Dick Elliott

IVA Star Rating : 64
Richard Damon Elliott was an American character actor who played in over 240 films from the 1930s until the time of his death.

Richard Damon Elliott was an American character actor who played in over 240 films from the 1930s until the time of his death.

Birth Name

Richard Damon Elliott


Friday, 30 April 1886


Friday, 22 December 1961

Actor Filmography

Pioneers of Television Bartender 2008
Television: The First Fifty Years Bartender 1999
Red Skelton: Bloopers, Blunders and Ad-Libs Bartender 1994
Red Skelton: A Comedy Scrapbook Bartender 1981
Everglades! Mr. Goodacre 1961
The Andy Griffith Show Mayor Pike, Mayor Floyd Pike 1960
Pete and Gladys Bart Blakely 1960
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Edwards 1959
Lock Up Bartender 1959
Laramie Bert, Jeweler, Stage Passenger 1959
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Actor Filmography

Pioneers of Television Bartender 2008
Television: The First Fifty Years Bartender 1999
Red Skelton: Bloopers, Blunders and Ad-Libs Bartender 1994
Red Skelton: A Comedy Scrapbook Bartender 1981
Everglades! Mr. Goodacre 1961
The Andy Griffith Show Mayor Pike, Mayor Floyd Pike 1960
Pete and Gladys Bart Blakely 1960
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Edwards 1959
Lock Up Bartender 1959
Laramie Bert, Jeweler, Stage Passenger 1959
Go, Johnny, Go! Man in Phone Booth / Chubby Man in Phone Booth 1959
Rawhide Ben, McTavish, Sam Davis 1959
Man of the West Willie 1958
The Rifleman Hardiman 1958
Life Begins at 17 Lynton Baldwin 1958
Desire Under the Elms Old Farmer 1958
In the Money Mike Clancy 1958
Man from God's Country Mayor 1958
Up in Smoke Mike 1957
Bombers B-52 Mr. Sampton 1957
Man Without a Gun Zachary Brown 1957
Colt .45 Depot Clerk 1957
Looking for Danger Mike Clancy 1957
Trackdown Pete 1957
The Real McCoys Doc Thornton, Dr. Thornton, Mr. Tremantle 1957
The Joker Is Wild Man Shaving 1957
The Restless Gun Judge Adams, Mayor Hancock 1957
Maverick George, Poker Player 1957
The Thin Man Bill Stauton 1957
Sugarfoot Mac Kenzie, Mr. Pomeroy 1957
Bachelor Father Mr. Trindle 1957
Omar Khayyam Tavern Keeper / Tavern Owner 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Mr. Collins 1957
Panic! Frank 1957
Hold That Hypnotist Hotel Desk Clerk 1957
Duel at Apache Wells Jewelry Salesman 1957
Don't Knock the Rock Sheriff at End 1956
Playhouse 90 Mr. Trayner 1956
The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna Bartlett, Mr. Smith 1956
The Charles Farrell Show Clint Austin 1956
When Gangland Strikes Ames Jury Foreman 1956
Meet Me in Las Vegas Sands Co-Owner 1956
Last of the Desperados Walter 'Wally' Stone 1955
Matinee Theatre Dr. Lamarr Grimp 1955
The Twinkle in God's Eye Lumber salesman / Lumberman 1955
Crossroads Sen. Carson 1955
Jungle Jim Mr. Martindale 1955
Tales of the Texas Rangers Pete Cooper, Sheriff Tiny Morris 1955
Double Jeopardy Happy Harry 1955
Buffalo Bill, Jr. Ian McDougel, Osgood Falstaff 1955
Stage 7 Fire Leader 1955
The Bob Cummings Show Hartford 1955
Producers' Showcase Commander 1954
The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin Arthur Cleary, Cornelius, Mr. Barnhardt 1954
Climax! Man at Carnival 1954
December Bride Stanley 1954
Shower of Stars Fezziwig 1954
It's a Great Life J.C. Bevins, Trainer 1954
Captain Midnight Neighbor 1954
The Mickey Rooney Show Gus Henderson 1954
Witness to Murder Apartment Manager 1954
Public Defender Fat Man 1954
Annie Oakley Judge, Sykes - Banker 1954
Meet Corliss Archer Charlie 1954
The Man Behind the Badge Campbell 1953
General Electric Theater Judge Gookin 1953
Androcles and the Lion Ox Cart Driver 1953
Montana Belle Jeptha Rideout - Banker / Jeptha Rideout 1952
I Married Joan (as Richard Elliott), Fatso, Judge Casper Bennington, Mr. Manners, Mr. Potter 1952
The Bob Hope Show Self 1950
The WAC from Walla Walla Sheriff 1952
Park Row Jeff Hudson 1952
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Mayor, Mr. Rogers, Pet Shop Owner (as Richard E. Elliott) 1952
Cavalcade of America Williams 1952
Four Star Playhouse Parade Marcher in Diner 1952
Adventures of Superman Frank - Fake Judge, Mr. Gobey, Sam Bleaker 1952
Three for Bedroom C Train Passenger 1952
My Little Margie Edward Kinka 1952
High Noon Kibbee 1952
Gobs and Gals Shaving Man 1952
The Atomic City Prize-Drawing MC 1952
Rancho Notorious Storyteller 1952
Death Valley Days Bob the Postmaster, Mayor Connell 1952
The Unexpected Mr. Cooley 1952
Honeychile Sheriff 1951
I Love Lucy Henry, Spectator 1951
Fort Defiance Kincaid 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Sam Hammond 1951
Disc Jockey Customer 1951
The Red Skelton Hour Barbershop Customer, Bartender, Bartender-Deadeye Sketch, Campagin Manager, Joe, Memeber of Bar Owners Association, Pa Canova, The Hearty Man, Willie's Boss-Golf Sketch / Bartender-Showboat Skit 1951
Sky King Official 1951
Two Dollar Bettor Hefty Racetrack Drunk Bettor 1951
The Amos 'n Andy Show C. Bromley 1951
Racket Squad Fred Simpson, Grace's father 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok Mayor 1951
Flame of Stamboul Mr. Shirley 1951
Belle Le Grand Joe 1951
Hunt the Man Down Happy 1950
Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle Sheriff 1950
The Jack Benny Program Barker - Lion, Santa Claus in Lipton Tea spot 1950
The Stu Erwin Show 1950
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Mr. Duffy, The Stout Man 1950
Surrender Sen. Clowe 1950
September Affair Fat Gentleman 1950
Across the Badlands Rufus Downey 1950
Dick Tracy Murphy, Officer Murphy 1950
Bunco Squad Thurman 1950
Union Station Powerhouse Workman 1950
A Modern Marriage Jim Burke 1950
Rock Island Trail Martin, Railroad Conductor 1950
Lucky Losers Clarence 1950
Western Pacific Agent Sheriff 1950
Belle of Old Mexico Ship's Captain 1950
The Silver Bandit Van Fleet Stooglehammer (as Richard Elliott) / Van Fleet Stooglehammer 1950
Dangerous Assignment Culley 1950
Blonde Dynamite Mr. Stanton 1950
Blue Grass of Kentucky Grainger 1950
Gun Crazy Man Fleeing Robbed Market 1950
Feudin' Rhythm Charles Chester Upperworth 1949
The Lone Ranger Mayor Wilkins, Storekeeper 1949
Trail of the Yukon Editor Sullivan 1949
Night Unto Night Auto Court Manager 1949
The Gay Amigo Man on Stage 1949
Flamingo Road Tom Coyne 1949
Joe Palooka in the Big Fight Sid 1949
I Cheated the Law Bartender 1949
Act of Violence Convention Party Drunk 1948
The Paleface Mayor 1948
Homicide for Three Doorman / Doorman at Atwood Towers 1948
The Return of October Steward 1948
The Untamed Breed Judge 1948
Rusty Leads the Way Board Member 1948
Singin' Spurs Mr. Miggs 1948
The Arkansas Swing Realtor 1948
The Woman in Brown Businessman 1948
So This Is New York Audience Heckler 1948
The Dude Goes West Whiskey Drummer 1948
Silver River Man Waiting Hours at McComb's 1948
The Sainted Sisters Milt Freeman 1948
Money Madness Malt Shop Customer 1948
Albuquerque Harvey 1948
Slippy McGee Fred Appelby 1948
The Main Street Kid Sam Trotter 1948
Heading for Heaven Roger Wingate 1947
The Fabulous Texan Zebrina 1947
Magic Town New Arrival 1947
Driftwood Townsman / Editor 1947
Singapore Passenger 1947
The Son of Rusty Mayor 1947
Desperate Sheriff Hat Lewis 1947
Thunder Mountain Dick 1947
Copacabana Mr. Green 1947
That's My Gal Stagedoor Man 1947
For the Love of Rusty Bill Worden 1947
A Likely Story Conductor 1947
The Devil Thumbs a Ride Mack Wilkins 1947
It's a Wonderful Life Man on Porch 1946
Ginger Mayor Hector Tillford 1946
Lady Luck Fat Man 1946
Dangerous Money P.T. Burke 1946
Follow That Blonde Judge 1946
Decoy Driver 1946
High School Hero Mayor Whitehead 1946
Till the End of Time Bartender 1946
The Dark Horse Ben Martin 1946
Cowboy Blues Feather-Buyer 1946
Hot Cargo Frankie 1946
She Wrote the Book Fat Man / Party Guest 1946
That Texas Jamboree Mayor Smith 1946
Rainbow Over Texas Yacht Captain Monroe 1946
Partners in Time Squire Skimp 1946
Blondie's Lucky Day Mr. Hankins 1946
Talk About a Lady Baldwin 1946
The Kid from Brooklyn Man in Window 1946
Breakfast in Hollywood Man in Bus Depot 1946
Deadline at Dawn Chap 1946
My Reputation Tipsy Man 1946
Abilene Town Jailbreak Messenger / Townsman 1946
Adventure George 1945
Mother-in-Law's Day Edgar's Boss 1945
Saratoga Trunk Politician 1945
Purity Squad Judge Gilmenn 1945
Girls of the Big House Felton 1945
Star in the Night Traveler 1945
Christmas in Connecticut Judge Crowthers / Judge Crothers 1945
Gangs of the Waterfront Police Chief Davis 1945
Wanderer of the Wasteland Record Clerk and Jailer 1945
The Clock Friendly Man Offering Directions in Station 1945
Where Do We Go from Here? Father 1945
Diamond Horseshoe Footlight Club Waiter 1945
Dillinger Man in Bar 1945
Fall Guy Bail Bondsman 1945
Front Row Center Benton C. Ward, 'Pop' Foyle 1945
The Man Who Walked Alone The Mayor / Mayor 1945
A Guy, a Gal and a Pal Mr. Price 1945
Adventures of Kitty O'Day Bascom, Hotel Guest 1945
Main Street After Dark Mac McLean 1945
The Town Went Wild Mayor of Midvale 1944
The Impatient Years Bailiff 1944
When Strangers Marry Sam Prescott 1944
The Adventures of Mark Twain Townsman who challenges Mr. Lake / Laughing man in speech audience 1944
Silent Partner Pop 1944
Meet the People Salesman on Train 1944
Show Business Binoculars Man / Man with Binoculars 1944
Gambler's Choice Barber 1944
The Girl in the Case Smith 1944
An American Romance Fat Man 1944
Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid Matthews 1944
Whispering Footsteps Chief Joe Charters 1943
Swing Out the Blues Malcolm P. Carstairs 1943
My Kingdom for a Cook Man in Pullman Car 1943
Thank Your Lucky Stars Customer in Bette Davis Number 1943
Here Comes Kelly Minor Role 1943
Wintertime Husband 1943
So's Your Uncle Police Sergeant 1943
Nobody's Darling Gas Station Attendant 1943
The Good Fellows Bit 1943
False Faces Desk Sergeant 1943
Three Hearts for Julia Smith 1943
Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour J.P. McCluskey / McCluskey 1943
After Midnight with Boston Blackie Mr. Potts - Justice of the Peace / Justice of Peace Potts 1943
Silver Skates Promoter 1943
The Powers Girl Emcee at Glee Club Competition / Beauty Pageant Announcer 1943
Wrecking Crew Traveling Salesman 1942
Springtime in the Rockies Mr. Jeepers 1942
Criminal Investigator Ed Brandt 1942
You Can't Escape Forever Meeker 1942
Scattergood Survives a Murder Mathew Quentin 1942
Wildcat Harris 1942
I Married an Angel Oscar Scallion 1942
Sweetheart of the Fleet Chumley 1942
Meet the Stewarts Mr. Willoughby / Mr. Willoughby (Uncredited) 1942
So's Your Aunt Emma! Evans 1942
My Favorite Blonde Dan 1942
The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine Tim Miller 1942
Yokel Boy Doctor 1942
We Were Dancing Mr. Samson Platt 1942
Man from Headquarters Editor Elwin A. Jonas 1942
All Through the Night Losing Bidder's Husband 1942
Road to Happiness Pawnshop Owner 1941
The Body Disappears (scenes deleted) 1941
Tuxedo Junction 1st Rose Parade Judge 1941
One Foot in Heaven Casper Cullenbaugh 1941
Three Girls About Town Magician Boarding Bus 1941
Top Sergeant Mulligan Mr. Lewis 1941
Two Latins from Manhattan Sylvester Kittelman 1941
The Pittsburgh Kid Garvey 1941
Manpower Drunk / Drunk Texan 1941
Sunset in Wyoming Lieutenant Governor Cornelius Peabody / Lt. Gov. Cornelius Peabody 1941
She Knew All the Answers Broker 1941
The Wagons Roll at Night Mr. Paddleford 1941
Mr. District Attorney Detective in Café 1941
Footlight Fever Eric Queegle 1941
A Man Betrayed Ward Heeler 1941
Back Street 1941
Four Mothers Ed 1941
Behind the News Foster 1940
A Night at Earl Carroll's Old Man 1940
Melody Ranch Sheriff Barstow 1940
Li'l Abner Marryin' Sam 1940
Young Bill Hickok Elliott 1940
I'm Still Alive Dan Foley 1940
Up in the Air R. J. Hastings / B. J. Hastings, Station Owner 1940
Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride Airport Agent 1940
I Love You Again Range Leader 1940
One Man's Law Prendergast 1940
The Mortal Storm Passport Official on Train 1940
Florian Auctioneer 1940
Flight Angels Mr. Rutledge 1940
Two Girls on Broadway Ice Rink Security Man 1940
Women Without Names Roomer 1940
Abe Lincoln in Illinois Politician 1940
The Amazing Mr. Williams Druggist 1939
Another Thin Man Detective 1939
Pack Up Your Troubles Booking Agent 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Carl Cook 1939
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase McKeever 1939
I Stole a Million Small-Town Doctor 1939
Frontier Marshal Drunk 1939
Undercover Agent Garrison / Garrison - Henchman 1939
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell Man Laughing at Demo 1939
Sudden Money Gambler 1939
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle Train Conductor 1939
Let Us Live Rotarian Juror 1939
I'm from Missouri Mule Judge 1939
Boy Trouble Dr. Benshlager 1939
The Lone Wolf Spy Hunt Patrol-Car Cop at Italian Restaurant 1939
Disbarred Small-Town Juror 1939
Next Time I Marry Henry 1938
A Man to Remember Hank 1938
Down on the Farm Slicker 1938
Campus Confessions Member Board of Regents 1938
Meet the Girls Party Guest 1938
10th Ave Kid 1938
Man from Music Mountain Mr. Harkness 1938
The Crowd Roars Mr. Burns 1938
Little Miss Broadway Man with Bass Fiddle / Man Carrying Violin Case 1938
Hide and Shriek Haunted-House Proprietor 1938
Prison Farm The Glenby Judge 1938
Riders of the Black Hills Good Neighbor Spokesman 1938
Under Western Stars William P. Scully 1938
Mr. Moto's Gamble Kansas City Gambler 1938
Start Cheering Station Agent 1938
International Settlement Ocean Liner Passenger 1938
The Jury's Secret Donald Graves 1938
Every Day's a Holiday Bar Patron 1937
Quick Money Jeffrey Walker 1937
Counsel for Crime Bundy 1937
Vogues of 1938 Johnny Withers - Ticket Broker 1937
Roaring Timber Auditor 1937
Parnell Middle Aged Man 1937
Behind the Headlines Bartender / 2nd Bartender 1937
The Outcasts of Poker Flat Stumpy Carter 1937
China Passage Philip Burton 1937
You Only Live Once City Editor 1937
Wanted! Jane Turner Arizona Sheepman 1936
Go West Young Man Union News Service Reporter 1936
The Big Game Lowell 1936
High Tension Sundholm 1936
Educating Father Townley 1936
The Princess Comes Across Ship's Surgeon 1936
Special Investigator Gabby Citizen 1936
Brilliant Marriage Newspaper Editor / Editor 1936
Silly Billies Mayor Culpepper 1936
The Prisoner of Shark Island Actor at Ford's Theatre 1936
One-Way Ticket Matty 1935
Annie Oakley Major Ned Buntline 1935
Dr. Socrates Photographer 1935
The Public Menace Apartment House Manager 1935
Welcome Home Emanuel Bond 1935
Ladies Crave Excitement Starke's Aide / Stark's Aide 1935
Sprucin' Up Mr. Jones 1935
Break of Hearts Max 1935
Men of the Hour Theatre Manager 1935
Mister Dynamite Buck 1935
Reckless Man Near Drums 1935
Princess O'Hara Agent 1935
It Happened in New York Publicity Man 1935
Times Square Lady Stage Doorman 1935
Helldorado Mayor 1935
We're Rich Again Fred Green 1934
The Merry Frinks Reporter / 1st Reporter 1934
Woman Unafraid Tom Brady 1934
Please Sonny's Father / Johnny's Father 1933
Stage Mother Party Guest 1933
The Silk Express Garson 1933
Picture Snatcher Editor 1933
Central Airport Man Looking for Driver 1933
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