William H. O'Brien

IVA Star Rating : 73


Sunday, 19 July 1891


Saturday, 18 April 1981

Actor Filmography

The Todd Killings Mr. Miller 1971
Bedknobs and Broomsticks Portobello Road Passerby 1971
What's the Matter with Helen? Church Member 1971
Support Your Local Gunfighter Old Chess Player 1971
Rio Lobo Man in Army Post Saloon 1970
Airport Waiter at Men's Club 1970
Topaz Butler 1969
Night Gallery Simon Cottner (Segment "A Death in the Family) 1969
Love, American Style Dark-Suited Old Man (segment "Love and the Minister") 1969
Some Kind of a Nut Board of Directors 1969
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Actor Filmography

The Todd Killings Mr. Miller 1971
Bedknobs and Broomsticks Portobello Road Passerby 1971
What's the Matter with Helen? Church Member 1971
Support Your Local Gunfighter Old Chess Player 1971
Rio Lobo Man in Army Post Saloon 1970
Airport Waiter at Men's Club 1970
Topaz Butler 1969
Night Gallery Simon Cottner (Segment "A Death in the Family) 1969
Love, American Style Dark-Suited Old Man (segment "Love and the Minister") 1969
Some Kind of a Nut Board of Directors 1969
The Trouble with Girls Hotel Lobby Extra 1969
Mayberry R.F.D. Townsman 1968
Valley of the Dolls Bartender 1968
The Graduate Hotel Guest 1967
Fitzwilly Customer 1967
Ironside Wedding Guest 1967
The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin Townsman 1967
Mission: Impossible Butler, Chess Match Spectator, Reporter, Wedding Guest 1966
Munster, Go Home! Man at Customs 1966
One of Our Spies Is Missing The Butler 1966
A Fine Madness Waiter at Luncheon 1966
Gunpoint Barfly 1966
Made in Paris Bar Patron 1966
Batman Security Guard 1966
Get Smart Scientist, Waiter at Party 1965
I Dream of Jeannie Party Guest 1965
Laredo Townsman 1965
The Big Valley Townsman, Undertaker 1965
A Man Called Shenandoah Townsman 1965
Town Tamer Townsman 1965
Harlow Party Guest 1965
How to Murder Your Wife Club Member 1965
Mary Poppins Gentleman in Bank 1964
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Butler, Grandpa 1964
Valentine's Day Passerby, Pedestrian 1964
Bewitched Waiter 1964
One Man's Way Mourner at Anna's Funera 1964
Dead Ringer Juror 1964
4 for Texas Casino Patron 1963
The Wheeler Dealers Waiter 1963
Burke's Law Waiter 1963
Wives and Lovers Waiter 1963
Papa's Delicate Condition Ghio Supporter 1963
Critic's Choice Audience Member 1963
Son of Flubber Butler at Halloween Party 1963
To Kill a Mockingbird Courtroom Spectator 1962
Gypsy Audience Member 1962
Pressure Point Bund Meeting Spectator 1962
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Louie the Waiter 1962
The Virginian Townsman 1962
The Three Stooges Meet Hercules Contest Spectator 1962
The Children's Hour Funeral Assistant 1961
Judgment at Nuremberg German Prisoner in Cafeteria 1961
The George Raft Story Nightclub Patron 1961
Dr. Kildare Patient, Elevator Passenger 1961
Cain's Hundred Courtroom Spectator 1961
Twenty Plus Two Waiter 1961
Master of the World Prudent's Butler 1961
Madison Avenue Waiter 1961
The Right Approach Bartender at Party 1961
Go Naked in the World Nightclub Patron 1961
Mister Ed Lodge Guest 1961
Klondike Bartender 1960
Dante Club Patron 1960
The Andy Griffith Show Waiter at Club, Waiter Who Carries Tray 1960
Outlaws Bartender, Waiter 1960
My Three Sons Old Man Playing Checkers, Party Guest 1960
The Barbara Stanwyck Show Waiter 1960
Thriller Bartender, Tourist, Waiter 1960
Ocean's 11 Waiter at Burlesque Club 1960
Elmer Gantry Train Conductor 1960
Portrait in Black Sheila's Chauffeur 1960
Tate Storekeeper 1960
Wake Me When It's Over Pentagon Officer 1960
Who Was That Lady? Passenger Exiting Elevator 1960
Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks with a Circus Circus Spectator 1960
The Story on Page One Courtroom Reporter 1959
Pillow Talk Nightclub Waiter 1959
Bourbon Street Beat Wedding Guest 1959
The Twilight Zone Audience Member 1959
Johnny Ringo Juror 1959
Wichita Town Townsman 1959
Riverboat Barfly, Juror, Passenger, Townsman, Waiter 1959
Bonanza Townsman, Minister, Barfly, Delegate 1959
The Deputy Mine Clerk 1959
Cry Tough Stag Party Guest 1959
The Scarface Mob Waiter 1959
Compulsion Waiter 1959
Some Like It Hot Hotel Guest 1959
The Untouchables Waiter, Bank Employee, Butler, Diner Patron, Morgue Attendent, Older Man Getting Haircut, Paramedic, Pool Hall Proprietor, Reporter at Hearing, Syndicate Head 1959
Black Saddle Barber 1959
Murder by Contract Hotel Take-Out Delivery Man 1958
The Lost Missile Scientist at Institute 1958
Home Before Dark Waiter at Christmas Party 1958
Tarawa Beachhead Waiter at Bar 1958
Cimarron City Train Passenger 1958
Man with a Camera Bartender 1958
Bat Masterson Barfly, Club Patron, Investor, Stockbroker, Townsman 1958
Yancy Derringer Club Patron 1958
Money, Women and Guns Hotel Desk Clerk 1958
Peter Gunn Bartender, Club Patron, O'Brien, Shooting Spectator 1958
Wanted: Dead or Alive Bartender, Waiter 1958
Live Fast, Die Young Man in Post Office 1958
Merry Andrew Wedding Guest 1958
Witness for the Prosecution Barrister 1958
I Was a Teenage Frankenstein Rooming House Boarder 1957
Bombers B-52 Nightclub Bartender 1957
The Frank Sinatra Show Shopkeeper 1957
How to Marry a Millionaire Waiter 1957
The Court of Last Resort Court Clerk 1957
The Helen Morgan Story Surprise Party Guest 1957
The Joker Is Wild Nightclub Patron 1957
Maverick Doctor, Irishman, Juror, Poker Player 1957
Perry Mason Courtroom Spectator, Waiter, Art Gallery Patron, Bartender, Country Club Waiter, Court Reporter, Court Stenographer, Diner Customer at Counter, Grand Jury Member, Morgue Attendant, Ship Steward 1957
Have Gun - Will Travel Desk Clerk 1957
Carnival Rock Onlooker at Fire 1957
Chicago Confidential Dixon's Valet 1957
Loving You Crowd Extra 1957
Sweet Smell of Success Waiter at 21 1957
Johnny Tremain Spectator at Assembly 1957
Designing Woman Party Guest 1957
The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm Hunter 1957
Tales of Wells Fargo Townsman 1957
The Tattered Dress Juror 1957
Battle Hymn Parishoner 1957
Official Detective First Counterman 1957
Gun for a Coward Bartender 1956
Zane Grey Theatre Townsman, Bartender 1956
Showdown at Abilene Townsman at Window 1956
The Eddy Duchin Story Waiter 1956
The Harder They Fall Ringsider 1956
Red Sundown Townsman 1956
Anything Goes Waiter 1956
It's a Dog's Life Valet at Dog Show 1955
Sincerely Yours Nightclub Waiter 1955
Illegal Butler 1955
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Guest at Demonstration, Juror 1955
The Spoilers Bartender 1955
Cheyenne Bartender, Riverboat Bartender 1955
Gunsmoke Townsman 1955
The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp C.S. Fly, Trial Spectator, Wedding Guest 1955
It's Always Fair Weather Waiter 1955
The Scarlet Coat Waiter at Party 1955
There's Always Tomorrow Bartender 1955
Finger Man Waiter 1955
Daddy Long Legs Hotel Waiter 1955
The Man from Bitter Ridge Townsman 1955
New York Confidential Elevator Passenger 1955
Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops Crying Movie Patron 1955
Battle Cry Bartender 1955
Six Bridges to Cross Member of Grand Jury 1955
The Star and the Story Butler 1955
The Glass Slipper Footman at Ball 1955
Destry Bartender 1954
Désirée Servant 1954
The Magical World of Disney Cattleman 1954
Naked Alibi Bartender 1954
A Star Is Born Academy Awards Attendee 1954
Woman's World Servant 1954
The Bounty Hunter Saloon Waiter 1954
Dawn at Socorro Saloon Waiter 1954
Dial M for Murder Waiter at Stag Dinner 1954
The High and the Mighty Restaurant Cook 1954
Playgirl Bartender 1954
Rails Into Laramie Townsman 1954
The Lone Wolf Waiter, Crew Member 1954
Public Defender Counterman, Waiter 1954
Tennessee Champ Churchgoer 1954
Tumbleweed Townsman 1953
The Glass Web Bartender 1953
Paris Model Waiter 1953
Those Redheads from Seattle Ship Passenger 1953
The Loretta Young Show Andy 1953
The Caddy Department Store Customer 1953
Cruisin' Down the River Riverboat Waiter 1953
No Escape Waiter at Party 1953
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Ship Passenger 1953
All I Desire Man in Audience at Play 1953
Julius Caesar Senator 1953
Trouble Along the Way Bartender Joe 1953
The Girl Who Had Everything Congressional Hearing Spectator 1953
The Clown Waiter 1953
The Bad and the Beautiful Waiter at Party 1953
The Redhead from Wyoming Bartender 1953
The Black Castle Servant 1952
The Prisoner of Zenda Dignitary 1952
The Raiders Bartender 1952
Horizons West Barfly 1952
Four Star Playhouse Bank Employee, Butler, Waiter 1952
Adventures of Superman Ambulance Driver 1952
It Grows on Trees Reporter 1952
Holiday for Sinners Pool Player 1952
Carrie Waiter 1952
Scarlet Angel Saloon Waiter 1952
High Noon Church Member 1952
Sound Off Nightclub Waiter 1952
Loan Shark Waiter 1952
Hong Kong Observer at Scene 1952
Something to Live For Waiter 1952
Death Valley Days Townsman, Waiter 1952
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair Fairgoer 1952
I Want You Bar Patron 1951
Superman and the Mole-Men Townsman 1951
Cave of Outlaws Townsman 1951
I Love Lucy Waiter at Tropicana 1951
Bannerline Waiter at Club Africa 1951
Schlitz Playhouse Butler 1951
The Red Skelton Hour Butler 1951
A Streetcar Named Desire Waiter 1951
Iron Man Waiter 1951
Darling, How Could You! Waiter 1951
The Law and the Lady Waiter 1951
The Hoodlum Morgue Attendant 1951
Ace in the Hole Customer at Minosa's 1951
The Strange Door Bartender 1951
A Place in the Sun Servant at Eastman's Party 1951
Hollywood Story Café Waiter 1951
The Fat Man Waiter 1951
Fighting Coast Guard Headwaiter 1951
On the Riviera Waiter at Party 1951
The Last Outpost Party Guest 1951
Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet the Invisible Man Fight Spectator 1951
Frenchie Townsman 1950
Experiment Alcatraz Gambling House Patron 1950
All About Eve Waiter at Margo's Party 1950
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show The Man in Line 1950
Dark City Policeman at Raid 1950
Between Midnight and Dawn Waiter 1950
The Men Nightclub Waiter 1950
Louisa Waiter at Square Dance / Waiter 1950
Sierra Townsman 1950
Love That Brute Waiter 1950
I Was a Shoplifter Bill the Bartender 1950
The Damned Don't Cry Waiter at Party 1950
Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town Waiter at Party 1950
Wabash Avenue Man in Theatre Lobby 1950
Woman in Hiding Conventioneer 1950
Federal Man Stuart's Driver 1950
Undertow Gambler 1949
Alias the Champ Audience Spectator 1949
Miss Grant Takes Richmond Waiter 1949
Bud Abbott Lou Costello Meet the Killer Boris Karloff Room Service Waiter 1949
It's a Great Feeling Saloon Waiter 1949
The Girl from Jones Beach Nightclub Waiter 1949
Any Number Can Play Gambler 1949
The Doolins of Oklahoma Bartender 1949
Johnny Allegro Nightclub Waiter 1949
Flamingo Road Nightclub Waiter 1949
Johnny Stool Pigeon Waiter 1949
The Life of Riley Digger's Assistant 1949
John Loves Mary Waiter 1949
The Lucky Stiff Casino Club Waiter 1949
You Gotta Stay Happy Waiter / Waiter (Uncredited) 1948
The Strange Mrs. Crane Juror 1948
The Saxon Charm Restaurant Waiter 1948
An Innocent Affair Nightclub Waiter 1948
Sorry, Wrong Number Waiter at Wedding Reception 1948
Jungle Goddess Bartender 1948
Blonde Ice Victor 1948
Race Street Racetrack Spectator 1948
I Walk Alone Waiter 1947
Road to Rio Ship's Waiter 1947
Body and Soul Bartender 1947
The Unsuspected Servant with Tray 1947
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap Card Dealer 1947
Magic Town Townsman 1947
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Elevator Passenger 1947
Brute Force Convict 1947
Ivy Barrister 1947
Hollywood Barn Dance Waiter 1947
Copacabana Waiter 1947
Possessed Tommy 1947
The Private Affairs of Bel Ami Butler 1947
Undercover Maisie Nightclub Waiter / Nightclub Waiter (Uncredited) 1947
Suddenly It's Spring Waiter 1947
The Best Years of Our Lives Nightclub Waiter 1946
The Imperfect Lady Barker 1946
Undercurrent Waiter 1946
The Verdict Constable 1946
Nobody Lives Forever Waiter 1946
Angel on My Shoulder Court Spectator 1946
The Big Sleep Waiter 1946
The Time of Their Lives Danbury Servant 1946
Slightly Scandalous Waiter 1946
Mr. Ace Party Guest 1946
The Dark Horse Waiter 1946
Canyon Passage Miner 1946
Lover Come Back Waiter at Party 1946
Two Sisters from Boston Recording Lab Assistant 1946
Dressed to Kill Detective at Murder Scene 1946
She-Wolf of London Constable 1946
Do You Love Me Waiter at Mindy's 1946
A Stolen Life Wedding Reception Waiter 1946
Smooth as Silk Bill 1946
My Reputation Nightclub Waiter 1946
Frontier Gal Bartender 1945
The Tiger Woman Waiter 1945
Lady on a Train Disguised Circus Club Waiter 1945
Guest Wife Waiter 1945
Man from Oklahoma Club Patron 1945
Rhapsody in Blue Waiter 1945
The Naughty Nineties Troupe Member 1945
The Woman in Green Pembrook House Waiter 1945
The Great John L. Restaurant Patron / Man at Chatauqua 1945
Brewster's Millions Waiter on Yacht 1945
The Picture of Dorian Gray Footman 1945
The Crime Doctor's Courage Caterer at Dinner Party 1945
A Song to Remember Guest at Salon Concert 1945
Destiny Waiter 1944
The Thin Man Goes Home Train Passenger 1944
Bowery to Broadway Waiter 1944
The Climax Audience Member / Audience Member (Uncredited) 1944
Mrs. Parkington Ball Caterer 1944
Sweet and Low-Down Waiter 1944
In Society Party Waiter 1944
The Hairy Ape Man in Hotel Lobby 1944
Henry Aldrich's Little Secret Waiter 1944
Trial by Trigger Servant 1944
An American Romance Ellis Island Guard 1944
And the Angels Sing Waiter 1944
The Spider Woman Doorman 1943
The Falcon and the Co-eds Audience Member 1943
Government Girl Man in Hotel Lobby 1943
The Iron Major Waiter 1943
Sweet Rosie O'Grady Delmonico's Waiter 1943
So Proudly We Hail! Troop Ship Survivor / Troop Ship Survivor (Uncredited) 1943
Swing Shift Maisie Courtroom Spectator / Courtroom Spectator (Uncredited) 1943
Holy Matrimony Reporter 1943
Action in the North Atlantic Lieutenant-Commander at Meeting 1943
The Leopard Man Bartender 1943
Taxi, Mister Waiter 1943
No Time for Love Nightclub Waiter 1943
Air Raid Wardens Townsman at Meeting 1943
Margin for Error Waiter 1943
The Crystal Ball Waiter at Party 1943
How's About It? Courtroom Observer 1943
Thousands Cheer Finale Chorus Member 1943
Journey for Margaret Driver 1942
Gentleman Jim Boxing Match Spectator 1942
The Navy Comes Through Clerk at Hearing 1942
Mail Trouble (as Bill O'Brien) 1942
Counter-Espionage Waiter 1942
Her Cardboard Lover Casino Bartender 1942
Maisie Gets Her Man Detective Taking in Hixby / Detective Taking in Hixby (Uncredited) 1942
The Falcon Takes Over Nightclub Waiter / Nightclub Waiter (Uncredited) 1942
Yankee Doodle Dandy Waiter 1942
Brooklyn Orchid Waiter at Party 1942
Ball of Fire Baseball Game Spectator 1942
Lady for a Night King's Club Worker 1942
Keep 'Em Flying Waiter at Manila Club 1941
Niagara Falls Waiter 1941
It Started with Eve Nightclub Waiter 1941
Broadway Limited Cafe Customer 1941
Million Dollar Baby Waiter 1941
I'll Wait for You Waiter 1941
The Great American Broadcast Speakeasy Waiter 1941
Pot o' Gold Country Club Waiter 1941
Topper Returns Second Butler 1941
Las Vegas Nights Stevens' Servant 1941
Free and Easy Robert, Culver's Second Butler 1941
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Waiter 1941
Honeymoon for Three Waiter 1941
Love Thy Neighbor Nightclub Waiter 1940
Mexican Spitfire Out West Waiter 1940
One Night in the Tropics Joe, Club Roscoe Waiter 1940
City for Conquest Waiter 1940
No Time for Comedy Waiter in Bar 1940
Hired Wife Waiter 1940
Curtain Call Waiter Bringing Caviar 1940
Buck Benny Rides Again Waiter 1940
Two Girls on Broadway Nightclub Waiter 1940
Forty Little Mothers Waiter 1940
Rebecca Hotel Waiter 1940
A Chump at Oxford Man in Unemployment Office 1940
City of Chance Waiter 1940
The Earl of Chicago Turnkey 1940
Remember? Waiter 1939
That's Right - You're Wrong Lawn Party Waiter / Lawn Party Waiter (Uncredited) 1939
The Roaring Twenties Investor 1939
Eternally Yours Nightclub Waiter 1939
Honeymoon in Bali Doorman 1939
Stronger Than Desire Waiter 1939
The Man in the Iron Mask Servant 1939
The Girl and the Gambler Waiter at Bascom's 1939
It Could Happen to You Party Waiter 1939
Room Service Hotel Bartender 1938
The Crowd Roars Waiter in Bar 1938
The Rage of Paris Nightclub Bartender 1938
The Lady in the Morgue Bartender 1938
Test Pilot Waiter 1938
Gold Is Where You Find It Butler at Party 1938
The Big Broadcast of 1938 Reporter 1938
Wells Fargo Headwaiter 1937
Fit for a King Waiter 1937
The Firefly Waiter 1937
Dance Charlie Dance Bored Small Town Spectator 1937
Nobody's Baby Waiter 1937
Criminal Lawyer Bartender at Larkin's 1937
Larceny on the Air Nightclub Waiter 1937
Sinner Take All Nightclub Waiter 1936
Hats Off Rosero's Butler 1936
Great Guy Meat Clerk #2 1936
15 Maiden Lane Party Waiter 1936
Sitting on the Moon 1st Room Service Waiter 1936
Palm Springs Waiter 1936
Special Investigator Nightclub Waiter 1936
Champagne Charlie Extra as Ship Waiter / Ship Waiter 1936
The Country Doctor Waiter in Restaurant 1936
Ring Around the Moon Butler 1936
Next Time We Love Waiter 1936
Hitch Hike Lady Headwaiter 1935
To Beat the Band Waiter 1935
A Night at the Opera Stagehand 1935
The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo Vendome Waiter 1935
The Old Homestead Waiter 1935
His Family Tree Man at Mayoral Debate 1935
Diamond Jim Waiter 1935
Pardon My Scotch Waiter 1935
Shadows of the Orient Jules - the Butler 1935
The Arizonian Waiter in Opera House 1935
Vagabond Lady Waiter 1935
Go Into Your Dance Casino de Paree Waiter 1935
Times Square Lady Casa Nova Waiter 1935
I've Been Around Waiter 1935
The Great Hotel Murder Party Waiter 1935
Sweet Music Man with Vacuum 1935
Folies Bergère de Paris Waiter 1935
Shadow of Doubt Waiter / Nightclub Waiter 1935
British Agent Waiter in British Embassy Party 1934
Take the Stand Perkins - Paddock's Butler 1934
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back Banquet Servant 1934
Hollywood Mystery Tony's Butler 1934
The Thin Man Bartender 1934
Riptide Waiter 1934
Coming Out Party Stanhope Servant 1934
Palooka Nightclub Waiter 1934
The Right to Romance Servant at Wedding 1933
Big Time or Bust Hammond's Butler 1933
Only Yesterday Nightclub Waiter / Nightclub Waiter (Uncredited) 1933
Midnight Mary Nightclub Waiter 1933
The Barbarian Butler at Wedding 1933
The Sign of the Cross Man Who Heard Lions All Morning 1933
The Half-Naked Truth Hotel Waiter 1932
Men Are Such Fools Fred - the Waiter 1932
The Sport Parade Nightclub Waiter 1932
Faithless Croupier 1932
The King Murder Elizabeth's Butler 1932
Red-Headed Woman Waiter at Gaerste Party 1932
Merrily We Go to Hell Waiter 1932
-But the Flesh Is Weak Party Waiter 1932
Scarface Waiter 1932
The Wet Parade Saloon Waiter 1932
Are You Listening? Mike - Waiter 1932
Love Bound Butler 1932
The Woman from Monte Carlo Medical Officer at Trial 1932
Delicious Waiter 1931
West of Broadway Waiter 1931
Her Majesty, Love Waiter 1931
New Adventures of Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford Private Dining Room Waiter 1931
Monkey Business Waiter 1931
The Phantom of Paris Chéri-Bibi's Valet 1931
The Gay Diplomat Room Waiter 1931
Smart Money Bill - Nick's Chauffeur 1931
Daybreak Bartender / Waiter 1931
Ladies' Man 1931
City Streets Waiter 1931
Dirigible Sailor 1931
Mr. Lemon of Orange Waiter 1931
Men Call It Love Brooks' Butler 1931
Unfaithful Butler 1931
Reaching for the Moon Servant Telling Larry London is Calling 1931
The Easiest Way Alfred - Brockton's Butler 1931
No Limit George - Butler 1931
Sin Takes a Holiday Waiter at Royal Club 1930
The Silver Horde Waiter 1930
Playboy of Paris Nightclub Waiter 1930
Scarlet Pages Nightclub Waiter in Background 1930
Anybody's Woman Butler 1930
Let Us Be Gay Struthers - 2nd Butler (as William O'Brien) / Struthers - 2nd Butler 1930
Strictly Unconventional Footman 1930
Children of Pleasure Party Butler #2 1930
Anna Christie Waiter at Coney Island 1930
Street of Chance Waiter 1930
The Lost Zeppelin Radio Operator 1929
The Trespasser Butler 1929
Street Girl Waiter at Club Joyzelle 1929
The Single Standard Stuart's Butler 1929
Come Across Policeman 1929
Thunderbolt Bank Officer 1929
A Woman of Affairs Man Peering Into Room / Man Peering Into Room (Uncredited) 1928
Submarine Nightclub Waiter 1928
The Racket Detective Frisking Nick 1928
The Singing Fool Waiter at Blackie Joe's 1928
The Mysterious Lady Cafe Waiter Serving Wine 1928
The Patsy Waiter 1928
Partners in Crime Cook 1928
The Garden of Eden Waiter at Palais de Paris 1928
Bare Knees Waiter 1928
The Mad Whirl Bit Role 1925
The Blot Student 1921
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