21 Jump Street

  • TV-14
A series focusing on a group of undercover cops specializing in youth crimes.
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A series focusing on a group of undercover cops specializing in youth crimes.

Original Release

04/12/1987 on FOX

US Release




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# Title Air Date
1 Tunnel of Love Sunday, 23 June 1991
2 Back to School Sunday, 30 June 1991
3 Buddy System Wednesday, 10 May 1995
4 Poison Saturday, 03 November 1990
5 Just Say No! High Monday, 13 January 1992
6 Brothers Saturday, 17 November 1990
7 This Ain't No Summer Camp Wednesday, 15 January 1992
8 The Girl Next Door Thursday, 16 January 1992
9 Diplomas for Sale Friday, 17 January 1992
10 Number One with a Bullet Saturday, 22 December 1990
11 Equal Protection Tuesday, 21 January 1992
12 The Education of Terry Carver Monday, 14 January 1991
13 Baby Blues Thursday, 23 January 1992
14 Film at Eleven Saturday, 09 February 1991
15 In the Name of Love Saturday, 16 February 1991
16 Coppin' Out Saturday, 23 February 1991
17 Under the Influence Saturday, 23 March 1991
18 Crossfire Saturday, 30 March 1991
19 Wasted Saturday, 06 April 1991
20 Bad Day at Blackburn Saturday, 13 April 1991
21 Homegirls Saturday, 20 April 1991
22 Second Chances Friday, 14 February 1992
23 Episode #5.23


Kim Manners, Bill Corcoran, James Whitmore Jr., Jefferson Kibbee, Jorge Montesi, James A. Contner, Neill Fearnley, Randy Bradshaw, Larry Shaw, David Nutter, Brad Turner, Mario Van Peebles, Brenton Spencer, Peter DeLuise, David Jackson, Don McBrearty, Tucker Gates, Michael Robison, Ken Wiederhorn, Steve Beers, Zale Dalen, Dan Attias, Michael Robinson, Les Sheldon, Peter D. Marshall, Gary Winter, Jonathan Wacks, Kevin Hooks, Steven Williams, Glen Morgan, James Wong, Robert Iscove, Rob Bowman, Jan Eliasberg, Jeffrey Auerbach


Michelle Ashford, Glen Morgan, James Wong, Bill Nuss, Thania St. John, Paul Barber, Larry Barber, John Truby, Jonathan Lemkin, Eric Blakeney, Clifton Campbell, Paul Bernbaum, Patrick Hasburgh, Jonathan Glassner, Sharon Elizabeth Doyle, Ann Donahue, Gary Rosen, Jo Perry, Thomas Perry, David Stenn, David Levinson, Bruce Kirschbaum, Jeff Myrow, David Abramowitz, Alan B. McElroy, David J. Gascon, Deborah Starr Seibel, Simon Ayer, Sam Bushwick, Julie Friedgen, Marc Powell, Jim Brown, Peter Dixon, James L. Novack, Gary S. Hall, James Wong, Marc Abraham, Morgan Gendel, Geri Jewell, David Jackson


Patrick Hasburgh, Stephen J. Cannell



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