Wilfred Lucas

Actor · Director · Writer
IVA Star Rating : 51
Wilfred Van Norman Lucas was a Canadian American stage actor who found success in film as an actor, director, and screenwriter.

Wilfred Van Norman Lucas was a Canadian American stage actor who found success in film as an actor, director, and screenwriter.


Monday, 30 January 1871


Thursday, 05 December 1940

Actor Filmography

The Our Gang Story Mr. Wade 1994
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Marshal Andy 1976
The Best of Laurel and Hardy The Warden 1968
The Sea Wolf Helmsman 1941
Back Street Congratulator at Race 1941
Santa Fe Trail Weiner 1940
A Dispatch from Reuters Board Member 1940
Triple Justice Constable Herb at Tule Mesa 1940
Ragtime Cowboy Joe Sam Osborne 1940
They Drive by Night Bailiff 1940
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Actor Filmography

The Our Gang Story Mr. Wade 1994
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Marshal Andy 1976
The Best of Laurel and Hardy The Warden 1968
The Sea Wolf Helmsman 1941
Back Street Congratulator at Race 1941
Santa Fe Trail Weiner 1940
A Dispatch from Reuters Board Member 1940
Triple Justice Constable Herb at Tule Mesa 1940
Ragtime Cowboy Joe Sam Osborne 1940
They Drive by Night Bailiff 1940
Pony Express Days St. Louis Mayor Jeff Thompson 1940
The Man Who Talked Too Much Chaplain #2 1940
Women in Hiding Policeman 1940
Brother Orchid Brother MacDonald 1940
Waterloo Bridge Elderly Huntsman at Estate Dance 1940
Edison, the Man Broker 1940
Tear Gas Squad Policeman 1940
Virginia City Southerner 1940
Women Without Names Roomer 1940
The Fighting 69th Doctor Checking Eyes 1940
A Chump at Oxford Dean Williams 1940
Legion of the Lawless East Ivestown Leader 1940
Four Wives Stationmaster 1939
Nick Carter, Master Detective Police Detective Randall 1939
Raffles Bobby 1939
The Marshal of Mesa City Marshal Andy Thompson 1939
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Pompous Man 1939
The Day the Bookies Wept Bill, Man Outside Racetrack 1939
Each Dawn I Die Bailiff 1939
6, 000 Enemies Deputy 1939
Racketeers of the Range Steve - Cattle Rancher 1939
Sons of Liberty Physician 1939
Zenobia Undetermined Role / Townsman 1939
Women in the Wind Burbank Offical 1939
Dodge City Bartender 1939
Almost a Gentleman Dog Show Director 1939
Arizona Legion Mr. Fisher 1939
The Declaration of Independence John Dickinson 1938
Angels with Dirty Faces Police Sergeant 1938
Brother Rat Ballfield Doctor 1938
A Man to Remember Man at Hospital Dedication 1938
Down on the Farm Wheeler 1938
Freshman Year Prof. Ullrich 1938
Four Daughters Doctor 1938
Speed to Burn Paddock Steward 1938
Safety in Numbers Councilman 1938
Accidents Will Happen Bailiff 1938
This Marriage Business Mr. Brown 1938
Over the Wall Cell Block Keeper 1938
Night Spot Police Lieutenant 1938
The Baroness and the Butler Member of Parliament 1938
The Daredevil Drivers Race Judge 1938
Breakdowns of 1938 Himself / Race Judge (Daredevil Drivers / Empty Holsters outtakes) 1938
Sergeant Murphy Mule Boat Captain 1938
She Loved a Fireman Fire Tug Captain 1937
Missing Witnesses Judge in Wagner Case 1937
Checkers Race Judge 1937
The Man Without a Country Lincoln's Secretary 1937
Navy Blue and Gold Ship's Captain 1937
The Perfect Specimen Deputy Sheriff 1937
The Westland Case Gun Dealer 1937
Conquest Major Domo 1937
Life Begins with Love School Board Director 1937
Idol of the Crowds Doctor 1937
Hot Water Customer in Drugstore 1937
Prairie Thunder Nate Temple 1937
Varsity Show Police Commissioner 1937
Talent Scout Director of Screen Test 1937
Empty Holsters John Ware 1937
Romance of Louisiana Cabinet Member 1937
You Can't Beat Love Announcer Introducing Jimmy 1937
Blazing Sixes Sheriff Tom 1937
I Promise to Pay Police Sergeant 1937
Marked Woman 1st Jury Foreman 1937
Mile a Minute Love John T. Drexel / Drexel 1937
Motor Madness Police Captain 1937
Racketeers in Exile Finance Man 1937
Land Beyond the Law Rancher Jim Blake / Jim Blake 1937
Circus Girl Doctor 1937
Dick Tracy Mr. Vance 1937
Sea Devils Coast Guard Officer 1937
Don't Tell the Wife Albert - Prison Guard 1937
Criminal Lawyer Brandon's Assistant 1937
Black Legion Bailiff 1937
We Who Are About to Die Prison Yard Captain 1937
Counterfeit Lady Jailer 1936
Beloved Enemy First Doctor / Doctor (Uncredited) 1936
Give Me Liberty His Excellency - Permitting Henry's Arrest 1936
California Mail Sheriff 1936
The Charge of the Light Brigade Captain 1936
Dimples Creditor 1936
Mary of Scotland Lexington 1936
High Tension Businessman 1936
The Devil-Doll Off-Screen Voice 1936
The White Angel Raglan Staff Officer 1936
Human Cargo Police Chief 1936
Hearts Divided Footman Announcing Guests 1936
The King Steps Out Driver, Von Kempen Carriage 1936
The Country Doctor Proprietor 1936
Love on a Bet Man at Hutchinson's Meeting 1936
The Preview Murder Mystery Director / Director (Uncredited) 1936
The Story of Louis Pasteur Reporter 1936
The Prisoner of Shark Island Testifying Colonel 1936
The Lady Consents Dr. Rand 1936
Modern Times Juvenile Officer 1936
Chatterbox Wilfred Lucas 1936
Another Face Mr. Jerome - Screenwriter 1935
Kind Lady First Scotland Yard Man 1935
Show Them No Mercy! Druggist 1935
Frisco Kid First Policeman 1935
I Found Stella Parish Customs Official 1935
Rip Roaring Riley Police Chief / Chief Martin 1935
Stormy Mack's Horse Trainer 1935
The Public Menace Gazette Editor 1935
Navy Wife Pedestrian 1935
The Adventures of Rex and Rinty Frank Hammond [Ch. 5] 1935
Love Me Forever Minor Role 1935
The Arizonian Townsman with Mayor 1935
Stranded Pat, a Welfare Worker 1935
Alibi Ike Umpire 1935
Vagabond Lady Dock Official 1935
Les Misérables Onlooker 1935
Naughty Marietta Announcer 1935
Charlie Chan in Paris Doorman 1935
Chandu on the Magic Island Capt. Walker 1935
The Secret Bride Bailiff 1934
The Chases of Pimple Street Mr. Lucas - Charley's Boss 1934
Shrimps for a Day Mr. Wade - the Sponsor / Mr. Wade 1934
The St. Louis Kid Policeman 1934
The Firebird Actor 1934
Transatlantic Merry-Go-Round Policeman at Dock 1934
Cleopatra Roman Greeting Antony 1934
The Return of Chandu Capt. Wilson [Chs. 4-12] / Capt. Wilson 1934
One Night of Love Metropolitan Operagoer 1934
The Dragon Murder Case Police Sergeant 1934
The Count of Monte Cristo Detective 1934
Murder in the Private Car Conductor Thrown from Train 1934
Madame Du Barry Servant on Lawn Keeping Score 1934
Operator 13 Judge 1934
Upperworld Boat Captain 1934
The House of Rothschild Page 1934
The Moth John Gale 1934
Gallant Lady Phelps - the Butler 1934
The House on 56th Street Prosecuting Attorney 1933
Advice to the Forlorn Reporter 1933
Blood Money Prison Guard 1933
From Headquarters Intake Offcer 1933
Day of Reckoning Guard 1933
Turn Back the Clock 1921 Spokesman 1933
Notorious But Nice Judge 1933
Mary Stevens, M.D. Barry - Andrews' Lawyer 1933
Midnight Mary Club Imperial Bouncer 1933
Strange People John Davis 1933
The Mayor of Hell Bill 1933
The Sphinx Prosecuting Attorney 1933
I Cover the Waterfront Randall 1933
Bogus Bandits Alessandro 1933
The Big Cage Bob Mills 1933
Lost in Limehouse Undetermined Role 1933
The Three Musketeers El Shaitan 1933
The Intruder Mr. Wayne 1933
Phantom Thunderbolt Eaton - Railroad President 1933
Racetrack Mr. Ryan 1933
Sister to Judas Mike O'Flanagan 1932
Lawyer Man Second Jury Foreman 1932
The Secrets of Wu Sin Pharmacist 1932
Silver Dollar Political Crony 1932
Lucky Larrigan John Larrigan 1932
The Unwritten Law Captain Kane 1932
No More Orchids Banker 1932
Call Her Savage Child Welfare Official / Child Welfare Official (Uncredited) 1932
You Said a Mouthful Official 1932
The Devil Horse Whitney [Ch. 1] 1932
Free Wheeling The Specialist 1932
Big City Blues Policeman 1932
Two Against the World Jury Foreman 1932
Devil and the Deep Court Martial Judge 1932
Stranger in Town J.P. Walker 1932
What Price Hollywood? Bill - Replacement Director 1932
The Dark Horse Debate Chairman 1932
Week-End Marriage Mr. Jackson 1932
The Tenderfoot Patterson 1932
The Midnight Patrol 1932
Careless Lady Ship's Purser 1932
Red Noses Mr. Lucas 1932
Cross-Examination Judge William J. Hollister / Judge Hollister 1932
The Tabasco Kid Sheriff's Deputy 1932
House of Mystery Sheriff Franklin 1931
Convicted Capt. Hammond 1931
The Phantom Dist. Atty. John Hampton 1931
The Age for Love Undetermined Role 1931
Graft Candidate Louis 1931
The Galloping Ghost Sportscaster [Chs. 1, 12] / Sportscaster 1931
Big Ears Doctor 1931
Pardon Us Warden 1931
Caught Cavalryman 1931
Politics Edgar - a Husband 1931
Young Donovan's Kid Duryea 1931
Cracked Nuts Minister 1931
Dishonored Gen. Dymov 1931
Men Call It Love Sam Ellery 1931
Millie Millie's Elderly Escort 1931
Just Imagine X-10 1930
Looser Than Loose Mr. Gillstrom, Charley's Boss 1930
Madam Satan Roman Senator 1930
Those Who Dance Big Ben Benson 1930
Cock o' the Walk Señor Vallejo 1930
Hello Sister Dr. Saltus 1930
The Sorrows of Satan Minister 1926
Riders of the Purple Sage Oldring 1925
Easy Money 1925
Lightning Romance Richard Wade 1924
Daughters of Pleasure Mark Hadley 1924
Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall Earl of Rutland 1924
Innocence Collingwood 1923
Jazzmania Julius Furman 1923
The Kentucky Derby Capt. Wolff 1922
Flesh and Blood The Policeman 1922
The Beautiful Liar Gaston Allegretti 1921
One a Minute Prosecutor 1921
Through the Back Door Elton Reeves 1921
A Woman of Pleasure Sir John Thornbull 1919
The Girl from Nowhere Diamond Terry 1919
The Fall of Babylon Extra 1919
Intolerance Extra 1916
Macbeth Macduff 1916
The Lily and the Rose Jack Van Norman 1915
The Primitive Man Brute Force 1914
Three Friends In Second Factory 1913
The Massacre Stephen 1912
Man's Genesis Bruteforce 1912
Home Folks The Blacksmith 1912
Just Like a Woman The Wealthy Friend 1912
Fate's Interception The American 1912
The Girl and Her Trust Jack - the Railroad Express Agent 1912
Under Burning Skies Joe 1912
Billy's Stratagem Billy's Father 1912
The Transformation of Mike Mike 1912
The Miser's Heart First Crook 1911
The Squaw's Love Indian 1911
Swords and Hearts Hugh Frazier 1911
The Rose of Kentucky 1911
The Indian Brothers The Indian Chief's Brother 1911
Fighting Blood 1911
The Primal Call The Fisherman 1911
Enoch Arden: Part II Enoch Arden 1911
Enoch Arden: Part I Enoch Arden 1911
Madame Rex 1911
The Lonedale Operator The Fireman 1911
What Shall We Do with Our Old? Violent Jailbird 1911
His Trust Fulfilled George 1911
His Trust: The Faithful Devotion and Self-Sacrifice of an Old Negro Servant George 1911
Winning Back His Love Frederick Wallace 1910
The Rocky Road 1910
The Hessian Renegades 1909
The Renunciation 1909
The Golden Louis 1909
The Honor of Thieves 1909
The Taming of the Shrew 1908
The Vaquero's Vow 1908

Director Filmography

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