Or Die Trying

  • Genre(s): Drama
  • Release year: 2017
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US Release



Chelsea London Lloyd Bailey Rosenberg
Jenny Austin Amelia Tinsley
Sarah Hawkins Ellie Hansen
Myah Hollis Raegan Thomas
Mitch Westphal Miles Clark
Eric Mitro James Rosenberg
Brian Patacca Eric
Nate Weisband Aaron
Bradley Hawkins Mr. Hansen
Mary Claire Garcia Alex Rivera
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# Title Air Date
1 Party's Over Friday, 09 June 2017
2 The Best Laid Plans Friday, 09 June 2017
3 Dance to Your Club Banger Friday, 09 June 2017
4 Livin' Ain't Easy Friday, 09 June 2017
5 More Friday, 09 June 2017
6 This Is War Friday, 09 June 2017
7 What Do You Want? Friday, 09 June 2017
8 Live with It Friday, 09 June 2017


Camila Martins


Myah Hollis


Myah Hollis



Sarah Hawkins Executive Producer
Myah Hollis Executive Producer
Karl Holtz Executive Producer
Courtney Daniels Executive Producer
Chelsea London Lloyd Producer
Jenny Austin Producer
Jessica Toscano Producer
Mike Perkins Producer
Rolando Vega Producer
Tony Cornish Producer
Matthew Elton Producer
Rick Rood Producer
Michael Baker Producer
Corey Goldstein Producer
Sharrie McCain Producer
Doreen Creede Producer
Susan Cymrot Producer


Art Freed, Kelly Budish

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