Stadium Mystery Cop in Ace's Dressing Room 1938
Swing It, Sailor! Doctor 1938
All American Sweetheart Policeman 1937
Exiled to Shanghai Executive 1937
Law for Tombstone Bartender 1937
Escape by Night Police Radio Dispatcher 1937
Windjammer Detective Roberts 1937
The Great Gambini Detective 1937
Riding on Air Daily Star Editor 1937
Dangerous Holiday Policeman 1937
Angel's Holiday Radio Officer 1937
Tough to Handle Det. Ducrane 1937
Hit the Saddle Bartender 1937
Dick Tracy Police Sergeant-Dispatcher 1937
Counterfeit Lady Brady 1936
That Girl from Paris Doorman 1936
With Love and Kisses Turnkey 1936
Hats Off Stage Manager 1936
The Boss Rider of Gun Creek Court Attendent 1936
Great Guy Deputy / Deputy (Uncredited) 1936
Come Closer, Folks Policeman 1936
Blackmailer Cop 1936
The Cowboy and the Kid Jim Thomas 1936
The Crime Patrol Detective 1936
And So They Were Married Jailer 1936
Federal Agent Assistant Bureau Chief 1936
Big Brown Eyes Police Telephone Operator / Police Telephone Operator (Uncredited) 1936
Silver Spurs Sheriff 1936
The Lone Wolf Returns Cop 1935
Hitch Hike Lady Chief of Police 1935
Forced Landing Federal Agent 1935
Mary Burns, Fugitive G-Man 1935
The Ivory-Handled Gun 1st Bartender 1935
She Couldn't Take It Guard 1935
Waterfront Lady Detective Bates / Bates, Detective 1935
The Public Menace Policeman at Funeral Parlor 1935
Little Big Shot Policeman #1 1935
Atlantic Adventure Seaman 1935
Stone of Silver Creek Ben (Bartender) (as Kerman Cripps) / Ben (Bartender) 1935
Wilderness Mail Mountie 1935
The Whole Town's Talking Policeman / Guard 1935
Northern Frontier Mike - the Bartender 1935
Broadway Bill Racing Secretary's Guard 1934
I'll Fix It Cop 1934
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round Policeman 1934
Against the Law Policeman 1934
The Party's Over Guard in Art Gallery 1934
The Defense Rests Policeman 1934
I Hate Women Casey 1934
Unknown Blonde Detective 1934
The Crime of Helen Stanley Gateman 1934
Miss Fane's Baby Is Stolen Captain's Aide 1934
The Mystery Squadron Tom - Dam Foreman / Tom 1933
Big Time or Bust Detective 1933
The Wolf Dog Police Captain [Chs. 11, 12] 1933
Professional Sweetheart George - Radio Station Desk Man 1933
The Whispering Shadow Murphy - Driver [Chs. 1, 8] 1933
Manhattan Tower Inspector Ned Connors 1932
Afraid to Talk Arresting Detective 1932
The Devil Horse Head Ranger 1932
The Pride of the Legion Police Sgt. Miller 1932
50 Million Frenchmen Jealous Husband 1931
Little Caesar Detective 1931
The Gorilla Minor Role 1930
Abraham Lincoln Conspirator 1930
Those Who Dance Detective 1930
Playing Around Police Sgt. Mulligan 1930
Alibi Trask - Plainclothesman 1929
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