The Loretta Young Show

  • Genre(s): Drama
  • Release year: 1953
The Loretta Young Show is an American anthology drama television series broadcast on Sunday nights from September 2, 1953, to June 4, 1961, on NBC for a total of 165 episodes. The series was hosted by actress Loretta Young, who also played the lead in various episodes.
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The Loretta Young Show is an American anthology drama television series broadcast on Sunday nights from September 2, 1953, to June 4, 1961, on NBC for a total of 165 episodes. The series was hosted by actress Loretta Young, who also played the lead in various episodes.

Original Release

09/20/1953 on NBC


# Title Air Date
1 The Long Night Sunday, 18 September 1960
2 At the Edge of the Desert Sunday, 25 September 1960
3 Fair Exchange Sunday, 02 October 1960
4 Linda Sunday, 09 October 1960
5 Switchblade Sunday, 16 October 1960
6 Love Between the Acts Sunday, 23 October 1960
7 The Glass Cage Sunday, 30 October 1960
8 The Seducer Sunday, 06 November 1960
9 No Margin for Error Sunday, 13 November 1960
10 Unconditional Surrender Sunday, 20 November 1960
11 The Night the Doorbell Rang Sunday, 27 November 1960
12 These Few Years Sunday, 11 December 1960
13 My Own Master Sunday, 18 December 1960
14 Enter at Your Own Risk Sunday, 08 January 1961
15 This Subtle Danger Sunday, 15 January 1961
16 The Lie Sunday, 22 January 1961
17 Quiet Desperation Sunday, 05 February 1961
18 The Golden Cord Sunday, 12 February 1961
19 Double Edge Sunday, 19 February 1961
20 The Choice Sunday, 26 February 1961
21 When Queens Ride By Sunday, 12 March 1961
22 The Preliminaries Sunday, 19 March 1961
23 Woodlot Sunday, 26 March 1961
24 Doesn't Everybody? Sunday, 02 April 1961
25 The Man Who Couldn't Smile Sunday, 09 April 1961
26 Emergency in 114 Sunday, 23 April 1961
27 13 Donner Street Sunday, 30 April 1961
28 Those at the Top Sunday, 07 May 1961
29 The Wedding Sunday, 21 May 1961
30 The Forbidden Guests Sunday, 28 May 1961
31 Not in Our Stars Sunday, 04 June 1961


Richard Morris, Richard Morris, Robert Florey, Norman Foster, Harry Keller, John Newland, Rudolph Mate, Richard Carlson, Tay Garnett, Richard Donner, Justus Addiss, Jeffrey Hayden, Alan DeWitt, Everett Sloane, John Knight, William Bruckner, Ted Post, Don Weis, Arthur Lubin, John Meredyth Lucas, William F. Claxton, Laslo Benedek, Mark Stevens


Richard Morris, Richard Morris, William Bruckner, Pauline Stone, Lowell S. Hawley, Michael Cosgrove, Gene Levitt, Marian Spitzer, Devery Freeman, Donald S. Sanford, Ruth Roberts, Louis E. Holz, Ruth Roberts, Carlton E. Morse, Lydia Schiller, Mary Jane Waldo, Cameron Blake, Helen L. Morgan, Darryl Hickman, John Meredyth Lucas, Steve Fisher, Stephen Lord, Harlan Warde, Jack Natteford, Gabrielle Upton, Barbara Merlin, Luci Natteford, Jack Robbins, Esther McCoy, Charles Bonner, Jack Robbins, Marion Thompson, William Forrest, Ralph Bell, Lucy Goodrich, David Robinson, Lou Holtz, Tom Lewis, P.C. Tullier, Jack Leonard, Helen Rittell, Miss Fukiko-san, Harriet Pratt, Henry Richards, Bertha Holt, Sylvia Dee, Mary Stermer, Glen Sire, Sue Sire, Joseph Laitin, Elizabeth Enright, Michael Shaara, Florence Jan Soman, Libbie Block, Nancy Burrage Owen, Arthur Gordon, Leslie Gordon Barnard, David R. Mace, Murray Leinster, Lilly Gordon, Audrey Lives, Phyllis Parker, Henry J. Staudigl, Catharine Barrett, Lemora Mattingly Weber, Elizabeth S. Holding, André Maurois, Laura Hunter, D.F. Miller, Robert J. Hogan, John J. Ryan, Marie Therese Prohaska, Frances Ancker, Cynthia Hope, Cecily Hallack, Ernest F. Miller, Virginia Chase, Robert Craig, Maye Frank Grissette, Florence Zollicoffer, Beulah R. Stevens, Pamela Hennell, Morris Waldo, Helen Garnell, Wyatt Blassingame, Edna Brophy, Norma Mansfield, Ralph Mays, F.R. Weir, Hobart Donavan, Lenora Mattingly, Florence J. Clarke, George Bradshaw, Joanne Melton, Marion Thompson, Agnes Sligh Turnbull, F.W. Durkee, Verne Athanas, Ira Avery, Jane Avery, Roger Angell, Lee Strosnider, Robert Thomsen, Lois Hire, Margaret Buell Wilder, Harriet Frank Jr., James Eastwood, Jean Holloway, Walter Tevis, Ralph Bell, Eustace Cockrell, Doris Gilbert, Norman Foster, Fred Schiller, Heinrich Böll, Douglas Morrow, Harlan Ware, Edwin Blum, Lou Holtz, Mortimer Braus, Marilyn Cantor Baker, Ken Englund, DeWitt Bodeen, Malvin Wald, Dorothy Davenport, Dwight Taylor, Fred Ebb, László Görög, Jack Leonard, Willis Goldbeck, Eugene Francis, Paul Franklin, R. Wright Campbell , George W. George, Tom Lewis, Hugo Grimaldi, David Robinson, William Forrest, Hugh Beaumont



Tom Lewis Executive Producer
Matthew Rapf Executive Producer
John London Producer
John London Producer
Tom Lewis Producer
Bert Granet Producer
Matthew Rapf Producer
Tom Lewis Producer
Ruth Roberts Producer
Jack Murton Producer
Ruth Roberts Producer
Sherman A. Harris Producer
Alec C. Snowden Producer
Harry Keller Producer


Philip Cahn, Bud Molin, Frank Sullivan, Jason H. Bernie, Philip Ober

1961 Emmy Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Series (Lead) Nominated
1960 Emmy Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Series (Lead or Support) Nominated
1959 Golden Globe Television Achievement Won
1959 Emmy Best Dramatic Series - Less Than One Hour Nominated
1959 Emmy Best Actress in a Leading Role (Continuing Character) in a Dramatic Series Won
1959 Emmy Best Art Direction in a Television Film Nominated
1958 Emmy Best Continuing Performance (Female) in a Series by a Comedienne, Singer, Hostess, Dancer, M.C., Announcer, Narrator, Panelist, or any Person who Essentially Plays Herself Nominated
1958 Emmy Best Cinematography for Television Nominated
1957 Emmy Best Continuing Performance by an Actress in a Dramatic Series Won
1957 Emmy Best Teleplay Writing - Half Hour or Less Nominated
1957 Emmy Best Cinematography for Television Won
1956 Emmy Best Actress - Single Performance Nominated
1956 Emmy Best Cinematography for Television Nominated
1955 Emmy Best Actress Starring in a Regular Series Won
1955 Emmy Best Direction Nominated
1955 Emmy Best Direction of Photography Nominated
1954 Emmy Best New Program Nominated
1954 Emmy Best Female Star of Regular Series Nominated
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