Who Do You Think You Are?

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From Executive Producers Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, the Emmy Award-winning documentary series "Who Do You Think You Are?" comes home to NBC at a time when ancestral and genealogical exploration is enjoying unprecedented popularity and fascination. read more
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From Executive Producers Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, the Emmy Award-winning documentary series "Who Do You Think You Are?" comes home to NBC at a time when ancestral and genealogical exploration is enjoying unprecedented popularity and fascination. Each week, a different celebrity will go on a poignant search to trace their family tree with the help of historians and experts, unlocking past mysteries and unbelievable real-life stories across the world - and through time. Cutting-edge research tools and billions of digitized records will provide remarkable insights into the star's background and illustrate the cultural mosaic that connects us all together. After all, at the end of the day, we all want to know who we really are.

Original Release

03/05/2010 on NBC



# Title Air Date
1 Mandy Moore Monday, 03 December 2018
2 Josh Duhamel Monday, 10 December 2018
3 Regina King Monday, 17 December 2018
4 Matthew Morrison Monday, 17 December 2018


David Gardner, Jyllian Gunther, Heather Ross, Elizabeth Dobson, Kate Richter Green, Sarah Feltes, Eddie Schmidt, Rebecca Snow, Lisa Bohacek, Christopher Bruce, Rupert Smith


Crystal Sarando, Reed Kowit, Lynn Dougherty


Mocean Melvin Self - Narrator
Ken Rogers Self - Narrator
Smokey Robinson Self
John Stamos Self
Courteney Cox Self
Jessica Biel Self
Julie Bowen Self
Noah Wyle Self
Liv Tyler Self
Jennifer Grey Self
Cherie Lunghi Narrator: UK Edit
D. Joshua Taylor Self
Ken Rogers Narrator
Hilary Duff Self - Actress
Joseph Shumway Self - Genealogist
Joseph Beilein Jr. Self - Assistant Professor of History: Penn State Behrend
Erica Armstrong Dunbar Self - University of Delaware
Kayleen McAdams Self
Megan Mullally Self - Actress
Kelsey Grammer Self


Dan Bucatinsky Executive Producer
Lisa Kudrow Executive Producer
Alex Graham Executive Producer
Pamela Healey Executive Producer
Stephanie Schwam Executive Producer
Cameo Wallace Executive Producer
Al Edgington Executive Producer
Howard Lee Executive Producer
Anna Pousho Executive Producer
Jennifer O'Connell Executive Producer
Nancy Daniels Executive Producer
Aleta Rozanski Executive Producer
Jeremy Finn Executive Producer
Timothy Kuryak Executive Producer
Lisa Bohacek Executive Producer
Lucy Carter Executive Producer
Amy Winter Executive Producer
Don Roos Executive Producer
Bryn Freedman Executive Producer
John Hein Executive Producer
Maxine Watson Executive Producer
Melissa Betts Hedges Executive Producer
Suzanne Rauscher Executive Producer
Tim Simmons Executive Producer
Michael Moffett Executive Producer
Greg Finateri Executive Producer
Chris O'Neill Executive Producer
Tom McDonald Executive Producer
Justin D. Robertson Producer
Jim Albarano Producer
Aleta Rozanski Producer
Kyle McNally Producer
Anna Kirkwood Producer
Anna Pousho Producer
Meagen Gibson Producer
Jeremy Finn Producer
Chris O'Neill Producer
Chuck LaBella Producer
Lisa Bohacek Producer
Kate Richter Green Producer
Mellissa Betts Producer
Alexandra Orton Producer
Ruth O'Neill Producer
Vicky Bramley Producer
Chris Aubin Producer
Heather Ross Producer
Courtenay Singer Producer
Meghan Walsh Producer
David Gardner Producer
Annie Powers Producer
Maria Candela Ancewicz Producer
Stefanie Valenzky Producer
Jyllian Gunther Producer
Lee Metzger Producer
Carrie Riley-Paul Producer
Paul Rosenthal Producer
Sherri Pender Producer
Victoria Marquette Producer
Genevieve Tackenberg Producer
Tim Simmons Producer
Greg Finateri Producer
David Stein Producer
Jennifer Pike Producer
Craig Ekedahl Producer
Melissa Betts Hedges Producer
Rebecca Snow Producer
Liz Hottel Producer
Teresa Hsu Producer
Josh Kirschner Producer
Sarah Rois Producer
Megan Olshefski Producer
Jennifer Sims Producer
Elizabeth Kerr Producer
Michael Drake Producer
Austin Paterek Producer
Graham Sherrington Producer
Jeffrey Amos Producer
Tamra Barcinas Producer
Lainee Fiorentino Hill Producer
Pamela Healey Producer
Crystal Sarando Producer
Stephanie Schwam Producer
Lisa Kudrow Producer
Dan Bucatinsky Producer
Chris O'Neill Producer
Mary Jester Producer
Jamie Simpson Producer
Jo Foster Producer
Caroline Miller Producer
Ben Reid Producer
Elizabeth Dobson Producer
Alex Graham Producer
David Stein Producer
Cameo Wallace Producer
Howard Lee Producer
Mark Landsman Producer
Colette Flight Producer
Monica Martino Producer
Kristina Goolsby Producer
Sue Hills Producer
Rebecca Templar Producer
Maia Monasterios Producer
Luke Wales Producer
Lauren Hawthorne Producer
Peter Badcock Producer
Sarah Feltes Producer
Courtney Paulson Producer
Amy McCarty Producer
Caroline Buckley Producer
Lucy Place Producer
Elise Greven Producer
Justine Huseth Producer
Niclas Peyron Producer
Jessica Conway Producer
Adam Feinstein Producer
Marianne Vogel Bender Producer
Zhi Yun Su Producer
Nancy Daniels Producer
Kelly Greaney Producer
Clementine Mortelman Producer
P.J. Davenport Producer
Harvey Lilley Producer
Hannah Richardson Producer
Kimberly Greenhut Producer
Adrian Knight Producer
Priscilla Yeo Producer
Andrew Chater Producer
Mike DeWitt Producer
Amy Bracken Producer
Sarah Lambert Producer
Lewis Wardrop Producer


Justin D. Robertson, Conrad Stanley, Shelly Stocking, Dava Whisenant, Taylor Greathead, Clay Zimmerman, Elise Ludwig, Adrienne Salisbury, Peter Gamba, Hudson Smith, Jimmy Giritlian, Ben Daughtrey, Rob McPeters, Danny Flynn, Max Heller, Michael Levine, Jason Gill, Russell Wheat, Sjoerd Dijk, Simon Barker, Michael Chaskes, James Horak, Victoria Rosenthal, Natalie Ebnet, Julie Janata, Kristen Genneken, Pouria Baladi, Chris Kirkpatrick, Gerard San Gemino, Chris Lockwood, Jason Savage, Ryan Reilly, Frank Longo, Jeffrey Frey, Duane Tudahl, Mark Cegielski, Victoria E. Rosenthal, Shawn Logue

2019 Emmy Outstanding Structured Reality Program Nominated
2018 Emmy Outstanding Structured Reality Program Nominated
2017 Emmy Outstanding Structured Reality Program Nominated
2016 Emmy Outstanding Picture Editing for a Structured or Competition Reality Program Won
2014 Emmy Outstanding Structured Reality Program Nominated
2012 Emmy Outstanding Reality Program Nominated
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