Fast Track: The Race Fan

  • Release year: 1997
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Michael Robison


Peter Hume


Michael Copeman Darrel Butts
Marc Daniel Nando
Randy J. Goodwin Kennedy Winslow
Peter Jason
Bill Lake Servine Crew Chief
Anthony Lemke Willy Voss
Michael McMurtry Charles Moline
Ray Paisley Inspector
Sebastian Spence Stevie Servine
Greg Spottiswood Glenn
Austin Strugnell Kyle Evans
Fred Williamson Lowell Carter
Laura Bertram Laurie
Jenny Cooper Wendy Servine
Melinda Deines Geena
Anais Granofsky Vanessa Carter
Keith Carradine Dr. Richard Beckett
Duncan Regehr Christian Chandler Jr.
Brandy Ledford Mimi Chandler
Guylaine St-Onge Nicole Chandler


Larry Gelbart Executive Producer
Larry Gelbart Producer
Peter Hume Producer
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