Candid Camera


Original Release


US Release



# Title Air Date
1 Episode #7.1 Sunday, 11 September 1966
2 Moving piano runs away; kids explain the Statue of Liberty; Fall Staff Awards Sunday, 18 September 1966
3 Fish earrings; replacing coffee with "coffee substitute"; crazy payroll deductions; switch bowling ball machine Sunday, 25 September 1966
4 The White Knight; Job Intercom Bob; Old Folks Fashion Show; Five Dollar Friend Fannie; Monkey on Head Sunday, 02 October 1966
5 Mice in earrings; Who Do You Look Like?; margarine commercial; Myerson Pie Kitchen Sunday, 16 October 1966
6 Photo Machine; Horse Race Tips; Kilts; English Kids; Men's Restroom Mannequin; Billboard Guy; Finger Bowls; Old Smokey Song Sunday, 23 October 1966
7 Baby Bottles Babies; Drama's Mirror Girl; Boy's Long Hair; Tulsa Kids; Kids Buttoning Sweaters; Sweet Adelines Ladies Sunday, 30 October 1966
8 Cigar Commercial; Benefit Performance; How Do You Spell "W?"; Slamming Hood; No Exit Sunday, 06 November 1966
9 Water TV; Backseat Driver; Mini-Skirts; Moving Wall Sunday, 13 November 1966
10 Fast Parking Lot; White Bird Soap fake commercial; Kids' Siblings; Split Truck; The Mods Sunday, 20 November 1966
11 Trampoline Guy; Dog Food Commercial; Kids' Late Excuses; Water Conservation; My Country 'Tis of Thee Sunday, 27 November 1966
12 Fannie interviews a football player; a secretary with nothing to do; children talk about their lunches; a fresh customer Sunday, 04 December 1966
14 Exploding soap; conflict at a trailer company; a boy makes funny faces; a broken ice cream dispenser that won't stop dispensing Sunday, 11 December 1966
15 A greeting card writer tries out her slogans on people buying other cards; street survey about a TV show; a singing waitress Sunday, 25 December 1966
1961EmmyOutstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Humor Nominated
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