Jonathan Hale

IVA Star Rating : 56
Jonathan Hale was a Canadian-born film and television actor.

Jonathan Hale was a Canadian-born film and television actor.

Birth Name

Jonathan Hatley


Saturday, 21 March 1891


Monday, 28 February 1966

Actor Filmography

Kraft Suspense Theatre Medical Examiner 1963
The Three Outlaws Pinkerton 1956
Jaguar Dr. Powell 1956
Crossroads Dr. Stetson, Governor, Judge 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Mayor 1955
MGM Parade Dr. Ephraim McDowall in 'One Against the World' 1955
The Night Holds Terror Bob Henderson 1955
Science Fiction Theatre Dr. Hugo Milton, Dr. Morton Archer 1955
Soldiers of Fortune Elney Corp. Representative 1955
Cattle Queen of Montana Politician 1954
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Actor Filmography

Kraft Suspense Theatre Medical Examiner 1963
The Three Outlaws Pinkerton 1956
Jaguar Dr. Powell 1956
Crossroads Dr. Stetson, Governor, Judge 1955
Screen Directors Playhouse Mayor 1955
MGM Parade Dr. Ephraim McDowall in 'One Against the World' 1955
The Night Holds Terror Bob Henderson 1955
Science Fiction Theatre Dr. Hugo Milton, Dr. Morton Archer 1955
Soldiers of Fortune Elney Corp. Representative 1955
Cattle Queen of Montana Politician 1954
The Magical World of Disney J.A. Turner 1954
Lassie Walter Barton 1954
The Whistler Mr. Cromwell, Phillip Ridgely 1954
Adventures of the Falcon Adam Harcourt, Warden Stone 1954
Men of the Fighting Lady Home Movie Commentator 1954
Duffy of San Quentin Boyd 1954
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse Crabtree 1953
The Flaming Urge Mr. Chalmers 1953
The Loretta Young Show Harris Davies 1953
City Detective Kane 1953
She Couldn't Say No John Bentley 1953
Kansas Pacific Sherman Johnson 1953
Taxi Mr. Barker 1953
The Steel Trap Tom Bowers 1952
My Hero Judge 1952
Behind Southern Lines General 1952
Mr. & Mrs. North Dean Howard 1952
Our Miss Brooks Leland Cheney 1952
The Ford Television Theatre Judge Tamberg 1952
Cavalcade of America James Madison, Postmaster General Brown 1952
Adventures of Superman Col. Brand, Prof. Roberts 1952
Cowboy G-Men John Trent, Landon - Bank Examiner 1952
Son of Paleface Gov. Freeman 1952
Young Man with Ideas Stanley Rickson 1952
Carbine Williams Judge Lane 1952
The Unexpected Seaver 1952
Scandal Sheet Frank Madison 1952
Schlitz Playhouse Dr. Kennedy 1951
Sunny Side of the Street Cyrus Pelley 1951
The Tall Target Passenger from Carolina 1951
Let's Go Navy! Captain 1951
Rodeo King and the Senorita Dr. Sands 1951
Strangers on a Train Mr. Antony 1951
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok General 1951
The Range Rider Bill Mayfield, Mayor 1951
Insurance Investigator Russell James 1951
Short Grass Charlie Bissel 1950
Three Husbands Edward Wurdeman - Attorney at Law 1950
Triple Trouble Judge 1950
Federal Agent at Large James Goodwin 1950
The Cisco Kid Barry Owen aka Bill Stevens, Barry Owens 1950
The Baron of Arizona Governor 1950
A Dangerous Profession Roger Lennert - Lucy's Attorney 1949
The Fountainhead Guy Francon 1949
Stampede Varick 1949
Fireside Theatre Charlie Bellamy, Mackay 1949
State Department: File 649 Director-General 1949
The Judge Judge Allan J. Brooks 1949
Disaster Police Commissioner Jerome 1948
Johnny Belinda Dr. Horace M. Gray 1948
Tap Roots Gen. Johnston 1948
Michael O'Halloran Judge Schaffner 1948
Silver River Maj. Spencer / Major Spencer 1948
King of the Gamblers Sam Hyland 1948
Call Northside 777 Robert Winston 1948
Rocky Kenneth Forrester 1948
High Wall Emory Garrison 1947
Her Husband's Affairs Gov. Fox 1947
Black Gold Senator Watkins 1947
The Vigilantes Return Judge Holden 1947
The Ghost Goes Wild Max Atterbury 1947
The Beginning or the End Dr. Vannevar Bush 1947
Wife Wanted Philip Conway 1946
Rolling Home Henry Kane 1946
Blondie Knows Best J.C. Dithers 1946
Angel on My Shoulder Citizens for Better Government Chairman 1946
Easy to Wed Hector Boswell 1946
The Walls Came Tumbling Down Captain Griffin / Police Capt. Griffin 1946
The Cat Creeps Walter Elliot / Walter Elliott 1946
Blondie's Lucky Day J.C. Dithers 1946
Riverboat Rhythm Col. Edward Beeler 1946
Gay Blades Whittlesey 1946
Life with Blondie J.C. Dithers 1945
Man Alive Osborne 1945
Allotment Wives Brig. Gen. H.N. Gilbert 1945
Dakota Col. Wordin 1945
Divorce Judge Conlon / Judge 1945
The Phantom Speaks Owen McAllister 1945
G.I. Honeymoon Colonel Hammerhead Smith / Col. Hammerhead Smith 1945
Leave It to Blondie J.C. Dithers 1945
The Strange Mr. Gregory Defense Attorney Blair / Blair - Defense Attorney 1945
Hollywood Canteen Mr. Brodel 1944
And Now Tomorrow Dr. Sloane 1944
Dead Man's Eyes Dr. Welles / Dr. Sam Welles 1944
End of the Road Gregory McCune 1944
My Buddy Senator Henry / Sen. Henry 1944
Since You Went Away Second Train Conductor 1944
The Black Parachute King Stephen 1944
This Is the Life Dr. Plum 1944
Jack London Kerwin Maxwell 1943
There's Something About a Soldier General Sommerton / Gen. Sommerton 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Mr. Fox 1943
Footlight Glamour J.C. Dithers 1943
Nobody's Darling Jason Rhodes 1943
It's a Great Life J.C. Dithers 1943
Hangmen Also Die! Dedic 1943
The Rear Gunner Commanding Officer 1943
The Amazing Mrs. Holliday Ferguson 1943
Blondie for Victory J.C. Dithers 1942
Flight Lieutenant Joseph Sanford 1942
Calling Dr. Gillespie Frank Marshall Todwell / Frank M. Todwell 1942
Miss Annie Rooney Mr. White / Mr. Martin White 1942
Blondie's Blessed Event J.C. Dithers 1942
Lone Star Ranger Judge Longstreth 1942
Joe Smith, American Blake McKettrick 1942
The Bugle Sounds Brigadier-General 1942
Blondie Goes to College J.C. Dithers 1942
The Pittsburgh Kid Max Ellison 1941
Ringside Maisie Dr. Kramer 1941
Blondie in Society J.C. Dithers 1941
Her First Beau Mr. Harris 1941
Strange Alibi Chief Sprague / Police Chief Sprague 1941
The Great Swindle Swann 1941
Blondie Goes Latin Mr. J.C. Dithers / J.C. Dithers 1941
Flight from Destiny District Attorney / Dist. Atty. Johnson 1941
The Saint in Palm Springs Insp. Henry Fernack / Inspector Henry Fernack 1941
Blondie Plays Cupid J.C. Dithers 1940
Melody and Moonlight Otis Barnett 1940
Dulcy Homer Patterson 1940
Blondie has Servant Trouble J.C. Dithers 1940
We Who Are Young Braddock 1940
The Saint Takes Over Inspector Henry Fernack 1940
Johnny Apollo Dr. Brown 1940
The Saint's Double Trouble Inspector Henry Fernack 1940
The Big Guy Jack Lang / Jack Lane 1939
Barricade Assistant Secretary of State 1939
Fugitive at Large Prison Warden 1939
The Amazing Mr. Williams Mayor 1939
Blondie Brings Up Baby J.C. Dithers 1939
Thunder Afloat Admiral Girard / Adm. Girard 1939
In Old Monterey Stevenson 1939
In Name Only Dr. Gateson 1939
The Story of Alexander Graham Bell President of Western Union 1939
Blondie Meets the Boss J. C. Dithers / J.C. Dithars 1939
The Saint Strikes Back Inspector Henry Fernack 1939
Tail Spin Racing Official Starter / Racing Official Starter (Uncredited) 1939
Wings of the Navy Commandant 1939
Stand Up and Fight Colonel Webb / Col. Webb 1939
There's That Woman Again Rolfe Davis 1938
The Duke of West Point Col. Early / Steven's Father 1938
Road Demon Anderson 1938
Blondie J.C. Dithers / Mr. Dithers 1938
Tarnished Angel Detective Sgt. Edward Cramer / Detective Sgt. Cramer 1938
Men with Wings Long 1938
Breaking the Ice Kane / Mr. Kane 1938
Fugitives for a Night Police Captain 1938
Boys Town John Hargraves 1938
Letter of Introduction Lou Woodstock 1938
Crime Ring Bank President 1938
Wives Under Suspicion Allison 1938
The Saint in New York Inspector Henry Fernack 1938
Gangs of New York Warden 1938
Yellow Jack Major General Leonard Wood 1938
Island in the Sky Prison Warden Matthews 1938
Over the Wall Governor / Governor James McDonald 1938
Judge Hardy's Children John Lee 1938
Her Jungle Love J.C. Martin 1938
The First Hundred Years Judge Parker 1938
Mad About Music Prosecutor - Film Within a Film 1938
Arsène Lupin Returns F.B.I. Special Agent 1938
Exiled to Shanghai J.B. Willet 1937
Carnival Queen Robert Jacoby 1937
Madame X Hugh Fariman Sr / Hugh Fariman Sr. 1937
Danger - Love at Work J.B. Parsons / Parsons, an attorney 1937
Saratoga Frank Clayton 1937
This Is My Affair Judge 1937
The League of Frightened Men Alexander Drummond 1937
Charlie Chan at the Olympics Hopkins / Mr. Hopkins 1937
Wings Over Honolulu Judge Advocate 1937
You Can't Buy Luck Prosecutor 1937
A Star Is Born Judge George J. Parris 1937
The Man Who Found Himself Dr. Tom Smythe 1937
Racketeers in Exile Alden Parker 1937
John Meade's Woman Mr. Melton 1937
Sea Devils Court-Martial President 1937
A Doctor's Diary Mr. Williams 1937
Man of the People Carter Spetner 1937
She's Dangerous Charles Fitzgerald 1937
You Only Live Once District Attorney 1937
Mysterious Crossing Garland - Banker 1936
Sinner Take All Dr. Harrison 1936
Happy-Go-Lucky J. Lansing Bennett 1936
Born to Dance Hector - Columnist 1936
The Accusing Finger Special Prosecutor 1936
The Plainsman Major 1936
Easy to Take Mr. Hardy 1936
The Magnificent Brute Official 1936
Down the Stretch Secretary M.L. Lyon 1936
The Devil Is a Sissy Judge Holmes 1936
China Clipper State Department Official 1936
Charlie Chan at the Race Track Warren Fenton 1936
36 Hours to Kill Conductor / Mac - Train Conductor 1936
Spendthrift Attorney 1936
Parole! Parole Board Member 1936
Fury Defense Attorney 1936
Educating Father Fred Humphrey 1936
The Case Against Mrs. Ames Judge at First Trial / First trial judge 1936
The Singing Kid Dr. Brown 1936
Panic on the Air Johnson 1936
Too Many Parents Judge 1936
Sutter's Gold Prosecuting Attorney 1936
The Voice of Bugle Ann District Attorney 1936
You May Be Next! Army Officer 1936
Three Live Ghosts Detective Bolton 1936
Charlie Chan's Secret Warren T. Phelps 1936
Hit-and-Run Driver Captain James 1935
If You Could Only Cook Henry Brown - Member of Board of Directors 1935
Too Tough to Kill Chairman of the Board 1935
The Calling of Dan Matthews Club Owner 1935
A Night at the Opera Stage Manager in Opera Box Who Announces Gottlieb's Disappearance 1935
3 Kids and a Queen Gangster 1935
Navy Wife Norton 1935
Page Miss Glory Husband at Train Station 1935
Alice Adams Mr. Palmer 1935
The Raven Bedside Dr. at Jerry's Right 1935
Public Hero Number 1 Prison Board Member 1935
Let 'em Have It Microscopic Expert 1935
'G' Men Congressman 1935
A Night at the Ritz Director 1935
One New York Night Mr. Stokes 1935
Lightning Strikes Twice Capt. Nelson / Police Captain Hobart Nelson 1934
Gentlemen Are Born Second Broker 1934
The Case of the Howling Dog Courtroom Spectator 1934
Housewife Doctor 1934
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